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Song: Yang Terindah

I read somewhere this song is the OST for I'm Not Single. I have yet to watch the movie. And I read that it is also the OST for Adamaya, which I have also not watched. Kalau Nur Kasih pun aku tak tengok, inikan pulak cerita Melayu petang-petang yang lain kan (err... petang ke malam tah).

I actually saw a video clip of someone's wedding that uses this song on FB, and I immediately fell in love with it. So touching and beautiful. So romantic. And so honest. Even the voice sounds so honest. A woman would feel so appreciated and loved.

Yang Terindah - Dakmie

Semenjak kau hadir dalam hidupku
Tiada lagi keresahan
Kau mengetuk pintu hatiku
Tanpa sedar hingga ku izinkan

Kau yang bernama cinta
Kau yang memberi rasa
Kau yang ilhamkan bahagia
Hingga aku terasa indah

Maaf jikaku tidak sempurna
Tika bahagia mula menjelma
Bila keyakinan datang merasa
Kasih disalut dengan kejujuran

Mencintai dirimu
Merindui dirimu
Memiliki dirimu
Hingga akhir hayat bersama kamu

Kau yang bernama cinta
Kau yang memberi rasa
Kau ya…

One Rainy Day

It was raining heavily just now (well, it still is...). I was upstairs in my room when my furry guy came up. I have the windows open just a little bit for fresh cold air to come in, not big enough for him to go out onto the roof. A few minutes later my little girl came up.

The little duo... watching the rain through the window...

It's Finally Launched!

Alhamdulillah... The portal we developed is finally officially launched. Now that it's launched, barulah boleh cerita :)

We were in Kuantan for 2 days. On Wednesday night - the rehearsal. The event was supposed to be Jamuan Hari Raya + official launching. So, that night everything was rehearsed and tested. Things look good. Our client was in jubilant mood. Right after the rehearsal (which was just 1/2 hour), they went to the next room to join in the band rehearsal. Dengar cerita semuanya menyanyi...

On Thursday - the launch started at 5pm. The MB of Pahang and the rest of the BoD came down from their meeting and officiated the portal. No glitches. Everything was smooth. Our team in KL were on standby throughout the event.

I was still not well, but after the MB launched the portal, my fever simply went away :). Actually, this is the first time that my project is being officially launched, by the Menteri Besar some more! Previously, it was just standby for migration and testing. Even t…

Completed Project to Launch

We are heading up to Kuantan tomorrow. That completed project of ours will be launched on Thursday by the MB. Basically, we have completed everything. We even did the flash montage for the launch. Now, all we can do is pray that all goes well. I really hope this will lead to other opportunities there.

In many ways, this project is kind of deja vu. Brought me back to the "peak" days of my previous company. We use the CMS by our partner MDA - MXAE. Very reliable. Compared to the one used by my previous company for that huge Government project (which we also jumped in the bandwagon and used for our client that Road Safety agency), MXAE doesn't give me severe or fatal heartaches and headaches. Any heartaches or headaches were quickly relieved via a phone call or email. And the rest of the team - were the selected people whom I have worked with previously. So, it was quite smooth except for some glitches which I'd rather refer to as lessons learned. It was good experience.

My Birthday :)

It was my birthday yesterday. But I spent most of the day in bed. Demam. My FB was flooded with birthday wishes. That sure cheered me up. Thank you very much for all the wishes. I have not celebrated actually. Nanti lah.

Aliyah gave me a recipe book. There is this swiss roll recipe that looked delicious - must try one of these days.

Raya 2010

My little family celebrated this year's Raya in Bangi and then went back to Melaka on the 2nd day. Alhamdulillah my father was already OK on Hari Raya. He was driven around to pick up lemang the day before Raya (I caught him getting dressed and telling me he can drive already, was about to call Hubby to come over to drive him when my Kak Long's family came back, so they drove him instead). The guys drove him to the mosque for solat Raya too. But come noon, we suddenly realised my father's missing, along with his car. Apparently, he quietly drove to the mosque for Friday prayers without telling anybody. I guess he was so tired of sitting around and having other people do the chores he used to do.

Now, 1st Raya activities - the usual binging on food at home, then binging on food at the usual "wajib" houses - my Pak Ngah Roslan across the house for mouth-watering sambal sotong, and my Makcik Mariah for the simply irresistible rendang daging and for some gossips...


It's My Mother's Birthday

My mother turned 72 today. Alhamdulillah she is well and healthy (sakit biasa orang tua). I organised a little birthday celebration - a little cake and some food. Puas hati dapat cium and hug my mother on her birthday... Selamat Hari Jadi Mak!
My father baca doa selamat...
Potong cake dengan cucu kesayangan...
Acara buka hadiah... I got all the little cucu to buy gifts sebab duit raya banyak!
As usual ada entertainment - lagu Hari Raya :)

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin

Just would like to wish everybody Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin.

Insyaallah, my day will start very early this morning. My father is not well, so I'm taking over his usual duties - to go to the market to get santan, kerisik, chicken and other stuff.

Yesterday morning, I was still in bed when I got a call from my father. He said he's at An Nur Hospital with my brother Angah. I immediately asked - what's wrong with my mother. But then he said (cheerfully) that he's the one who's sick. I was confused. I mean, my father never falls sick.

I got to know later that he's been cutting grass for 3 days in a row. And that morning, he was taking a bath when he dropped the soap, tried to pick it up and sprained his waist. We went to see him after he came back from the hospital. He was better, could talk (animatedly telling everybody how painful his waist was, etc, while my mother watched and mouthed to me - he couldn't even talk early this morning...).

My father …

Kiki the Debab

Completely cured, very healthy and very debab. That's our Kiki now. And so very naughty. We no longer put him outside at our laundry area every night, we simply let the door open and he's free to sleep wherever he wants. More often than not, our bedroom. He would drag his teddy upstairs, play with it, and in the morning, I always find the teddy on our bed. Dunno when he actually put it there.
Look at that chest... and his huge arms... That bell strap around his neck - Manchester United you...
Favourite past time - gigit tangan orang.
He actually doesn't like his photo taken... Muka serious...

Aliyah Berpuasa

This year she's been very, very good. Mood bersahur pun not as foul as last year. Bangun pagi tak lah susah sangat. She only missed one day of puasa. Sebab sakit perut. But she has become so very skinny. Tapi makan banyak! Metabolism tinggi kot.
She's here at the office with me today sitting at her Abah's place. From the look of it, memang tak sekolah hari ni. The dustbin is flowing with papers she use to draw pictures.


I don't ask for much. I am a simple person. That's why I am disappointed. Because I don't ask for the mountains to be moved just for me. I just wish for a simple life.

Now, I am tired. So tired I don't know whether I can go on with this anymore.