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Aliyah and School

It's been almost 2 months now since Aliyah started school. She's coping well and I now have peace of mind. I send her to school in the mornings and she comes back to my parents' place by van. She doesn't stay at Kak Mah's place anymore. That stint lasted only 1 month. I think she missed going to my parents' place and playing with her cousins. So, bila pass by the house she would look longingly and I finally relented even though hubby and me would rather she stay at Kak Mah's place.

Aliyah doesn't go to sekolah agama yet. 3 times a week she'll have agama lessons with my niece Atiqah. Next year perhaps as I've found a neighbour who's quite happy to allow Aliyah's transit. Moreover, the Abim sekolah agama is just in front of her house.

I'm however quite worried with Aliyah social interactions. She's so shy. Sometimes I ask her about her friends - with whom she goes to the canteen with, etc and she would say she went alone. I just wish…

11 Januari

Hubby has been crazily playing this song and singing off-pitch to me in the car for these past days. Aliyah pun suka and sang along from the back seat. He said the song's for me. Tapi tak nak mengaku actually. Hehehe... he can be a little bit romantic at times. Even with the off-pitching and muka macam penuh perasaan and with this cute voice of a back-up singer who sits at the back.

11 Januari - Gigi
Sebelas Januari bertemu
Menjalani kisah cinta ini
Naluri berkata engkaulah milikku
Bahagia selalu dimiliki
Bertahun menjalani bersamamu
Kunyatakan bahwa engkaulah jiwakuAkulah penjagamu
Akulah pelindungmu
Akulah pendampingmu
Di setiap langkah-langkahmuPernahku menyakiti hatimu
Pernah kau melupakan janji ini
Semua karena kita ini manusiaAkulah penjagamu
Akulah pelindungmu
Akulah pendampingmu
Di setiap langkah-langkahmuKau bawa diriku
Kedalam hidupmu
Kau basuh diriku
Dengan rasa sayang
Senyummu juga sedihmu adalah hidupku
Kau sentuh cintaku dengan lembut
Dengan sejuta warna

Here and There and Assortment of Aliyah's Photos

Been busy the past few days. Just 2 weeks ago I was "jobless" that I spent the whole week watching "With Love" all 12 long episodes. That's the week I went gaga over Yutaka Takenouchi. Hmmm... handsome... I had a reason though, I mean for spending that time unproductively. I was under a lot of stress. Now that the stress period is over, it's back to work dengan penuh bersemangat. Walaupun hari tu kena aniaya, Allah buka pintu rezeki lain. Alhamdulillah. My training next week received 22 registrations. Break even 5 kali tu :) And a few more projects on the way. And orang yang aniaya I tu dah start datang balik dengan muka pokai nya... Nasib baik la dia ada partner yang baik macam I. Kalau ikut hati memang lah dah tak nak kawan dah... I'm babbling...

Anyway, I tadi cari photo of myself for this company registration, jumpa lah photos of Aliyah zaman dulu kala. Here's some assortments of her photos. So adorable...

3 years old belajar ambik wuduk

Finished Reading LOTR!

Finally! I finished reading the book last week. I started it last year end of July. Gosh. That was long. But I was determined. The English-speaking world is divided into 2 - those who have read Tolkien, and those who will read Tolkien. I was an English major, I had to read the book. Even if it's for my own personal satisfaction. If Zameen a friend of ours yang gila2 tu boleh baca banyak kali, takkan I tak boleh habiskan. I deserve a certificate for sheer perseverance and determination.

Review? Tak payah lah kan. The book is obviously better than the movie. But too draggy.

I'm now moving to The Rule of Four. Aziph recommended it long time ago. It is said to be inferior to The Da Vinci Code. Let's see...

Cikgu, Dulu Belajar Tak Child Psychology ?

The other evening I dropped by at my parents' place. I had a chat with my sister-in-law about her kids' schooling. Wana proudly showed me her homework, some colouring stuff she did while Wani, as usual, harassed her little sister. Azah then told me that she went to see Wani's school teacher that day. Apparently, the day before Wani came home and told she's got tonnes of homework to do ie workbook (can't remember what subject) from page 1 - 56.

Of course that's outright ridiculous, hence the reason for her seeing the teacher. Know what the teacher said? "Ha, Syazwani tu mesti tak dengar arahan saya. Saya kata mukasurat 1 sampai 3, lepas tu mukasurat 51 sampai 56. Bukan dari mukasurat 1 sampai 56!". The way Azah told the story, she was actually blaming Wani for not listening.

So I said to her, "No, Wani tak salah sebenarnya. Cikgu tu yang salah". I told Azah, kids at Wani's age ie Standard 2, still can't really grasp instructions well, e…