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Go Nabil

Ok la, I ni memang dah tertinggal ketapi. I just found this brilliant guy and for the past 2 weeks, he's been entertaining me every morning before I start work. I just found that we actually have a brilliant entertainer by the name of Nabil.

I must confess I won't be caught dead watching Raja Lawak. Never, ever. One fine day I tengah switch channel and tertengok one segment of Raja Lawak that showed Nabil. I think that was the 9th episode. Oh my God, that was so funny and brilliant - the impromptu sketch where he need to sell slimming things.

So, I pun tengoklah his previous sketches kat YouTube. Akak suka, akak suka... He's the kind of person yang unpretentious. Tak payah susah-susah buat lawak bodoh pikir idea out of this world. He just tells stories about himself, his family, his work, etc. I've never seen any dispatch guy who's so proud of his work!

This guy can go far. I just hope he won't end up like Mawi.

One Exhaustive Day

Just had my bath after one long and exhaustive day.

I had 2 presentations today. Morning was in Sentul to this bunch of my ex-colleagues who have now become my client. That was a piece of cake. Eksyen sikit sebab it is my area of expertise anyway. So the presentation was effortless, albeit penat jugak la mengexplain and gather requirements. My ex-assistant didn't make it to the meeting. It would have been a longer and more heated discussions especially when I proposed changes as the terms used in that organization are not of international standards. I'll be meeting her on Friday, let's see what she'll say!

One good thing that I'm out of that company is that I have the opportunity to open my mind to more knowledge ie books, websites, forums, discussions, etc. I have time to learn, explore and share. So, boleh la jadi better consultant and trainer. Dulu there was always not enough time hence "otak tak berkembang".

Anyway, right after I rushed to PJ for another…

Kalau Sayang Anak, Strap-lah Mereka

Penatlah pikir pasal current situation. Letter of award I tak dapat lagi nih. That state has not formed its government yet... Let's talk about road safety for a change.

Kita semua sayang anak kita kan? Make sure makan minum cukup, education cukup, kasih sayang cukup... But a lot of parents apparently tak sayang anak actually. I'm sure you've seen motorcyclist yang pakai helmet semua cukup tapi kat belakang dia ada budak kecik umur dalam 3-4 tahun tak pakai helmet dok peluk pinggang bapak dia. Tu sayang anak ke tu? I've also seen many, many times mothers driving and next to her ada toddler berdiri, cermin kereta half-open and the toddler dok keluarkan tangan. When I drive next to the car, I can clearly see that the toddler was not strapped onto the seat belt. Sayang anak ke tu?

Gila apa that kind of parents? Tak pernah dengar cerita accident where babies and toddlers got flung out of the car and died? Imagine that particular motorcycle bergesel dengan kereta. If jatuh the…

Tak Undi? Then Diam

This morning I came to the office to the sounds of Linda and Caspian talking heatedly about the elections.

Linda: Bodoh lah sapa yang pilih PKR dengan PAS tu! Tak reti mengundi betul! Apasal la bodoh sangat?

Me: Kau mengundi tak?

Linda: Tak.

Me: Kalau tak mengundi, diam.

This is the voice of the rakyat. We have to accept. The rakyat wanted to "gegar" BN. Shake and wake them from their sleep. But the collective voice became too big. Even too big for their own good. The end result - something nobody expected. Not even the leaders expected it. Not even the voters expected it. Perhaps, at one point in time on 8 March 2008, every voter had the same thought in their heads. We have all exercised our rights, we need to live with it. Whatever the consequences are.

The stock market plunged. Uncertainty is everywhere. Business is most affected. We are still waiting.

Will Things Change?

I managed to catch up with my father this afternoon about the election results. My father is the person I call "Mr-Know-It-All". He's a walking history book and he can talk hours and hours about history, politics and most interestingly what he calls inside stories or what I actually call political gossips. It was good to listen to his views, the man who has seen so much. But it was also a pity to see him scrutinizing all the newspapers and listening tentatively to the news on TV while giving comments after comments. I wonder if he expected to experience this kind of phenomenon in his lifetime. Maybe not. It was a shock to him as much as to many other people.

OK, I'm actually feeling a little bit better. On the state level the BA has swiftly moved into action and started building their own Government. I had expected some tussle and tumbles and hair pulling on who should lead and stuff like that. So far so surprisingly good. Perhaps they actually are well-prepared. I ha…

"Political Tsunami"?

I switched off the TV at 12.30am last night. I had migraine and had to sleep. However, I knew I'll wake up to and breathe a different air this morning. "Political tsunami" is the word I've been hearing and reading all morning.

Personally, it's a mixed feeling. A few major states are now in the hands of the BA including Selangor. I have this heavy thingy in my chest. I feel scared. A safety blanket has been pulled off from my life. It's now a time of uncertainty. At the same time, a wave of change is crashing and perhaps, perhaps and I pray for it, that it will come as a blessing. Perhaps it will bring true change for the benefit of the rakyat. I pray for it. For the sake of my family and the future of the country.

Shahrizat lost. I love this woman. It's a huge lost to women's voice in this country. I hope whoever replaced her will have the same guts. Samy Vellu - about time. Former Menteri Penerangan - shouldn't have mocked the Internet community in…

Undi Dengan Bijaksana

It's been a very suam-suam kuku campaigning period compared to previous election. Perhaps because this time around I don't really give a damn.

The current Government - as usual lah. The opposition pun tak ada strategy baru. I mean, there are millions of other people out there who want things to change and looking for alternative. However, the alternative being presented are just no different. So who do you choose?

For people like me there are just these simple wishes:
- that my family to be taken care of where we as parents are free to work, live, protect and care for our young and elders
- that my child plus nephews and nieces to be able to live in a safe environment, pursue education and earn their own living
- that our rights as citizens of this country is respected and uphold especially women's rights (for me, my daughter, sisters, aunties, mother, nieces, etc) - (that includes eliminating the monkeys who like to make fun of women issues in parliament, thank God one of them…