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Going for Another Adventure

I'm trying my very, very best to finish up this user manual I'm currently doing. Kena submit draft on Monday. Insyaallah, I'll be going for another adventure with the girls Sunday till Wednesday. So, the draft document must be completed and emailed to the client (must remember this!) by Saturday. Oleh kerana kena jaga pinggang daripada terpeleot, I don't sit too long doing the document. Sebab tu progress agak lambat. Lagipun bosan gila.

I dah mintak cuti from my brother. Hehehe... bagitau dia awal-awal so that he can get ready - mentally and physically. For the past almost 3 weeks, I never miss a day mandikan my mother. I'm doing the best I could to make things easy for him. Really need the break. Orang kata apa - dah sampai hidung dah ni. Tomorrow need to do my mother's laundry. Should be enough to last till next week.

Hubby is coming back tomorrow. He's taking a week off from work. Aliyah will be in good hands. Kalaulah Hubbs tak dapat balik, I sebenarnya…


Hubby was home over the weekend. For the past months, area KLIA dah jadi tempat melepak for Aliyah and I. On Fridays yang Hubby comes back, I will wait until he sends message to say that he has already boarded. Lepas tu baru both of us gerak. Sometimes Mitsui (lately dah tak pergi sebab macam bosan), selalunya KLIA2. Jalan-jalan window shopping (but more often than not, Aliyah will get something for herself!), then dinner. Bila Hubby dah touch down, baru gerak ke KLIA.

On Sunday, as usual, I dropped him off at departure hall at around 8.15pm and went straight home. His flight was at 9.45pm. I have started working on my laptop when he informed that his flight was delayed. At around 11.15pm he said the flight will be the next morning and they are all being sent to Marriot to stay for the night. I offered to fetch if he wanted to go home. 15 minutes later he asked whether I can fetch him. I quickly sent a message to the one person that I know should still be wide awake - my nephew Along …

Met An Old Friend

Yes, we met up today. I drove all the way to Giant Mall Kelana Jaya since Ina is around the area. The traffic was bad. There was a stalled trailer somewhere in KL and traffic seemed to have gone haywire at a lot of places. I had to exit Kajang toll and take the LDP instead of Kesas. 10 minutes late for our meeting.

I rushed to Secret Recipe but she was not there. Replied to her message and waited. Just minutes later, Ina came around the corner, looked at me cautiously and grinned. She looks exactly the same. Just like that last day of SPM exam 28 years ago when we said our goodbyes. I honestly was at the brink of tears when I saw her. We shook hands and the first thing she said was - pipi kau masih gebu lagi macam dulu! Hahaha... Tak jadi keluar air mata!

We had a lot of catching up to do. 28 years is a very, very long time. I told her we did talk on the phone about 2 years after she got married. She said that must be around 1997. Funny that we both actually have only one kid - a daug…

Old Friend

I'm so excited. And happy. A long lost friend has been found :).

It started with posting of photos on FB by some Sri Aman friends. This bunch of them went for a reunion. I really don't know which class that was even though I know more than half of them. But then, I was at SRK Kg Tunku before, and then Sri Aman. Obviously the students are that bunch of people! I lost track of who's with me at which class on what year.

It got me thinking of my days at the school and some old friends. I have been trying to get in touch with my jiran sebelah meja Ina Zulina for years. We sat together for 2 years ie Form 4 & 5. I couldn't trace her before. After some time I just gave up and the effort was forgotten. After looking at those photos of old classmates yesterday, I tried searching for her name. It took a while. Maybe she had her profile private. I finally found this FB account that has her name in one of the comments. Despite putting cats as her profile picture, I knew it was…

Aliyah and Her Braces

We went to the dentist this morning for Aliyah's monthly appointment. One of those rare days yang bila sampai tak ada orang. Waahhh... mana semua orang pegi?

I got called by the dentist. Selalunya Aliyah masuk sorang. Dalam kepala dok fikir - entah-entah braces dia patah kot? Rupanya gigi dia dah aligned perfectly. Alhamdulillah... next appointment the dentist will make mold for Aliyah's retainer. Lepas tu, she'll be off the braces.

It's supposed to be around 2 years. Tapi alhamdulillah it took her about 1.5 years only. So lepas ni kena pastikan dia pakai retainer selalu. And she can eat without worrying or being uncomfortable getting food stuck to her braces!

Oh, I didn't get to jog this morning. It drizzled :(.

