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It's Hubby's Birthday

It's a self-cake-delivery for Hubby. I bought him this little cake yang cukup for just the three of us yesterday as a surprise, but I forgot to take it home. Biasalah I. On the way back home baru teringat. So Hubby dengan baiknya went back to the office after dinner to retrieve it! Hehehe...

We had an early celebration and Hubby buat-buat surprise (over betul!) when Aliyah called him to the kitchen to cut the cake. At bed-time, I supervised Aliyah making him a birthday card which was then hand-delivered immediately sebab dia takut this morning tak sempat.

Today I planned to take Hubby for a movie at Alamanda. Ingat nak tengok this Korean movie pasal tsunami tu, tengok-tengok betul-betul ada tsunami kat Samoa. Scary... Anyway, I'm still at home resting because of my back and stomach pain - the usual. Dunno if Hubby can finish up his work and come back early. Best yek now that we both kerja sendiri? Boleh celebrate birthday masa orang lain kerja. Hehehe...
What's left of the ca…

Bubu aka Eddie Murphy

Bubu has been sneezing and not feeling well for the past few days. Dia tido belakang sofa can hear him sneeze every few minutes. Bunyi dia sneeze dah macam bunyi orang bersin! So, yesterday Hubby took him to the Vet near our house. Vet ni memang dah kenal sangat dengan Bubu. In fact, we put Bubu for boarding last Raya holidays for 4 days. So, after spending 4 days at the clinic, Vet tu dah kenal sangat dengan perangai dia.

Anyway, Hubby came back telling me the Vet gave Bubu pills to swallow. Punyalah susah nak bagi dia makan ubat asyik dok teriak je. And he told me the Vet calls Bubu - Eddie Murphy - sebab mulut kucing I tak boleh nak diam. Asyik membebel je!

Not So Planned Open House

We spent both Saturday and Sunday entertaining. On Saturday - my brothers- and sisters-in-laws. It started with Kili calling saying that they are dropping by on their way back from Melaka to their home. So I cooked some spaghetti. Then Pijal called saying he'll drop by too. And then at 6.30pm, Angah called pulak. So I got Hubby to buy 5 packs of meehoon goreng from the restaurant nearby. They stayed on till after 10pm with the kids entertaining themselves with the many entertaining things our house has to offer. All I know is that the fishes in the pond had a very stressful night as two little kiddies kept on throwing stones into the water! The kids even had time to play bunga api.

Today - Sunday, it's my side of family's turn plus my sister-in-law Nor and family. I actually have been wanting to invite my parents for makan-makan at my house for such a long time. Believe it or not, I have not entertained my parents yet ever since we moved to this new house. And the same thin…

Post Raya Posting

Raya mood is still on the air. I can't stand listening to anymore Raya songs. Urghhhh... sudahle tu. We have started working. So called. Yesterday we spring-cleaned the office. Trashed away all unwanted papers and what-nots. There are like 10 huge garbage plastic bags outside. Crazy. Where do all the trash comes from? We rearranged the furniture. Vacummed and mopped. Miqdam changed the lamps. So now the office is so very terang macam hospital. And so very spacious. We bought a few more pieces of furniture for Hubby's space. Next week baru dapat. Now set to face the world!

Raya holidays gave me ample time to think and plan. Thinking dah sudah, planning yang belum. But today we met up with ex-colleague and good friend Ivan at his office and things started to open up in front of us. We agreed that we should have met up long time ago, but I think we were all too busy with things. It's funny no matter what we have become after all these years, we still seek those few that we hav…

Got My Compensation

Ok, I got my compensation for having such an awful birthday on Sunday. The next morning, Hubby woke up and whispered to Aliyah (I heard like ...birthday mommy). And I got this huge birthday hugs and kisses from my daughter, along with "soothing" comments - "kenapa la tak bagitau Aliyah semalam birthday Mommy?". Then when I went down to the kitchen, Aliyah couldn't contain her excitement saying there's a surprise for me because yesterday was my birthday. And I can see my youngest sister-in-law Mijah rolling her eyes. Yes, Aliyah is really not so good at keeping secrets!

Apparently, the night before my other sister-in-law Angah bought me a birthday cake. No wonder her car was the last to arrive after our trip south even though hers was the leading car. So, I got these nieces and nephews singing me birthday song and cut the cake at breakfast. It was a nice birthday after all...

