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Weekend Activity

We spent the weekend mostly at home except for Aliyah's piano class and one trip to Giant for grocery. So much fun we can have at home...
Sesi membuat donut - I tried making the donut as per my SIL Mijah's recipe. Rasa dah hampir sama, but the shapes still fail. I need to knead the dough harder lah... Hubby and Aliyah tolong bulat-bulatkan...
Aliyah enjoying the donuts - the ones she made became "C" instead of "O".
Kiki having a nap after coming back from the Vet for his vaccine. Hubby said the Doc said, "See you in one year's time for another vaccine!". That's what he said to Bubu last time... sigh...
Aliyah has picked up golf again. She practices at night hitting at the hole at my "bantut" pine tree.
Our quiet time sitting by the fish pond.

Steamboat Eat All You Can!

I totally forgot to post this. An 18-person makan-makan session at Maeps Restaurant, Serdang on Saturday last week. It started with my nephew Nizam wanting to have steamboat and as usual the list will grow and grow whenever my Kak Long organises something. And when she talked to my father, my old man asked - "Untuk Hari Bapa ye?". I was so sure my sister paused, searched her mind and said, "Well, yeah!". (We celebrated early by taking my father for our annual Father's Day shopping 2 weeks before).

The food - nothing to boast about - steamboat is after all steamboat with seafood and huge selection of these "dunno-what-balls" which I was not so interested to sample. Other than that, we feasted on make-yourself ABC and ice cream of various flavours (where my brother Azlan actually took a huge soup bowl and heaped them in instead of using the little ice cream bowls). Quite a nice place actually especially for a family gathering.
My niece Wani. She can reall…

2kgs Lighter?

My fitness program updates - this morning I weighed myself - I've lost 2kgs! Hehehe... Let's see, I changed my diet a bit - more vegetables like half the plate, less meat and rice. But still can't get over fried chicken... Exercise wise, not really, have not started any exercise regime. But I try to clock at least 5000 steps per day (that's on a very lazy, sitting-on-my-bum day). Actually it might be because I've been fasting - 2 days a week.

My reflection on the mirror doesn't show any difference. Oh well...

Finally the End is Near

We are at the end of this project which started end January. Yup, it's delayed. How can a project not be delayed if it takes weeks to confirm a meeting. But, it's ending. I just updated my content checklist - 3 more articles to be translated. Other than that, all are completed. Now I need to move on. There are a couple of ideas to pursue next week with that agency I am so fond of working with - the one we wrote a book for. They are the most professional lot + fun + informative people to talk with. Our project with them was completed right on the dot - well, about 2 weeks delay (only) and all because of a couple of rounds of "tatabahasa" checking.

Now is quite a bad time actually, which I don't know if people are aware of it. I'm sure most agencies are slashing their training budgets because we just canceled our training this month due to poor registration. We have 5 people who registered but I can't proceed or else I can only pay my trainers half of their…

Aliyah's Many Faces Throughout the Years

I made this slideshow yesterday. It contains Aliyah's photos throughout the years. It was just a small project I wanted to give her. If I have more time, I would have made and edited it nicer, with videos of her crawling and trying to walk. Later maybe.

She saw it this morning. She has been wanting to see what I was doing since yesterday but I told her it's a surprise. I was making breakfast and I sneak-peeked. She watch it seriously, then came to me and said - Thank You Mommy, I love you so much. And then - she cried... Well, I told her your Abah cried too watching it :) He said she grew up too fast...

The love of our life... "Sempurna" in many many ways...

Pedas Wet World & Hot Springs Photos

The photos... Mostly of the three little girls who want nothing other than dipping and splashing in the water.

Pedas Wet World & Hot Springs

It was a hot and wet time for us yesterday - my little family, my father and my 2 nieces - Wani and Wana (yea, wish it was a saucy entry huh? err.. well, still steamy obviously). We spent the day at Pedas Wet World & Hot Springs. For a Wet World, the place sure has not much presence on the Net. I couldn't find its website, only depended on several blogs giving good reviews.

The verdict - quite a nice place. Even though I feel the owner should have commercialize the hot spring more because Pedas has always been known for its hot spring. I remember when I was little, my father brought us there and we took bath in these little shower rooms with attached hot spring pool. The pool was actually shared and I could see my mother's hands scooping the hot water next door.

Anyway, there were only 2 pools - the main hot pool and a smaller reflexology pool. (I personally think it's such a waste of good hot spring water - design of the pool limits people to enjoy the water). I couldn&…

Spaghetti Apa Ke Nama

Last night I made this first dish using the basil leaves from the plant we bought on Saturday. Namanya: Spaghetti Entah Apa Ke Nama. Tapi sedap (Hubby and Aliyah can testify to that, hehehe).

I sauteed some chopped garlic in olive oil, added in chopped smoked beef slices (the ones for breakfast tu) until they brown, then add vegetables - finely sliced yellow peppers and mushrooms. Then, I added basil leaves and cherry tomatoes (halved). Right after, add in cooked spaghetti. Season with salt and blackpepper.

Very fast dish to cook (less than half and hour), yummy and healthy.
Spaghetti with chopped beef slices, yellow peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and basil.