Matters of Heart

There are things you take for granted. Like companionship. Having someone by your side. Sometimes you don't even need to talk. Knowing that you have someone is comforting enough. Only that you didn't know what you felt was comfort until you kind of lose it.

I remember years ago when my good friend Yatt asked my opinion about marriage. I told her that if she were to get married, it must be for the right reasons. And I asked her what her reason was. She said having someone in her life. It can be really lonely, she said. I said fair enough. But I guess I didn't really gave her a good piece of advice at that time. I remembered that I said, she doesn't need to be married to be happy. Because marriage doesn't guarantee happiness. I was having a rough time then. I am so glad she took the plunge and got married.

I'm the only married one in my Group Suka Hati. I envy them at first. They can go anywhere they want, anytime they want. But after some time, I realise that th…

Quiet Week

It's been a quiet week. Aliyah had her PT3 Ujian Mendengar BM and English Listening exam on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday (today), her PT3 Trials pulak. She looked exhausted. I was thinking of letting her stay at home last night to study on her own instead of going to her tuition class, but she insisted. I guess the exam bug has finally bitten her and she really has shown that she's taking her exams seriously.

I didn't even have to ask her to study. She's doing it on her own. Just asked how her exam was. That's it. I thought of my own days when I took my SRP and SPM. Everything was my own initiative. Of course the environment was different.

So, I was mostly home alone this week :(. I had loads of work anyway. After one 5-minute briefing session with my team leader on Tuesday at Bangsar South office, and spending the rest of the hour just talking nonsense on our old days at PPP/ITM, I have reports to do and system user manual right after. As long as I d…

Hopeless Romantic?

Ever since Hubbs not around ni, our home has become really quiet. Whenever Aliyah is at school or tuition, I usually spend my time upstairs in my room working, or just wasting time surfing, or sewing my felt stuff, or reading, or sleeping :). Nak buat laundry pun kena tunggu a few days sebab kain tak banyak. Unless I angkut one huge plastic bag of my mother's clothes twice a week lah.

Bila turun for lunch baru lah tengok TV. I've finished Alias a few weeks ago. Now I'm watching Ally Mcbeal. But you can't watch it more than 2 episodes in a row. Because Ally can really get to your nerves. So I watch Reign at the same time. The story about Mary, the Queen of Scotland. Nak kata epic, memang epic but very modern at the same time.

In between kalau tak rasa macam nak tengok series, I would watch movies. Sekarang tengah mood being a hopeless romantic. Bila dah jauh baru rasa miss ek? Let's see... I've watched The Lake House (love it dan sangatlah head over heels dengan…

Started Walking Again

Selepas demam selsema seminggu lebih, hari Jumaat start balik my walk/jog. Mostly walk sebab bila jog boleh rasa chest banyak phlegm. On Saturday, Hubbs join sekali. Dapat try tempat my nephew Ijjul selalu jog - at this retention pond yang siap ada track keliling pond tu. Kalau sorang-sorang memang I tak berani masuk sebab sangat sunyi. Lagipun tempat construction workers lalu.

So, last week 3 straight days of exercise. Yeay...
On Saturday - walked up the hill at Legundi. Then to the small park in front of Vista. Pusing one round, turun balik sampai retention pond satu round. Our walk at FRIM. Dekat 8km jugak!

One FRIM Morning

Our Group Suka Hati went for a short trekking at FRIM yesterday. Ude suggested to repeat Sg Lopo. Walaupun tempting it was Hubby's weekend to be home. Kalau naik Sg Lopo memang sehari suntuk baru balik rumah kot. Anyway, it was my first visit to FRIM. Nice. Aliyah pernah pergi school trip, Hubby pernah cycle kat dalam tu. I je la yang tak pernah sampai lagi.

Met Ies at Petronas near Uniten at 6.45am. Then off to pick up Jay in Puchong, then met up with Ude just outside of FRIM. Belum start apa lagi dah breakfast nasi lemak rendang kerang. Tu la sebab mengah. We hiked up the waterfall halfway before we had to go down. Ada staff FRIM kata sekarang dah tak boleh naik atas tu suka hati. Apparently starting from June they have new regulation. If nak hike up the waterfall kena engage guide. The package includes canopy walk. Harga? Dengar dari jauh macam mahal. Aik? Nak buat business jugak? So, adalah a few more people had to go back down. Tapi staff tu siap suggest, if nak hike boleh am…