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A Mother's Love

I was working from home 2 days ago and took a break to watch Oprah. I'm not really an avid fan and not a follower of her shows even though I truly admire this remarkable woman who can change things by simply citing her name. The episode was a 20th year special and Oprah recalled amazing people she talked about at her show and give updates.

There was this story that really touched my heart that I cried, really, really cried. I've never really cried that much watching TV but that story was really sad. I think it happened in 1997 about a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer and did something amazing for her little daughter. I think the daughter was about 2 years old when she got to know about the cancer. Knowing that she won't live long, she started video-taping herself - she talked, gave advise, told stories, joked... The footage showed her when she looked healthy, and then when she was hospitalised with tubes in her nose, when she was home after a chemo with her hair …

Sarah Now Has Her Own Golf Set

She finally has got her own golf set. Hubby has been wanting to buy her one for months. I have always thought she's a bit too young and small to get her own set. However, our little family has been going to the driving range for the past few weeks during weekends - me 6 laps around the stadium, hubby hitting some balls, and Sarah - here and there. What made me give in? I saw her hitting the golf balls in style. And she looked so happy. And also it helped that hubby said she has natural swing.

So that fateful Sunday afternoon Sarah got her new golf set and so did I. Yes, yes, I got "conned" too. I got myself a new golf set, new golf shoes and new gloves. I thought since golf is going to be a family affair, I better join in. Surprisingly, golf is quite interesting now that the balls I hit actually fly.

This morning mother and daughter went to the driving range - our first outing alone without hubby. It turned out quite OK despite Sarah got bored early.

Registered Sarah for the School

It's confirmed that Sarah will attend Seri Pelangi come 3rd January next year. We finally handed over the registration form last weekend. A huge step for us as parents, an even bigger step for Sarah in this new stage of her life. So, we decided that for the first month, Sarah will attend only morning school and go back by bus. In February we'll see if she's ready to stay there the whole day. Actually not only her, we need to see how my mother fare.

Now problem is to train Sarah to wake up early in the morning. Normally she wakes up around 8am. But school starts at 7.45am, so she needs to be ready at least by 7.30am. That means I will need to wake her up at 7am. That is way, way too early for her.

I actually don't know who feels anxiety more - is it Sarah or me? I will need to let her go, leave her there at the school to be taken care of by strangers... See how attached I am to her? It will wretch my heart to leave her, to wave goodbye, while she's crying. She said sh…

We Have Decided on the School

Last Friday we went for a visit to the Tadika Sri Pelangi. Hubby took the day off so that we can see the place in action - with live teachers and children. Since it's the school holidays, there were only a few kids there. Nonetheless, the place looked OK, the teacher friendly and the environment clean. Sarah too looked comfortable. So, that's where she will be schooling next year. Now, need to finish up the paperwork.

But then, the Sarah's excitement wore off. The next day before sleep she told me she's afraid to go to school. She wanted me to wait for her and not go to work. She said she so afraid and she will cry if I left her there. I felt so sorry for her. There she was looking so sad and lost. Tears were brimming from her eyes. I hugged her and told her I will be there waiting for her but only for a few days. But I assured her she will enjoy herself, she will make friends and learn new things. She was OK after that but I just can't get the looks of her face fro…