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We Are Finally Back From Berkampung in KL

We just finished a 4-day workshop in KL. That means 4 days of driving to KL through the traffic madness. But God bless the Smart Tunnel, a 3km shortcut through Jalan Tun Razak. So, instead of the usual 1.5 hours I normally take from Bangi to Jln Ampang, it's now only about 45 minutes, or at most 1 hour at bad hours.

At least it's a relief, although I'm always amazed on how our roads are being planned and constructed. Seriously amazed. For those who have tried the Smart Tunnel would know that if you are coming back from KL towards Seremban, there are 4 lanes passing through the toll plaza. You will then have a brief 2-3 seconds of glory looking at your left side of the road - at the other non-users of Smart Tunnel snailing bumper to bumper. Boleh lah eksyen kejap. Amazingly, right after the toll plaza, the 4 lanes miraculously converged into 1 lane. Then you will feel like a fool having to fight your way into that 1 lane. Pandai sungguh orang yang design jalanraya kat Malays…

Aliyah Has A Crush

I thought having a loose tooth was a major milestone for Aliyah. When she called saying her front tooth was loose a few weeks ago, I had tears in my eyes. Anak aku dah besar weh... Gigi susu dah nak tanggal.

Anyway, last night I was helping her with her homework, and found a scribble on the last page of her working book - I Love Robin. Whattt? I've always known she loves Teen Titans and once even remarked, "Robin tu handsome lah Mommy". But what's this? A crush? I thought you start to have a crush when you are in your teens? Aliyah's not even 6! That loose front tooth has not even fall off! I didn't know how to react. But first things first - "Rub those off! You are not supposed to write such things on your school books!".

Another major milestone. Anak aku dah besar...
This is Robin. Ok la, handsome lah juga.

Shut Up If You Don't Have Brains To Talk

Adalah 2 orang YB ni kan. Orang lain bercakap hot-hot, dia pun nak masuk campur hot-hot. Orang lain cakap ada points, dia cakap tak da points. Tapi nak jugak bercakap. Orang lain bertekak dengan orang lain, dia bangun nak bertekak juga. Bila dah terlepas cakap, tak mengaku pulak. Lepas tu tak nak mintak maaf. Dia tak tau ke kat YouTube tu berpuluh ribu hits orang bukak video dia kat Parlimen. Berpuluh ribu orang dah tengok macam mana bodohnya aksi-aksi dia masa "berdebat" tu. Nak kata berdebat, bukan berdebat pun. Enter frame je.

I kan nak propose jangan lah panggil diaorg berdua ni Yang Berhormat lagi, tapi panggil lah Yang Bangang. Pasal orang bangang saja yang cakap tak pikir. Dan orang bangang saja yang saja nak over-expose diri sendiri dan akhirnya dia kena balik. Bukan gitu?

Dengar kata kat radio hari ni, YB berdua ni dah minta maaf pada semua kaum wanita. Tapi I tak sure diaorang minta maaf tu terpaksa atau pun sincere. Kalau sincere, bagus lah. Kurang sikit degree keba…

My Mom - One Close Call?

I told you I was not being so very nice to my mom lately. God taught one huge lesson. And I thank God for the reminder.

I came back to my mom's place to fetch Aliyah around 6pm on Tuesday. We had a seminar in KL and hubby attended too, so we came back together. I was having a throbbing headache. Must be due to heavy coffee consumption and lack of food. I didn't eat much at the hotel. After numerous sessions there, the food there seem tasteless. When I reached my mom's, I was told by Azah that that she fell. Then after talking to her, I offered to take her to Dr Marisa's clinic. It was then almost 6.30pm. She asked us to help her up and wanted to go straight away. I wanted to go home first, take a bath, get rid of the headache and come back for her after Maghrib but she insisted. My father started to get angry, asking her to be patient. But then, I knew my mom well. If I don't take her then, she will merajuk and things will get more difficult.

Then after another round…

My Story: My Cat Bobok

I just watched Grey's Anatomy re-run of the season 2 final episode. My heart was touched by the scene where Meredith and Derek had to put their dog, Doc, to sleep. I experience exactly that some years ago, it was not as beautiful as that scene obviously with McDreamy giving those dreamy looks to Mer who look ever so gorgeous... About 6 years ago I lost my beloved cat to kidney failure.

His name was Bobok. It was supposed to be Dobok meaning fat but along the way my parents slipped the "D" to "B". He was just a few weeks old when I got him from my sister and right after I became the cat's Mommy. I took care of him, fed him, toilet train him, and he even slept with me. He was such an entertaining company and we loved him dearly. He became my father's best friend. They went to our kebun durian together. You can imagine how cute they looked - my father cycling to the kebun with the cat trotting behind. My father would look for durians and Bobok would go chas…

Happy Mothers Day

My warmest wish to all mothers out there - Happy Mothers Day. I've not been very nice to my mother lately, I'm ashamed of it. Today I fetched Aliyah from school and spent the day working from home. My mother was so worried why I fetched her. She thought Aliyah merajuk. I said I just feel like fetching her and staying home instead of going to office. She then asked Azah to call me to ask again and still she's not satisfied. My mother can be so irritating at times.

I've been avoiding her lately. I'll come over to her place, sit and read the newspaper and then take Aliyah home. I just don't feel like talking to her. I know it's not a nice thing to do. But I'd rather hold my tongue than say something that might hurt her which I will regret later. Lately she's been difficult but she stopped short of complaining to me because she knows where I stand. But she's conveying it clearly through her face. And I'm ignoring it.

Anyway, I saw Noel a couple of…

One Can Do Anything When One's Desperate

Ok, the title is not what it seems. I'm just trying to illustrate how one can do almost anything imaginable or even unimaginable when one's in a really tight spot.

I'm gonna tell you a secret. I hate cockroaches. Actually I don't hate them, I'm scared of them. Especially the flying ones. Those are simply nasty. They are big, they fly with no direction and most of the time towards you. It's phobia and I really hate it when people make fun of me when they know I'm afraid of the little pests. Because it's no joke. Once I was at my mother's place having just came home from the hospital after giving birth to Aliyah when a huge cockroach flew right to me. I saw it from a far but I couldn't move much and even after moving it was coming directly at me (why oh why they always do that?). At the last moment I just jumped and ran. And because of that my tummy hurt. Nasib baik tak bentan.

Good thing hubby is so very understanding. I will call out if I saw one …