We went back Bangi after that - we usually switch kampungs on the morning of 2nd Hari…

My Birthday 20092009

How often do you get to see this date - 20092009? And it's my birthday some more! Yup, my birthday. And it's Hari Raya Aidilfitri too! But my day sucks big time.

I think this is the worst birthday ever. Of course at this age, I don't expect trumpets and parties thrown for me. Just that I spent more than 6 hours in the car traveling south and then back, didn't get to stuff my face silly with Hari Raya food like what I've done for as long as I can remember, and the saddest thing is that - I didn't get a birthday wish from my daughter. Sedih actually.

As you know, I am a Virgo. A Virgo is a very organised person and very practical. I'm not used to impromptu actions, I plan things. Planning is very important, especially that I'm a mother, not to mention owning a business, taking care of a family and household, etc. It's not only for my sake, but for the sake of the people around me, my daughter especially.

So, this morning, we were supposed to go to the us…

Musafir Dijalanan

It was quite a journey to Kuantan last Thursday. In the morning, we deposited Aliyah at my second sister's place, complete with her change of clothes for we wanted her to spend the night there. Dunno what time we'll be back from Kuantan. It was 3 days before Raya and we are sure the roads will be jam-packed.

Our journey started at around 10.30am and Hubby took the wheels adhering to all speed limits. As a result, we reached Kuantan about 4 hours later. There were 3 companies being shortlisted and we met my ex-colleagues of my previous employer. Our session ended at about 5pm. I really don't know what our chances are. I believe we did good but of course we never know.

We straight away went back, no rest whatsoever, armed with a couple of bottled and canned drinks to break fast along the way. It rained and we heard on the radio almost all roads in KL are jammed. By then, cars heading up to east coast have started to gain in numbers. We break fast while driving and target to re…

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin

Just would like to wish everybody Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin. Have a safe journey balik kampung ya you all. This year I raya kat Melaka. But then tak sure lagi bila nak balik. Esok dah kena gi Kuantan, balik sure dah malam. Friday masih lagi penat, then nak kemas rumah sikit. So, either Friday malam or Saturday pagi lah kot.

Have a good Hari Raya and holidays.

Heading Up East Coast Again

Hubby and me are heading up east coast again on Thursday. I've basically prepared what needs to be presented. Our demo will be brief. We are a small company, I can't really get a demo site up and running and paying our developers while not knowing our chances of getting the project. We'll show our website's CMS. That's good enough as I've been using it for the past 2 years without any glitches.

I'm just worried with the traffic. People have started going balik kampung and I suspect Thursday traffic will be quite heavy at the most-of-the-time very quiet highway. Orang lain sibuk balik kampung, aku sibuk nak gi presentation. Anyway, wish me luck OK. I'm not anxious anymore. I'm just happy we are shortlisted and God willing, insyaallah, adalah rezeki. If not, I'm satisfied with myself that my proposal that I did about 80% on my own was accepted. (Nak sedapkan hati! Heheheh...).

Anyway, yesterday and today I distributed this month's paycheque to m…

More on My Garden Patch

Virtually, I'm an accomplished farmer. Standing at level 22 now on Farmville, I now know the nooks and crooks of the game. One harvest and I can gain thousands of coins. I'm crazy over Farmville. It's more than a game. It's a business strategy. I just started 2 weeks ago and now I have accumulated enough wealth to relax and spend on luxuries. Now I'm targeting to go hi-tech and buy those harvesters and seeders to get myself richer. Work hard, spend hard. Hah, if only!

That's on Facebook. My little vegetable patch has also flourished. Sikit-sikit la...
The tomatoes have grown really plump. I've never planted tomatoes before. And all my veggies come from seeds. So, I take this as an accomplishment.
Cili api plant in the polybag, pandan and sawi. We have eaten enough fresh sawi for the past week. I need to replant.
That's pokok durian belanda in the pot. Andy advised not to plant fruit trees in the compound, so I put it in a pot first. There are little cili ap…

Another PICC Buka Puasa

Yes, we went there again last Saturday. This time around with Yatt and Mint. But the second time was not as enjoyable as the first though. There were too many people. Perhaps it's because it's almost the end of Ramadhan and people rushed to have those buka puasa sessions with friends and family before Hari Raya.

We had to park at the basement because the guard said "Tun" is coming over. I don't know which Tun she spoke of, but we didn't see any Tuns around. Obviously, such VIPs have a private room lah kan.

