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The McDreamy Smile

Dulu-dulu crazy about Grey's Anatomy. Siap download all the episodes sampai penuh my external hard drive. Patutnya buat backup working files. At one point had to make one hard decision, so I deleted all the episodes. Mana lagi penting kan? Of course lah working files.

Anyway, watched one episode last weekend. I actually dah tak follow sangat now. But that episode made me remember one of the reasons why I was so crazy about the show. It's McDreamy's smile. Not any other ordinary smile, you see. It's the kind of smile that he gives as a husband to his wife.

That episode, he just woke up from sleep in the morning to go to work while his wife just came home to catch on her sleep. He got up, closed the window shutters (so that Mer can sleep in the dark - sighh... small sayang gestures), turned back to look at Mer (who had fallen asleep) and smiled. The kind of loving smile that a husband gives no matter how crazy, eccentric, irritating, clumsy, or nonsensical a wife is. The k…

Good Storytelling

We were invited to present at a knowledge sharing session yesterday. Topic - KM. Venue - the agency managing the city opposite where Hubby used to work. I didn't present - Hubby and Hajar did. My point? I thought that was one of our best presentations.

I have always tried to do things differently from other people. And I have always stressed to my team that our strength is our experience and expertise. We can never win against any established companies if we follow their approach - listing out past high-profile projects, showing impressive demos, etc. Technology is always secondary. What's important is how the technology is used.

Thus the importance of good storytelling - of how technology is used for the betterment of things, showing examples and ideas, opening people's minds of how things should be implemented - instead of being awed by superficial demo presentation.

The feedback from the organiser - the information flow was very good, they understood and gained a lot from …

Mommy Koi Died

Our biggest koi named "Mommy" died last Sunday. I found it at the bottom of the pond. While I can't say I have feelings for pet fish, it was quite sad to see it lifeless. It was one of the earliest 3 that we bought for the pond and became the biggest of all. Farewell. It has been therapeutic watching it swim in the pond.
Farewell "Mommy" koi. That's Mimi busybodying herself.

Harry Potter - The End

Yes, watched it. Awesome. Fabulous. Everything I imagined it would be and even more. My heart still feels heavy. Unlike Part 1, the 2nd part's journey from start till the final battle was fast-paced and amazing. It's so wonderful the watch the book comes to life. My personal thought - the last 2 movies tried to follow the book quite closely compared to the other movies.

My favourite? When McGonagall casted the spell to get the statues to protect the castle. And when the Order together casted spells and created the protective dome. I think that moment showed the true spirit of belonging and I was so sure everyone watching felt like they too are casting spells to protect "our" beloved school.

I, however, found the part when Harry delved into Snape's memory - when Dumbledore repeated twice why Harry must die a bit too much. Yes, I read the book twice to really understand why he must die and who took whose wand and which wand is loyal to which person and when one wand …

Tomorrow - Harry Potter

Yeay, it'll be Harry Potter day tomorrow. Morning show. Dah siap beli tiket dah nih. Buku pun dah baca one more round. The last movie tengah tengok again with Aliyah. All in preparation for tomorrow. Why tomorrow? Sebab tiket seat OK ada esok je. Hari-hari lain semua seat duduk mendongak. Adoi... And I'm not going to wait for next week.

You might ask - Friday morning show? Yes, and Aliyah will cut school. Bad, bad parents! So what lah kan. Surely there's something good Aliyah will learn from the movie :).

Kind of sad that it really has ended.

Aliyah Sports Day

This year we had a good reason to go to Aliyah's school sports day. She participated in her PBSM perbarisan. She looked so cute in her uniform :)

Food for Thoughts

I read this FB posting by my senior from school. And it really struck me - of how, at times, when the challenge becomes so hard to bear, there is a tendency to feel this way. It's a reminder of the need to persevere, to be strong, and most importantly, after working hard, to pray to Allah swt. At times, yes, I do feel really frustrated, but then, challenges are also blessings. So, I am counting my blessings...

Ada dua orang nelayan. Seorang penyembah berhala, seorang lagi muslim yang taat kepada Allah. Ketika menebar jala, nelayan yang menyembah berhala menyebut nama berhalanya, manakala nelayan muslim itu membaca bismillah. Bila tiba masa jala diangkat, nelayan penyembah berhala mendapat banyak ikan, sedangkan nelayan muslim tadi, tidak memperolehi seekorpun.

Malaikat yang melihat keadaan itu bertanya kepada Allah :
" Ya Allah, apakah yang telah berlaku? HambaMu yang menyekutukanMu, Kau berikan dia rezeki yang banyak, sedangkan hambamu yang menyebut namaMu,…

Baju Kurung Cotton - Kids

Since last month our baju kurung cotton for kids have started to get popular again. We have yet to restock for Hari Raya. So, all the baju kurung are now at 50% discount.

Check them out here at our FB page: Baju Kurung Cotton for Kids.

Report Card Day

It's report card day today. Aliyah got no 13 in her class of 46. Still OK I suppose. And her average marks is still higher than the school's overall average marks for Standard 4. I guess it's the transition year for kids from Tahap 1 going to Tahap 2. So, Aliyah is not the only one struggling with her exam papers - having to answer complicated subjective science questions.

For the first time we didn't go see her class teacher. Malas nak beratur. And we believe Aliyah is OK. And I personally believe that we will get the same remarks from her class teacher - everything OK. I don't think class teachers are so concerned with the "in-between" kids. Unless the child is very naughty, very bright, very talkative or other variations of "very", the rest of the kids are "OK". Why bother.