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Little Miracles

My eldest brother Angah came home from performing Umrah yesterday. He, just like me (another similar traits of sharing the same birthday), is a very low profile person though with strong personality (hehehe... me? I like to think it that way). Everybody only know he's flying off the day before he went. Anyway, we went over to visit him yesterday evening.

Here's one story of Allah's greatness, of something very peculiar, but a rezeki nonetheless. A few days before he came back, my father called him. My father is the kind who would make many miss calls if he couldn't reach us (I mean, ya ya, we might be in the middle of something and will call him back ASAP, but he treats the mobile phone just like the normal phone - call tak hengat in case orang yang dia call tu tak dengar kot!). So, after solat, my brother checked his phone and found 8 missed calls and got so worried. He called back but my father didn't pick up. So, he continued his solat (I assume he silenced the p…

Makan Kerja Makan Kerja

I'm now stationed at Residence Hotel for a 2-day workshop. I was supposed to be the trainer but then my cough is really bad now. So, Hubby is the one doing the training. Well, a bit of stumble here and there but he's doing it quite good. I'm at the back of the class, giving extra info wherever possible.

I like the change of environment. I actually did quite a lot of work here. Let's see, yesterday I wrote a handful of cheques after we got a major payment from our Kuantan client, and in just 2 hours, the money depleted 70%. Adoiyai, sakit jantung tulis cheque buat payments ni... But then, the payment we got was the 2nd payment and obviously the money is supposed to be spent paying lots stuff eg server purchase, hosting, etc. Even I only managed to get 1 month salary for this payment. The 3rd payment should give us the financial comfort. I also managed to submit my tax via e-filing. Surprisingly this year, I don't need to wait after midnight to do it. Very fast. Tamba…

Week's Recap

Let's see...

We presented to the agency on Friday morning. I can't really say it was a good presentation. We've presented better. But one thing I've done is that - we no longer agree to every single thing like we used to. My experience befriending our business partner Shaji is that - if it's not worth it, better not do. A project must be worthwhile, with profit. So, we'll see... Kalau ada rezeki, dapat. Insyaallah...

Anyway, the day before - Thursday - I had this very valuable experience of God's greatness. It truly showed how - kalau kita tolong orang, insyaallah Allah tolong kita. We got Casfian to do a few designs for the presentation, however, on Wednesday night, he emailed Hubby saying he's got "transport problem". So, Thursday morning, Hubby called him to make sure he comes to the office. One of those rare times that I saw his full commitment - he said he's already on his way to the office - walking. And that's a long journey from …

Imagine My Surprise

Hubby and me worked from home today but then I got a message from Linda that we got some payments, so I went to the office to prepare some cheques. Anyway, when I stepped into the office, Linda was frantically waving this piece of paper to me. I took it, read it and had to sit down before I fainted (yea, yea, exaggeration).

It was a fax from that agency that we sent the sebutharga last week. The one I was so frustrated with that I almost didn't send, the one that was completed so late that we almost missed the deadline. That's the one! We got shortlisted.

Anyway, we were actually invited to present only one portion of the sebutharga - the portion that we have the expertise. So, that mock-up magazine - a total trash- didn't count.

The presentation is this Friday morning. Wish us luck!

Peer Pressure?

My little girl and I had this conversation one day about being rich. Aliyah was telling me about her schoolmates - how some of them are rich, their parents driving expensive cars, etc. Then she asked, "Kita sederhana kan?". And I said - yes. Then she went on again about another classmate whose father is an actor and asked, "Pelakon kaya kan?". And I said - it depends.

Anyway, deep inside I was quite worried with her thoughts. This thing about being rich is really, really not good. So, I took her for a small prep talk. I told her - being rich is not everything. Being rich doesn't mean one is happy. I told her when she was a toddler, I did make quite a lot of money. I really had extras at the end of the month. But the problem was - I only see her like only one hour a day. If she wakes up early, I still didn't have time to spend with her being busy getting dressed to go to work. Sometimes, she'd still be sleeping when I take her to the babysitter. I told he…

Kiki the Kitten

I delayed any entries on the new kitten because I didn't know whether it will survive in our care. It's been almost 2 weeks (this Friday) since we rescued him from the dumping site and he is a survivor. He's very happy indeed and in just days looks so healthy.

Oh, if you do wonder, we didn't take in Jiji - the other kitten that Fifi brought back. I have this funny instinct about cats. With Jiji, I just don't, what's the word, "click". We are just not made for each other (nak bela pet pun kena "serasi" ok). So, after some time, we put them out of the house - but still feed them until one fine day they just didn't come back.

Back to Kiki, I try not to get so attached to this kitten. But I said the same thing about Bubu last time (sigh)...
Such manja kitten. Look how fat he has become!
He really likes people. When we eat, he would play with our feet under the table. Look at that, very cheeky face.

Never Learn One

It was one of the most fun sebutharga I've done. We rehashed articles, I rewrote our company profile in the most honest and sincere way, I rewrote our team's CV in the most appealing way with a touch of humour, we researched for articles and pictures... All because this was a totally different kind of sebutharga. The kind that wants you to show your creativity. And I sincerely had fun. Well until last night. Deep down inside, I knew this would happen, but I was hoping - nah, maybe not.

It did happen this morning, in the many ways I knew it would.

And when it did, I sat at my desk tapping my fingers, mirroring the each second the clock ticks. I slumped at my chair and curse myself - "I knew this would happen, why oh why did I let it happen?". Let's see... I was sick... I wanted to let someone else handle this... I wanted or hoped that people would have changed by now... Maybe I just wanted to test - what if I simply let things go out of my hands - what will happen? …

Single "Parent" for 3 Days

We have a small household but then when one of us, the parents, is not around, things can be quite chaotic especially when the remaining parent fell sick.

Hubby was in Kuantan from Monday to Wednesday with the rest of the team for training and meeting. Things were OK on Monday morning but then I fell sick in the afternoon. Quite scary actually. Linda and I went to MOF to submit a few documents, then had lunch at Alamanda and by 4pm at the office, both of us were sneezing and starting to get body-ache. I was worried because H1N1 has started again but then the doctor said it's normal flu.

At home, after fetching Aliyah, there were this huge list of chores to do - get the kitten Kiki out and cleaned him up, feed the turtles and fish, turn on the pond's water pump, laundry, dishes, prepare dinner, Aliyah's stuff - uniform, homework, etc, then continue working and all the while I was very sick.

The next day, problems started to surface. First, our Astro got no service. (I thought …

New Addition to Family

I always tell Hubby and Aliyah - no more cats! But how can I say no to my little girl who loves cats so much? We planned to buy this beautiful white kitten from our Vet but then I thought - why not rescue a kitten. Yang kat Vet tu sah-sah well looked after, but there are thousands of abandoned cats and kittens around. Those need saving.

We were not in a rush, but then as fate has it, I was waiting in the car for Hubby at this pharmacy last Friday when I saw a few kittens at a nearby dumping site. We then checked them out, and to make a long story short (which include a dying black kitten, sick siblings, talking to the mommy cat asking for permission, etc, etc), we came back a few hours later and took back one kitten. We thought - let's rescue one and try to give it a chance at being healthy and loved.

Aliyah was jumping in joy when we picked her up at school - with the kitten still in a box. On Saturday we took it to the Vet to get it de-wormed. Now, we are taking care of it like a …