I always feel good after an outing with the girls. But Aliyah got so sleepy at 9.30pm that we had to head home. I told Yatt, we'll get together after Hari Raya to "ngopi".
My little big eater. The food was as good as before.

Is She Sick in the Head?

Remember I sent a complaint email to the CEO of this organization a few weeks ago? I was actually determined just to let the incident go. I mean, it's just a small matter against someone who doesn't have any significant to my life. My intention was clear - to clear my husband's name and hopefully if someone stood up to her behaviour, the person will learn her lesson and stop her acts of sending surat layang and stuff. And most importantly, to just do her work as she is being paid to do. That's it.

However, today I chatted with a friend I've not met for ages and she told me that that person told her about the letter I sent. And you know what, she told my friend that letter was actually a personal appeal by me to the CEO so that the CEO takes back my husband to work at that organization. A personal appeal? Surat rayuan? Oh my God. I can't believe this kind of person even exist in this world. What is wrong with this person? Is she even right in the head?

I was so so…

We Got Shortlisted!

My heart tengah dup-dap-dup-dap dengan kencangnya. And my perut tengah rasa agak kecut jus gastrik semua dah keluar. We got shortlisted for that East Coast project! My little company got shortlisted! Alhamdulillahhh... Remember I was so down because we got ditched by that Web designer? That I actually have given up. We got a call this morning for an interview cum presentation. So next Thursday we'll drive up again.

I have not been preparing. I have yet to get the details what we are supposed to present. And now I have no idea at all. My mind is blank. I need to plan and strategize. I so wish and want to nail this. But now I can't think yet.

For the time being, I'll just play me Farmville until my mind calms down and I get ideas on what to do.

Minggu Makan Besar

Yes, yes, Ramadhan is no excuse to overeat. But breaking fast can be an excuse to meet up with friends and family. And last week was the week. On Thursday, my company had our buka puasa session at our usual hotel - Residence. We are regulars there so Earna, our banquet sales rep gave us huge discounts. It was a nice gathering where almost everybody brought along their spouses, err... excluding Atom who brought his current boss, Rosli. Anyway, my company might be small but I do try to have these kind of spirit amongst us. Something I learn from my previous company:)
Our little company's gathering. Everybody looked so serious huh? The food has sunk in and amidst the business talks, everybody has this thought in their heads - what else to eat?

Then, on Sunday my family had a little buka puasa gathering. My brother Angah organised a break fast at PICC Putrajaya. He got these brochures and him being him can't resist kambing panggang in the menu. I roped in my eldest sister's fami…

The Girl with the Voice

I have read about the girl with the voice on Oprah Winfrey show, but I never managed to catch the show. I just know the girl is from the Philippines. Today I saw the girl's second appearance and - oh my, she does have THE VOICE. The kind of voice that can bring tears to the eyes. They showed snippets on her background and how determined she is to reach for her dreams.

I've been playing this over and over and over again...Beautiful.

His Many Faces

As usual, Bubu would accompany me while I work (or play game) at our study table. Here're his many faces. He didn't go out last night, so he was really bored.
Apa benda la dia ni buat? Nak kata kerja pasal apa ada gambar pokok, lembu semua ni? Ni mesti main Farmville ni. Woi, kerja lah! Aku cabut wayar ni nanti baru tau.
Boring betul lah. Nak keluar hujan pulak. Apa nak buat ni?
Mengantuk lah... Nak tido kejap. Best pulak landing kat sini. Panas je. Sebenarnya bukan tido pun. Saja buat muka macam comel sikit.
Waaahhh... sedapnya dia garu kepala.
Hmmm... barulah boleh tido betul-betul...

Veggies from My Garden

Veggies cooked for buka puasa yesterday - sawi goreng with garlic saja. But so very fresh taken from my veggie patch. The serai was for tomyam putih yang Aliyah mintak. And the cili api were for daging goreng kunyit. I have a grown cili api plant now given by my mother-in-law. We spent the long weekend in Melaka and came back with loads for plants. She gave pokok misai kucing (remedy for diabetes and kidney stone), these pokok dunno what name warna maroon yang hubby dah tanam all over and a pot of plants like keladi - that to replant in a nicer pasu and put beside the pond.
It rained this morning. The weather was so nice and refreshing. The fishes were having a ball under the raindrops swimming very close to the surface. Even the tortoise joined the fun. I saw it at the top of the castle with its head out of the water surface taking in the raindrops.