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Wedding of Ejat & Ekin

Finally the day came! The night before penuh la rumah I dengan family my Kak Long. Rumah dah la jarang berkemas especially ever since we opened the shop. Early in the morning, breakfast at Angah's house. Semua orang siap-siap except Hubby and I yang datang pakai jeans and T Shirt je. Maklumlah, akan bertugas di clubhouse. After wishing Ejat good luck, off they went to Masjid Sg Ramal, while Hubby and I got ready to go to the clubhouse.

At first, both of us thought our task will be a difficult one. This was based on my previous experience with weddings of Nizam and my BILs and SILs. There were always a lot of things to oversee and do. With that expectation, we went "full force" to the clubhouse. However, it turned out that we actually have the easiest task of all. Because - Angah engaged the most professional caterer I have ever encountered. When we reached there, the place was buzzing with activities. The staff were working at their stations with the speed of lightning (…

Pre-Wedding - Ejat & Ekin

The past 3-4 days have been very hectic - the wedding preparations and the shop. I try to help out with the wedding as much as I could. On Friday the final preparations climaxed. The night before, my SIL Kak Ros sent a message saying the choc moist for gift packs have arrived. That morning, I "deposited" Aliyah at her Pak Ngah's house to help out while both of us went to the shop. At around 4pm, I went over to help. The chore was simple but tedious. Then we stopped at 6.30pm and came back at 10pm (after close shop) to continue until 12.30am. Penat weh... Sambil-sambil tengok MLM 2013 ramai-ramai.

The next morning I called my Kak Long asking her to come back earlier to help out and bring along my other sister and her kids. Less than half and hour later, Kak Ros called my Kak Long in panic. Apparently, some people (ehem, the other side...) promised to come and help but didn't show up. So, my Kak Long assured her they will come in a jiffy. (There goes our initial plan t…

I Am Very, Very Grateful...

Sometimes life can be so harsh that one can forget the little good things in life. Mode #feelingloved #feelingappreciated. Two small things made my day yesterday. 
1) My brother Angah finally visited our shop yesterday. He stayed for 30mins and we talked. He asked where everybody was (my little family that is) and I told him that the 3 of us are at separate places at the moment. Hubby is in Kuantan, Aliyah is at her Mak Long's place. "How did you come to the shop?," he asked. I told him I rode on my bike. Anyway, it rained late afternoon and stopped just before Maghrib. So, around 8.15pm when I was sure that there might not be any customers coming in, I went back. Just as I reached home (oh, last night I clocked 20mins!), I got a call from my SIL Kak Ros, asking me where I was. She said Angah was worried as I didn't call any of them for a ride home as it was raining. 
It feels so good to be remembered, fussed over, worried over...
2) I have started to invite friends …

Mysa Bike Hub Is Open For Business

Alhamdulillah, our shop "Mysa Bike Hub" is officially open for business. While we were holidaying, Linda manned the shop. Now, as Hubby is in Kuantan till tomorrow, so I'm manning the shop. Semalam balik rumah lepas Maghrib dengan basikal. Tu lah kan, rasa-rasa macam fit, tapi bila dah ride memang tak fit. Ok la jugak 22mins to reach home. Good exercise. This morning took another route via Bangi Lama - 21mins. Almost same distance. Sampai kedai kemas-kemas sikit, etc terus mandi. Now keeping a set of toiletries at the shop.

FB page pun dah buat: Sila-sila lah Like ya.

Sambil-sambil buat that other Mysa project, tengah plan activities for the shop. One thing for sure, nak kena organise "Kayuhan Bukak Kedai". Insyaallah on 12th Jan.

Awana Genting Short Trip

We just came back from a short 3-day stay at Awana Genting. Very refreshing and very relaxing. It's been such a long time since we last went to Awana, or Genting for that matter. The last time was when Aliyah was not even in kindy. Dulu-dulu pergi sebab selalu kena attend Strategic Planning with my old company, and I brought Hubby and Aliyah as well. Aliyah was so fond of the place that we would go there for holidays a couple of times.

On Saturday, there was a problem with the air-cond compressor that Suan, the contractor, had to come back on Monday to finish up. Both of us were really irritated. I think we had enough of dust in the shop. After giving explicit instructions to Linda on Sunday, we went for the holiday, praying for the best. I hope when we come back, things will be in order.

What did we do there? Catching up on sleep! Yes, that what we do mostly. We have not had good night's sleep for the past weeks. And the weather and temperature was really conducive for that a…

Meeting & Shopping for Stuff for Wedding

Yesterday we had a small meeting to discuss the wedding at Angah's place. Actually there's not much to do. It's going to be a simple wedding. Pagi akad nikah kat masjid, lepas tu reception. Kerja pun dah dibahagi-bahagi. Hubby and I were given the task to monitor the caterer at the reception venue. So, while the others go to akad nikah (me gonna miss the akad) in the morning, both of us will be at the other side making sure things at the dewan are OK. Insyaallah...

