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Baju Kurung Cotton for Kids

Calling all parents with kids under 12! Aunties and uncles are most welcomed too! I'm selling baju kurung jenis cotton decorated with beautiful beads and glittering labuci.

You can call this my experiment of doing business online. Actually macam ni. My second sister moved here from JB and looking for job she can do from home. I'm also sponsoring her daughter, my niece Iqah, sewing classes. So, I was thinking, why not jahit baju targeted just for kids. And since I hate dressing my daughter anything other than cotton, because she'll get allergy especially if the weather's hot and she starts sweating on her neck, why not focus on cotton per se? So, me, Linda and Iqah partnered. We borrowed money from Dextra (promise to pay back). We went to Nilai 1 & 3 to buy cotton cloth yang memang cute-cute and cantik-cantik for little girls. My sister jahit baju, Iqah jahit the beads and labuci.

And I must say the results are simply beautiful. Check them out at: http://kurung-cotton…

It's Time to Stop Watching Trash Malay Dramas

I'm going to be very blunt here. I don't really care about this person anymore and if anybody actually know her, then you'll know what kind of person she really is. Remember I was angry with someone. Let's call her "A". She's part of the family but has this attitude that doesn't belong to the family. If you have watched Malay drama yang tunjuk suri rumahtangga yang tak ada kerja lain pegi rumah orang mengumpat and bercerita pasal orang and tabur fitnah and putarbelit cerita, that's the attitude I'm referring to.

I have helped this person a lot. Sampai sanggup kasi pinjam kereta so that she can go back Raya even though kereta I tu dah nak jual. And as a result, we sold the car after Raya and didn't get a single sen. That is how far I was willing to help in the name love of a family member. Kasi pinjam duit? Check. Ajar anak dia for free? Check. Dengar cerita dia dan sokong dia sampai I jadi marah dengan mak sendiri? Check. Until I sedar late…

I'm Going for a Girl-girl Vacation

Last week Yatt emailed me - wanna go Bali with me? Apparently, pompuan tu resigned from her current company and will start work early June. So, she's taking some time off before she starts her new job. One fine day she browsed AirAsia and then booked ticket to Bali. Lepas tu baru cari kawan nak pegi. She booked for 11-15 May.

I need a vacation. That cardiologist I met a few weeks ago also said I should go for a vacation. It's short notice but then nak tunggu I plan for vacation - memang tak de nya la. So I asked hubby whether I can go. He said go ahead, he can take care of Aliyah, it's just 4 days. Jadiknya I pun booking la ticket...

So, Bali here we come. Just two of us (old) girls. It's gonna be fun! Years ago I went to Phuket with Aida and we had so much fun. Tapi tu masa zaman muda-muda. This time around laid back sikit. Actually Yatt wanted the mountains and rice fields, I pulak mesti kena ada beach. So we decided 1st half of the holiday to go Ubud and then the next…

Cita-cita Anak Saya

Two years ago
Me: Aliyah dah besar nanti nak jadi apa?
Aliyah: Nak jadi Barbie!
Me: Mana boleh jadi Barbie. Tu patung je.
Aliyah: Ok, nak jadi Mermaid!

Last year
Me: Aliyah dah besar nanti nak jadi apa?
Aliyah: Tak nak jadi apa-apa. Nak duduk rumah dengan Mommy je.
Me: Kenapa pulak? Tak nak jadi doctor ke, lawyer ke...
Aliyah: Aliyah nak duduk rumah jaga Mommy!
[Terharunya I...]

Aliyah: Abah, Mommy, Aliyah besar nanti nak jadi Guru.
Hubby: Ok, very good. Nak jadi guru apa?
Aliyah: Nak jadi Guru Besar!
Hubby: Err... kenapa nak jadi Guru Besar?
Aliyah: Aliyah tengok Guru Besar macam garang je. Nak jadi Guru Besar lah!
Me: Dulu kata nak jadi Barbie?
Aliyah: Barbie macam dah tak best.
Me: Pas tu kata nak duduk rumah jaga Mommy?
Aliyah: La, Mommy kan kerja. Macam mana Aliyah nak jaga Mommy. Macam ni, Mommy pegi kerja, Aliyah jadi Guru Besar, petang kita jumpa lah kat rumah!
Hubby & Me: Oh ok...

What I Learn from Movies - the Elevator

I'm starting a new label on "What You Learn from Movies". I'm sure you are like me - you watched something on a movie and picked something up from it like a lesson learned. Just that sometimes it's not really lesson but some crazy stuff you believe from the movie.

Anyway, I was on an elevator yesterday and suddenly noticed that I now have this habit of getting on an elevator and then standing behind the console (either side). It's the side that is not exposed when the doors open. Get what I mean?

Know what caused that? I watched "So Close" starring Shu Qi and Karen Mok some time ago and there's one scene when Shu Qi went on a rampant (aiyoo... so sexy with her flowing hair, white outfit and the Carpenters song on the background) where she stood in front of an elevator and when the door opens, she shot everybody in it.

Sejak tu la kalau I masuk lift, I menyorok belakang console tu so that kalau ada some maniac decided on a shooting rampant, selamat …

What a Week...

Never experienced that kind of week ever in my life...

Last week my stress level was at an all time high. I had this row with this person. I ni kan never ever marah orang. Serious. If I marah, simpan dalam hati je. Tapi one fine day last week ada sorang ni provoke I dengan perangai dan words yang I really couldn't accept. Result was - for the first time in my life I actually marah someone. Really marah gila lepas semua whatever I had in my mind. And obviously I felt bad afterwards. And also, the result of that row was that I placed Aliyah at her old kindy.

So, I felt bad for losing my temper. And that result in me severing my ties with that person. And that feels really bad. Then I stress pasal I kena letak anak I kat tempat lain, so I had to start all over again ie going off in the afternoon to make sure Aliyah gets on her new van safely, then wait at her old kindy to make sure she comes back safely and know where her clothes bag is, etc. And worrying whether she eats at her new pl…

Aliyah Now Stays at Her Old Kindy After School

Due to "unforeseen circumstance", Aliyah no longer goes back to my Mother's place after school. I spent the weekend last week reeking my brains on where to put Aliyah and finally I decided on the place where she's comfortable, where I know she'll be taken care of and safe, and where she can make more friends. Her old kindy!

I met up with Gunes the assistant principal and I was so impressed with the activities they have for the transit kids. Terus paid for April fees and Aliyah started going there on 1st April. And both of us parents have more peace of mind. Her daily activities: a bath right after being dropped by the school van, lunch, then depends - usually a nap where all kids need to rest, then the teacher will wake everybody up (Aliyah cerita the teacher will say "Wake up children!"), then tea time of kuih or bread, then the teacher will help with homework, then a mengaji Iqra' session with the ustazah, and finally art class. If whether is good,…