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Kiki's Not Well

I delayed writing about Kiki because I was so upset. Kiki is now hospitalised at our Vet's since Tuesday. He has flu at first and we sent him to the clinic. But the next day he got worst. I can't remember the name of his sickness, only that he's got fluid/water around his lungs.

He was in really bad shape for days when we visited him. Couldn't even lift up his head. Hubby told Aliyah (and me, I know) to prepare for the worst. This morning, we went to see him and the doctor said for the first time today, he actually made noise. That's a good sign. (Funny, our cats are always noisy!) He was being treated by the doctor when we came. After his injection, he actually came to Aliyah wanting to be carried on her shoulder. With me (as usual since he was a baby) he snuggled on my lap and wanted to sleep.

One more day of treatment and we should be able to take him home tomorrow. We miss him so much. Alhamdulillah he has recovered.
Taken just days before he got sick.

Pond Makeover

Hubby did his DIY magic last weekend on the pond. He moved the filter and plants to the other end. Looks better I must say. But the filter is, of course, still in the black plastic container. We found a place at Nilai 1 that sells nice Indonesian "tempayan" with reasonable price. Hmm... we'll see...

We also sent the turtles (Mat & Joe) away to the aquarium shop. Hope someone will buy/adopt them. They've become too big. They eat so much (we can't afford them anymore), and they also eat the baby fishes. Very sorry to see them go.
The new location of the filter. The plastic container is well concealed by the plants.
One beautiful rainy morning.

Like Mother Like Daughter

This morning, after fetching Aliyah from school for her co-curriculum, we headed to our usual roti canai joint for breakfast. Aliyah needed to photocopy a few pages of her book for her class. So she showed Hubby the pages and Hubby went to photocopy.

In the car, Aliyah actually took out the pages that Hubby photocopied and meticulously check to make sure the pages are correct.

Hubby looked at her and turned to me, "Like mother like daughter. Mesti nak check!".

My Parents

One bad thing about me is that I seldom give my parents money. Once in a while - Raya or any special occasions - I do give. And the reason is also a bad one - because I don't think they need money. Most of the time, I'm the one who needs the cash more compared to them. My parents never complain. They never expect money from their children. If dapat, alhamdulillah. My father especially would never ask money from his kids, no matter how much he might need it.

To add to that, I always "order" stuff from the Pasar Tani from my father. It is his routine to call me at around 3.30pm every Thursday to ask me what I would like to have. Normally I would get him to buy me chicken (2 quarters - thighs only), some beef, and satay or meehoon soup. I will then come over after office to get them, all well packed in a basket. And I will in the end get - 4 quarters of chicken thighs (equals to one chicken), at least 1/2 kilo of beef, satay and meehoon soup, apam balik and kuihs. And do…

Promo: Baju Kurung Cotton for Kids

My web stats show most keywords people use are: kids children baju kurung cotton, especially these few weeks into Syaaban. People are already thinking of Hari Raya :)

We created an FB page for the baju kurung: Facebook Baju Kurung Cotton for Kids. So, for those who are interested, do check it out.

Insyaallah we'll be joining my sister-in-law Lia to open up a booth next Friday in Putrajaya. I'm not sure where actually. I'll keep you posted.

P/S My SEO techniques are proven. Tak sia-sia aku jadi Web consultant. Tengok berapa banyak keywords ada! Kat Google top 10 ok :)

Body Language

We attended a seminar today in Shah Alam. This "klinik usahawan pelancongan" organised by PKNS. Quite a good seminar. From simply facts to actual real life success stories. One thing I noticed was that I was not the only one feeling frustrated by the powers that be. One rep from Kementerian Pelancongan who presented all these beautiful data and statistics - of the billions made from tourism industry to the millions dispersed to assist entrepreneurs - got verbally bashed up real good. Those were from people who have been in the industry for years. I am only short of few months of being in "interested mode".

More on that later, if I have the mood to talk about such civil servants who "makan gaji dan hidup dalam kepompong masa" who had the cheek to present such useless statistics to an audience of seasoned entrepreneurs (well, minus yours truly as I am very new plus perhaps half of the people who attended). That Gomen guy should have done a little bit homewor…

One Monday

It's a Monday unlike other Mondays. For one, I'm having one of the worst ever back pain and stomach cramps. Ever. The kind that makes me groan every 10 minutes. And worst of all - today - as I have errands to run around.

But stomach cramps or not, I crawled on. Early morning, a short trip to Putrajaya to submit a sebutharga. I have very good feeling about this. Insyaallah, really hope rezeki is there. The potential client is someone I knew from previous project. Should have stopped by her office to say Hi, but then I wouldn't want to be seen restless.

Next stop, NSTP as Hubby needed to return the gadgets he reviewed. And managed to catch up with Izwan's wife - Mira - the ever elegant and "menawan" lady. I hope she didn't notice me groaning in my sentences. Being in NSTP again, I thought of writing. Hmm... maybe I should take it up again.

