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Kittens Tinggal Eecah

Our three little kittens now tinggal seekor je. Miki aka Jerry aka Tommy dah diadopt oleh Bob & Mas - our neighbour belakang rumah. Julie pulak dah diadopt oleh our "besan" - another neighbour. Now tinggal Eecah je and in just days nampak mcm dah sangat besar. She's not so friendly actually but now we can see she actually is cute. Dulu-dulu comot.
Eecah is just 2 months tapi punya la besar. Kalau tidur, memang tak sedar apa dah...

Aliyah's Birthday "Bash"

Our little family had this little birthday "bash" for Aliyah. We bought her a Game Boy - with some contribution from her Mak Long and Abang Ijam.
Blueberry cake for my little angel.
Sesi memotong cake...
Dinner - mee goreng Mommy (bukan Mamak).
Dengan Game Boy nya...

It's Aliyah's Birthday Today!

My little girl is 10 today! How time flies... Will be going out early to buy her present. She's a gadget girl - anything electronic is fine with her. Alhamdulillah things are getting better for us, even though still too early but at least we can celebrate her birthday. But the party has to be deferred until she finishes her exams.


This new project has started to gain its momentum. Yesterday we conducted a workshop to get requirement study. Hubby was the master facilitator. I know he can handle the group of Govt reps with his quirky jokes. And the feedback on the evaluation form - mostly I saw "very good" :). But it has been quite some time since I did a training - even though yesterday jadi facilitator utk one group je tapi penatnya... adooii...
Group 3 yg I handle ada rep yg sgt active with ideas & feedback. Would be good if can implement his ideas for the new portal. My only comment to him was - "If content ada Encik Zamri, memang boleh buat!!!".
The rest of the participants... My team led the whole workshop with Hubby at the helm and the rest of us handling 3 out of the 4 groups. Good start for us. Hopefully, by Dec when our contract ends, we have proven our value to the project and get our contract extended :)

My Mother

Had the privilege of taking care of my mother at the hospital for 2 nights last weekend. She will be discharged today.

I pray that she can walk again, even with aid. I pray she will be able to take care of herself, even just the basic needs. I pray she will be able to perform her solat again, even while sitting.
I pray for her health and her happiness.

Hubby's Entry to Four O

Hubby's turn to enter the Four O yesterday. But have not really celebrated. Morning I had to go to that favourite agency for a meeting. Brought along Aliyah because we are spending our weekend at my Kak Long's. Taking some time off from my neighbourhood. Lagipun Hubby busy with his bike rides...

We have bought him a present :)