Lepas tu went to Nilai 3 with my 2 sisters - survey gift boxes for my SIL Kak Ros and to buy the goodie bags for anak yatim and tahfiz being invited to the wedding. There will be around 100 of them. Now tinggal nak beli barang-barang yang nak diisi dalam goodie bags ie chocolates and stuff. Sempat jugak membeli kain untuk buat baju kurung for the event. Kain murah-murah je.
Meeting. Discussionnya 10 minit je. Lagi 1 jam tu borak-borak, kutuk-kutuk, ketawa-ketawa, makan-makan... The goodie bags and container for …

Shop Renovation 10

In a few days' time, there will be no more "shop renovation". Insyaallah, it will start operating this week. The only pending installation are air-cond (Suan promised to come tomorrow) and Unifi (also tomorrow). Sunday night, the first batch of stock came in. Now, as I write this, I believe our partner Archot is waiting for the 2nd batch at the shop. So, tomorrow I will start working on the inventory and other related matters while Hubby will work on moving his stuff and the bicycles he's currently servicing to the shop. We have 4 bikes at home now. The furniture from our current office - will see... perhaps on Wednesday night. We are not bringing much - just 2 chairs, the sofa, file cabinet and a few pedestals. We are still maintaining the office after all.

Anyway, I plan to just open the shop, regardless whether the stocks have been arranged or not.
 Three bikes already in. A few others are still in boxes. Hubby will need to assemble them. That black 29ner looks ve…

Shop Renovation 09

Alhamdulillah, alarm system installed albeit got some wiring issues which will be ironed out tomorrow. Netting frame pun Hubby dah install dengan penuh kepayahan tapi looks very sturdy and neat. Insyaallah Sunday stock akan masuk. Not much for a start but we need to start somewhere.
 Magic - patut kena screw 8 tempat, tapi ada 7 sahaja. Hehehe... Janji kuat. Banner dah siap. Tinggal gantung je sementara tunggu licence application approved.

Alhamdulillah... Finally After Almost 3 Years!

Remember my story that we got awarded with a grant to develop an iBook? The one that we submitted the proposal about 3 years ago? The one we had to revise from being a web-based game to an iBook because after 1 year, we only got a respond and by then the game was already not-so-brilliant anymore? The one that we presented and pitched last year in April? And the one that we got letter informing we got the grant after the elections this year? Yup, we finally got the first cheque last Friday. Crazy! Three years! But I am not complaining lah. Alhamdulillah...

Allah knows best kan... Amru, our partner doing the animation and video, has come back from his Hajj. So, timing is just right. Suddenly rasa macam banyak sangat benda nak buat. Memang banyak pun! In between working on the shop, now I have to start executing all the plans for the iBook. And funny that both projects going on concurrently are called "mysa".

I came up with the name "mysa" for the children's web-b…

Another Wedding!

We were supposed to go to Jengka 19 last Saturday for the second leg of my SIL Mija's wedding. Everything already prepared. Discussions were mostly conducted via WhatsApp - what time to meet up, where, etc with the rest of the clan. However, on Friday, Hubby got a bad food poisoning + gastric + fever. Saturday morning he was still not well. So, we had to cancel our plans - we didn't go. We "followed" the journey via WhatsApp. Alhamdulillah, everybody selamat pergi dan selamat kembali.

On Saturday afternoon Hubby was slightly better. Since the original plan was to stop by my Kak Long's place after the journey to go scout for some stuff, Hubby told us to go there instead. I cooked beef porridge (cincang halus-halus senang "hadam") for him to make sure he always have food (put in rice cooker on warm). Then, Aliyah and I went over to KJ.

Last week, my Angah called saying our nephew Ejat's wedding planned for 2 Feb next year is being brought to 29 Dec. A…

Shop Renovation 08

Now that the epoxy paint has dried completely, today we paid for the display cabinets and got them placed in the shop. Then, went to Nilai 3 to buy netting frames. Air-cond still not installed. Our trusted contractor's store got broken into last week. Lots of his stuff got stolen. We just have to wait for a few more days until he's ready to come over. Hubby is really concerned about the back door which doesn't look too safe. We plan to get alarm to be installed and if budget permits, perhaps a small grill for the back door. You know, the ones which Chinese shops like to install. Those don't look so nice but they sure are sturdy. The contractor for our display cabinets said - "mahal sikit la, tapi malam-malam saya boleh tidur!". 
We are actually good to start. Insyaallah tomorrow we'll start cleaning up.  The contractors setting up the display cabinets.