Next, to Subang Parade to meet up with my co secretary - my Abang Ben. Time to menenyeh my signatures on some papers. And …

Nothing Specific

Of nothing specific. More going-ons around our little household.
Kalau ada pertandingan budak paling suka makan roti canai, Aliyah will win it hands down. She loves roti canai ever since she was 2 years old. All the mamak joints we frequent know her name. She would look at her own photo eating roti canai and tell me - "Sedapnya... nak makan roti canai boleh?".
Another of her favourite is Nasi Lemak. (And people wonder why she's so thin!). If I cook nasi lemak for dinner, the moment she steps into the house back from school, she would take a deep breath and say, "Sedapnya bauuu....".
My version of nasi lemak - nasi lemak cooked with a bit of halba, daun pandan and crushed ginger, sambal ikan bilis yang pedas-pedas manis (my Mom taught me to put tomato sauce rather than air asam - yummy), boiled or fried egg and blanched kangkung.
Hubby's completed DIY job. He spent 3 days doing this "tapak" for our future garden set. He digged a few inches of the soil,…

Just About Kiki

Entry khas untuk cat lovers especially Adda dan mereka yang sewaktu dengannya.
Gigit telinga dog dengan ganasnya... Akulah kucing paling terror.
Abah saya paksa saya mandi... Arrgghh... sungguh tension. Hilang macho.
(Muka busy body tengok apa jiran depan rumah buat.) Ohhh... orang depan beli kerusi set baru ler...
Pergghh... penat gila kejar burung tak dapat-dapat. Aku baru gerak 2 langkah loceng bunyi. Lari pun tak leh laju pasal perut boroi.
Masa kecik-kecik dulu saya sangat comel. Mommy kata macam Tom & Jerry, tapi bukan Tom ye, macam Jerry. Tapi Jerry tu tikus. Ishh...

Just Some Photos

Just some photos - of the things going on lately:
Latest photo of Kiki the Cat. It's really necessary to put the small bell around his neck because he loves to play hide and seek. He loves accompanying me around - doing gardening, cooking in the kitchen, even hanging out clothes after laundry.
Have been spending the last few weeks accompanying my Kak Long buying stuff for her son Nizam's coming wedding. We have started wrapping the door gifts - these little English cups. Purple and silver are the theme colours.
My youngest niece, Azwa, is now 5 months old.

Song: Sepanjang Hidupku

I am not the one to know the latest released songs. Nak dengar radio pun macam malas sebab they keep on playing the same songs over and over again. But once in a while terdengar some nice songs somewhere and I would go find it.

This morning we were having breakfast at Kak Ruby's place when I heard this Indonesian song - after a TV drama series. I keyed-in a few lines of the lyrics into my phone. Aliyah asked what I was doing, so I told her here's how I usually do whenever I heard a song I like which I don't know what it's called or who sang it. I would note down a few lines of the lyrics, then google the lines to get the name of the song and the singer, then find the song on Youtube - to check whether it's the correct song, and finally download the song.

I said, "Pandai tak Mommy?". She grinned widely at me and said, "Pandai. Sebab tu lah Mommy boss!". Hahaha... such cheeky girl.

Nice song by Pilot Band. I can imagine a man of my dreams singing thi…

Moment of Truth (2)

Sad lah. My moment of truth, though not totally ditched, has got to be deferred. Reason? The fund to help small SMEs like me has been frozen temporarily. When will it open again? The officer can't say.

I know I will be disappointed. But I foresaw my disappointment to be that I need to go back, review my proposal, spend money to kick start the project and come back with a better proposal. But to be told on the face that the fund is temporarily frozen is just disappointing. What is the use of making all those promises to help the small and medium companies, to focus on certain industries for RMK10 and other bullshit. And when people like me would like to be part of the effort, we got turned down because the fund that was promised is frozen to do God knows what. Look, I didn't apply for a grant, I wanted a loan which I will pay back.

Such false promises.

Moment of Truth

My heart is racing. I have an appointment this afternoon with an officer at this ministry about the project I was so excited about. Objective: to apply for a loan. A huge sum of dough actually. I have been dwelling on this idea for almost a month now. All these plans keep running in my head. It will be such a blessing if I can get the loan and execute my plan. Besides for myself, as a retirement project (I can't be a trainer and Web consultant till I'm walking with a stick, can I?), it's for my family - whoever I can help to work on it.

It'll be a moment of truth - can I or can't I embark on this.

Report Card Day

We went for "sesi beramah mesra" with Aliyah's school teacher today a.k.a. report card day. In my simple words - I am so proud of her. She managed to get As and Bs (Maths, Agama & Arab). She failed her Agama in her March test (due to her laziness to spell out the Jawi words) but succeeded in getting a B this time around. That's an achievement.

Memorable Teen Movie

In view of the coming Twilight, which I might be one of the few who is not a fan, I came across an article on 5 memorable teen movie of all times. And one of it is my favourite: The Breakfast Club (1985). I saw this movie just last month on Astro and I still believe it's one of the best movies on coming of age ever made.
This detention class on one Saturday morning with the participants from various backgrounds who ended up pouring their hearts to each other is simply amazing. Ok, putting aside the normal teen American culture like smoking and making out. They only spent a day together but at the end of the day, they became different people. Better people, I must say. Wiser.
In the end, whether or not they went back to their normal lives, is hard to say. I think so. But I believe they came back for detention. Every Saturday. To this secret group called The Breakfast Club.
I love this story.