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Tidur Dalam Iman

I have "raised" 3 cats and each one of them has its own unique qualities. We found out our cat Bubu might be hyperactive. That's what the vet said. He's always on the alert - ears all perked up, eyes big and round, and looking here and there. Always. Sometimes I takut dia kena heart attack je. He's not as rested and calm as my father's cat Jay Jay (who spends most of the day and night sleeping). But Bubu's a really funny guy. I tak pernah lagi jumpa kucing yang suka meniarap. If he does stretch out, his length is more than 2 feet.
Senyum je. Tidur dalam imaann...
He's not really sleeping. Such a show off.

Little Hands Big Heart...

I had breakfast with my daughter this morning. And I had a good look at the pretty face - eating her roti canai and telling me her stories. I remember this time last year, the only thing I have that I held on to was this little girl with a big heart. Who practically took me in her arms and kissed my forehead and told me she loves me so much.

A Year Has Passed...

... since that incident. If you ask me whether I have fully recovered, the answer is a big no. I have not. And please, don't give me any advice like: "Let it pass; just forget about it; focus your energy on something else; just forgive and forget; read certain books or verses; etc". Because I have read hundreds of websites on how to forgive and forget. I have recited zikir to ease the pain. But the heart and the brain are totally different organs altogether. You can try to be sensible but the heart can become too emotional. When you try to embrace the fact and free your heart of any aches, you look sideways, sees something, a memory is triggered and the brain reminds you of the painful incident. It is not that easy. It's exhausting. I hate the feeling but I can't run away from it.

Sometimes I just can't take it anymore, felt like throwing everything to the wind, start a new life.

Report Card Day

Last day of school and report card day. Aliyah already brought back a few of her exam papers. She did OK in most subjects. She got A for her English (mak bapak ex-TESL kalau tak dapat A memang nak kena!). However, as expected, she didn't do well in her Agama and that pulled her marks down. She got C (I at first thought she failed). It's not that she doesn't know the answers, just that her Jawi is weak. She didn't know the instructions - whether she should circle the answers or match or write, etc.

Anyway, Hubby and I had a long talk and we concluded that maybe our daughter doesn't cope well with pressure. She could do her homework and the tests that we gave her at home but exam time -the results are not as expected. Not that we have high expectations lah. I know my daughter doesn't cope well with pressure because last week I accidentally woke up 20 minutes late and had to rush Aliyah to get ready for school but she didn't respond to my "kelam-kabutness&…

Recipe Book Project

A personal project I have yet to start. Some time ago Aliyah told me when she grow up, she'd like to cook just like me and asked me to teach her. Oh wow... terharu I. So, I told her that I'll compile my recipes in a book and give it to her. I have bought a book actually, this thick ring book with plastic cover that I think can withstand age. I was so excited when I bought it, imagined it will become something like Jamie Oliver's with notes and sketches.

But then, my handwriting is so so bad nowadays. Seriously bad. And to think that I used to have nice handwriting. Let's see... I type faster than I write even though I use my own method - nope, didn't attend any typping lessons after SPM. Last week, my thumb ached because I wrote a few pages of sebutharga. I even thought of typing, printing, cutting and pasting onto the sebutharga form. Might be faster and less painful.

Aliyah has been asking about her recipe book. When oh when will Mommy start writing the book? Busy …

My Very First Bread

I usually cook simple food. Nothing too fancy with more than 10 ingredients in them. Nothing that requires me to slave over the stove for hours. I have too much to do and so little time. I usually cook something that is fast to prepare and which I can leave to simmer or roast in the oven while I work at my mini notebook. Tapi always yummy OK :).

I'm so glad my little family is always so appreciative and thankful and supportive. Like this evening, Hubby came down after mengajar Aliyah mengaji and said, "Sedapnya bau...". Two minutes lates, Aliyah came down and said, "waaahhh sedapnya bau...". Padahal, I tengah masak or actually tengah saute some garlic then poured baked beans into a pan with a dash of black pepper. Just that. (We actually had breakfast food for dinner today!). Nothing can beat those - "thank you Mommy", "sedap Mommy masak" remarks by both of them. Hilang terus penat I.

I actually nak post pic of my first bread I made yesterday …

I Need a Holiday!

I have been working like crazy since after Raya right till now. Penattt... I think I've been working 7 days a week for the past 3 weeks. We finally completed this user manual we've been doing for the past 2 weeks. Total no of pages: 222! Tebal tu. Adoiyai, siang malam buat user manual, sitting on my bum until rasa bum I dah expand a few inches dah nih!

Now I'm moving on to this sebutharga pulak. Need to send tomorrow. Lepas tu nak brainstorm next year's trainings pulak. Lepas tu nak propose 2nd phase kat client pulak, lepas tu, lepas tu... asyik ada lepassss tuuu je. I am so so tired. I really need a holiday. But financial wise - not a good time. We are in the middle of projects now, so kena simpan duit. Kesian kat Aliyah, this holidays tak pegi jalan2 lagi. Mommy and Abah asyik busy je. I'm thinking maybe this coming holidays we can just go visit places yang dekat-dekat ni je. Maybe boleh pegi waterfall ka, bird park ka... Should be fun too rite?

But, I still need …

New Bicycle

After days of chasing after Aliyah on her bike, under the pretense of jogging, we finally decided the time has come for us to get ourselves a bike. So, last Friday morning, we bought a bike and now we take turns to accompany Aliyah every late afternoon to cycle around our housing area, with frequent stops at her Pak Ngah's house.
Ambik angin petang2 sambil berbasikal

How He Has Grown!

Remember this photo? It was posted on 16 May 2009. Bubu was just the size of my palm and he's about 2 months old.
Snuggled just nice in Aliyah's arms
This was taken last week. He is so big now! He's half Aliyah's size.