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Merdeka Ke Kita Ni?

What a week, what a month! I'm not talking about myself or my little buddle of joy, I'm talking about our TV stations. I mean putting Mawi & Ina in front of live camera and getting them to pour their hearts out was a bit too much. OK, I'm not a fan of Mawi. He's full of hype and Meastro is milking his sweat (and so-so voice) like nobody business. What aura? I fail to see him glowing any spark of interest. (My Kak Long will kill me for this remark!) And as for Ina - Ina who? What has become of our local entertainment industry? Anybody and everybody can now be a writer and singer as long as you are connected (or previously connected) to someone popular.

I heard the interview on radio, after about 2 minutes of corny love stories (oh, he's my first love and I can never forget him - what crap!) I switched stations. The best description of Ina's interview was like what Aimy's husband said: "Dia bukan saja memalukan diri sendiri tapi memalukan semua orang…

Sarah Doesn't Really Eat, But She's Healthy So What Do You Care

Ok, another posting bitching about my mother-in-law. And I'm not sorry. I need to let this out because I felt so guilty being angry at Sarah when in fact I was actually angry at someone else.

Sarah doesn't eat much. She is very skinny, but very tall for her age. Dr Wong says Ok, so we are not really worried. Anyway, this incident happened last June after my sister-in-law's wedding. It was the day after the wedding and I was having breakfast in the kitchen with the rest of the clan. A lot of people were there - I was having this motherly conversation with Nor about food, nutrition and stuff. Angah and our new addition to the family were there too, with Kili, Siti and the rest including my mother-in-law. I remember hubby was not there.

It was a good conversation with Nor and at the end of our talk, I remarked about Sarah and said something like "Sarah tu dah la kurus kering!". It was a joke between us and suddenly out of the blue my mother-in-law made a nasty remark…

What's Wrong With Having Only One Child?

I really don't understand people. Right after you get married, people will ask you when you'll be having a baby. Try delaying having a baby and people start talking. Then, when you finally have a baby, they will ask when the next one's coming. Try delaying having the next one and they talk nasty. 3 years later, if you still don't have the second one, they will start to give you these nasty looks - as if you are doing something wrong. 4 years down the road and no baby in sight, they will still talk nasty and give you a pity look - as if you fail as a woman. I really don't get it - What is bloody wrong with having only one child?

Some people want lots of kids, some people want only 2, and it really amazed me that those are acceptable by the society. But having only one kid is like out of the norm. Worst - it's like a sin! It really makes me angry that people can't accept other people's choices. I have my mother-in-law saying nasty things behind me about us…

Separation Anxiety

We stopped sleeping on a proper bed when Sarah was about 6 months old. One night she almost fell off the bed and since then we sleep on just the mattress. About 2 years ago we bought a single bed mattress and put it beside our queen-size mattress. That's a huge sleeping space for the 3 of us. While the smaller mattress is supposed to be for Sarah, she always ends up sleeping with me. No matter how big the space is, eventually she would seek me out and huddle next to me. Hubby will either sleep on the smaller mattress, or more often than not, on the comforter in front of the TV. Hmm... not a good sleeping arrangement for a married couple.

However, I just love sleeping with Sarah. She smells so good, she sleeps like an angel. I often spend my insomniac time watching her sleeping, listening to her breathing, sometimes catching her little laugh or smile while she's dreaming. At times when she abruptly wakes up, I will always be beside her to comfort her. We are always hugging each …

Raschit's Wedding

Finally, a colleague and good friend of mine Raschit got married. The reception was last Friday night at the Grand Bluewave Hotel, Shah Alam. So, who is this Raschit guy? A very colourful person I must say. I've worked with him for years and over the time, I've come to know this wonderful man quite well. He's from Myanmar, dark skinned, a bit short, a bit plump, a true gentleman, a devout Muslim, an excellent project manager, a good friend, well-liked and quite funny. It's amazing that for a foreigner, he blended very well with our culture and one would almost always forget that he's not a Malaysian.

And talk about differences in culture, Raschit's beautiful bride has Malay-Irish blood. And being graduates of UIA, the result was a truly colourful and international wedding reception. As I walked into the room, there are people of various nationalities, skin colour and religion. I could hear multiple-languages being spoken. We were greeted by his friends I believe…

Down to Pennies

Life really is a cycle. One time you are up, and the next thing you know you are crushed. I started working in 1995. Let's forget the nightmare of being a teacher - my first "real" job was as a sub-editor with Computimes. I was paid around RM1K+. It was good pay for me especially after finishing university and having no debt or mortgage. Life was really good then with nothing serious to think about. It was only work and work and more work. After work will be eat outs or movies. That's about it.

After that the credit cards started to come, and then car loan, plus other stuff like life insurance. My second job paid me quite well (at that particular time). End of the month there will still be enough for little things like a new blouse or pair of shoes. Then disaster striked. The economic downfall. My RM2K++ was reduced to only RM250 for about 6 months. After that was unemployment for about a couple of months. Imagine surviving on only that. Life was tough then. Then thin…