Kebun Makeover

We had a body-aching weekend - doing kebun makeover. I think we have neglected our little kebun for months - ever since the dry spell. After the rain came back, I planted kacang botol. The plant thrived but got infected by white flies. I got so frustrated. The whole kebun got infected - no more chillies and eggplants.

Yesterday, we bought cili api and basil from a nursery, along with bags of tanah hitam. Then, we dug out almost everything and replanted some remaining plants. The kebun is now very clear. I now have a few pots of seeds in waiting - hoping to get coriander, tomatoes, eggplants and lady's fingers plants soon.
Hubby clearing up the weeds.
The cili padi and basil plants we bought. Finally I managed to find basil. Nak beli kat Cold Storage punya lah mahal. So yummy in spaghetti dishes.
The ones replanted - another cili plant and pokok halia.

Almost Had Another Lost

Kiki has started to wonder about - around the compound and just a few meters outside. Yesterday night we realised he's been missing since Maghrib. We looked around, went out to our street but still couldn't find him. This morning, still no sign of him. Oh no, not again... I can't bear another loss. He just simply vanished.

After breakfast Hubby went out again. But he was quite upset - "no more cats!", he said. About 10 minutes later he came back - with Kiki in his arms! Apparently our neightbour's kids kept him the whole night in their house. Ni yang aku geram ni. Lepaskan je lah, pandai la kucing tu balik sendiri. So, next time, we'll know where to look at.
Kiki after his bath.
Always playing under the table while we have dinner

Excellent Surprise Dinner

We decided on Equatorial to take Aliyah for the surprise dinner. We kept it a secret right till we drive up into Equatorial. While Hubby park the car, she was jumping up and down and kissing me crazy. It's the surprise element that made her so excited actually.

The food? Heaven. It felt like having Jamie Oliver cooking for me - cherry tomato salad, many types of yummy pasta, smoked salmon, ribs, grilled prawns & stuff. There is even this Mongolian dish I forget its name. We stuffed ourselves silly, I swear no more food binge for the next 6 months. And most important, Aliyah was so happy with her little cream strawberry cakes and ice cream.
Aliyah having delicious pizza and seafood gnocchi with napolitana sauce.
The whole spread seems to suit Hubby.
The little lady in red - buah hati pengarang limpa I...

New Pedometer

My old pedometer is lost for good. Can't find it anywhere. So I bought a new one via Mudah. Cheap. Not much features compared to my old one. As long as it serves its purpose. So, I've been wearing it for one week now. Target to walk 5000 steps a day for a start. More if I can walk around the neighbourhood. Next target 10,000 steps a day.
I used to have Omron pedometer that tracks 7 days of activity. Now this no-brand pedometer can only track steps up to a certain number. So I reset on daily basis.

I also bought a scale. Yup, very heavy now. Setting my mind to lose 10kgs. (Hahaha... that's me laughing in my head). Come on, 10kgs is not that much actually. Masa rajin pegi Fitness First dulu, I was at that weight. Point here is - "rajin".

Food wise, I've started to add more fruits and vegetables to our meals. I made mango salsa and salad for the past 2 days (SIL Mijah came last Saturday with mangoes and her famous donuts). Hubby was so impressed with the salsa - lo…

Feeling Guilty

Aliyah spent last night at my Kak Lang's place. Ok la, cuti sekolah kan. I told her this morning we'll pick her up for breakfast. But then, I told her that if Mommy & Abah come late, go eat first. So this morning, a very nice cool morning, I spent it doing a bit of gardening (planted coriander seeds - really hope this time I can get some nice fresh coriander). So, by the time we got ready it was already 11am. We decided to go straight to the office and pick Aliyah up a bit early.

On the way to the office she called me - asking me where we are because she's been waiting for us to come pick her up for breakfast. And she has not eaten yet! And it's already pass 11am. Aduss guiltynya rasa. She sounded disappointed but being her, she said it's OK she'll eat some bread.

So, today, we plan to come back early, pick her up, maybe go cycling to her Pak Ngah's house to see the new kitten they have and then off to a nice surprise dinner for her. Have not decided yet …

Kiki Growing Bigger

We have now settled with having Kiki as part of the family. Surprisingly quite "cultured" for a stray kitten. Very loving feline. He has taken over the dog soft toy that used to be Bubu's. That has become his favourite. Along with this small teddy bear. Both dah "lunyai" kena gigit.
From thin and dirty kitten... He's now 1.4kgs. Fat if you ask me!

Courage by Our Brothers & Sisters

I've been following news on Astro Awani about the Freedom Flotilla carrying aid to Gaza. I know I am a bit ignorant in the sense that my only thoughts were - that's a good thing to do, may they succeed. Or perhaps I have not really understood how cruel the Zionist can be. It was predicted the volunteers will face resistance. But what I did not even imagine was that they will be attacked by commandos and brutally murdered.

While busy at work I read about the attack. The very ship that the Astro Awani journalist was reporting live from just hours before. And my heart dropped to my stomach. I felt nauseous. Those people are volunteers and activists for God's sake.

Let us pray for the safety of all on board on Mavi Marmara and the other 5 ships. They have displayed amazing courage and bravery. And they have made a mark. Just thinking of their sacrifices bring tears to my eyes. And to the fallen, may Allah bless your souls. Al-Fatihah.