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Holidays? What Holidays?

End of the years is always called the holiday season, or the "holidays". Yea right, I've been working every day for the last 2 weeks including weekends and Christmas holiday. Last week I despised all those Christmas and New Year wishes. Tension gila.

And I am still working this weekend. Tomorrow is Hari Raya Aidiladha, the day after is New Year, but I have to work! This stupid content job!

So, here I am slaving away in front of this stupid notebook. There are some strange sounds coming out, it might be a matter of days before this machine got knocked out. I can imagine my mother at home now cooking nasi impit and rendang. Good thing my sister-in-law Azah is around. Tapi kesian diaorang. We won't be going back to Melaka. Hurray! Hubby works too. He's partially responsible for this mess I'm in. Tu la, dulu tak nak approve content, dok procrastinate. Kira banyak sangat la kerja lain nak buat. Penat I bebel tau. Dah la I ni bukan jenis bebel, so I really hate mysel…

Some Pictures of My New (Rented) House

Here are some pictures. I'm having vertigo so I'm writing in a daze. I seem to be sailing in a boat, in a very bad weather... Maybe my ears are giving problems again.
Sarah at the porch playing bunga api. Yes, she still has some leftovers from Raya. I have only a few plants from the old house, those are at the corner. See that brown stool? That was hand-made by my late grandfather. It was green but I've painted it brown. I took it with me to my apartment in Puchong, then back to my old place and now it's here. Punya lah tahan, bagus betul orang dulu-dulu punya skills. I love that little piece of furniture. Reminds me of him.
My living room. You are looking at a Monaza set of sofa. Don't play-play! Ever since my previous company gave out bonuses, I've never ever spent a single sen. I bought unit trust and save up here and there. To celebrate moving to this new place, I sold that unit trust yang tak berapa untung tu and bought some furniture - this sofa set, a dini…

Fed-up Lah Buat Content Nih!

I've been stuck with this content work for months. Mana taknya, kejap-kejap tukar direction, pas tu after a few weeks tukar balik. Dah elok-elok amend the affected articles, tukar direction again. Woi, bila nak habis? Macam ni towkey kedai emas pun boleh tutup! (Let's see, what's the connection between writing content and kedai emas...?). In few words - dah nak muntah tengok content ni lahhh....

This has been a challenging project. My team of writers - from doing full-time, sampai ada yang dah dapat kerja, ada yang dah tak nak buat, ada yang dah tak reti buat, ada yang tangkap muat, last-last akak jugak kena habiskan. Letih, letih. Kalau orang lain, dah give up kot.

Anyway, I'm submitting all by next week and get a sign off. Lepas tu, nak tukar direction pegi left, right, down suka hati korang lah. Buat lah sendiri ye. If you want me to do the changes, I will charge!

Eksyen tak I? Eksyen kan. Macam lah lepas ni ada project lain. Apa lah I nak buat come January? I'm no…

We Have Moved To The New House

What a weekend. Penat gila. After days of madness of wrestling furniture, boxes, bags and dust, we finally successfully moved to our new home. My whole body aches. My nose is stuffed with dust - I need to get medication. But it's all worth it. We finally live in a place we can call "home".

There are a lot more to be done. The water-heater is still at the old place. The phone lines have yet to be transferred. But the house is "liveable". Yang penting Astro dah transfer!

I hope Sarah will be healthier at the new place. A bigger place, better air.

For me, I finally have this peace of mind - no more stupid chickens ruining my chilli plants! I can do my gardening in peace. And I can save up on rat poisons. Yes, I am guilty of slowly and steadily murdering my neighbour's chickens! They mess up my plants, I mess up their intestines. Every time my precious plants get ruined, I will mix a nice portion of leftover rice with rat poison and put them around my pots. Next d…

Tension Betul Dengan Orang Yang Perah Tenaga Orang Lain

I'm in this really disappointed mood. Tension betul. Gaji tak masuk. Pas tu tak reti-reti nak inform. Aku ni dok la check bank balance. Just tell la kan. Apa yang susah sangat?

While I'm in this tension mood, nak ngomel sikit pasal the hot issue nowadays - Rufaqa. I'm no expert of course but my 2nd sister and her hubby are followers. I've always been neutral - suka hati kau lah kan nak follow but then lately things started to unfold that make me really angry.

Yesterday's newspaper kata apa - Rufaqa has like RM9mil plus of turnover? Banyak tu! Let me just give one small reason - pasal diaorang memang tak reti-reti nak bayar gaji orang. Everything is done on the basis of "contribution". Contribute energy to a corporation for free company mana yang tak kaya. But these people memang suka perah tenaga orang. I have 3 nieces who didn't finish school and are now baby-sitters at their nurseries. They only get place to live and food. Food pun tak tentu actually.…

Sarah's Concert & Reportcard Day

Lamaaaanya tak tulis entry. Very, very the busy. My project at the client's office has started to scare me. Bulan lepas macam tak ada kerja sangat, so la-la-la-la je lah. This month and December will be hectic rasa macam tak cukup masa nak siapkan.

Anyway, nak recall story about Sarah's concert on 18 November. In her message book, she's supposed to be in choir. So, that morning I woke up at 6.15am. I was so anxious, suspen. Padahal yang nak perform not me. Apa la... Dah siap iron her school uniform, kapur her school shoes, etc. By 8am Sarah was ready with her crisp uniform, ultra white shoes and socks and loads of make-up. Yes, we mothers are supposed to put on make-up on our kids.

I sent her to KUIS auditorium and then went back. Hubby came at 9.30am to pick me up (he's at this exhibition at Marriot) and off we went to watch our daughter's very first concert.

Sarah is a very shy child, so I expected her to act the same on stage. The auditorium was full maybe about 10…