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It's Our 9th Anniversary Today

It's been 9 years? Actually, lagi lama because I've known Hubby 9 years before we got married. So, 9+9= 18 years. Lama gila... He was my first boyfriend, hehehe... I came from a girls school and stayed at hostel throughout my secondary school years, so memang tak de nye nak ada boyfriend. After school, I had problems being friends with the opposite sex. Good thing I took TESL where 80% of my coursemates were females.

My Hubby was the first guy I could talk to. We were first strangers, later became classmates (I hated him because he liked to borrow my things), then we became friends (dia selalu ikut we girls pegi lunch), and then we became good friends (after the episode during our camping trip where we almost lost 2 of our friends). Later he became one of my best friends.

Then I had to make a choice. I was "supposed" to so-called date this guy but I had to choose between him and Hubby. The choice I had to make - this guy who's tall, dark, quite good-looking, the cl…

My Little Present

After almost 9 years of marriage, actually dah tak ada idea nak bagi Hubby apa as anniversary gift anymore. Macam semua dah ada, or do not need replacement. Last birthday I have him a wallet and belt. I always ask him to choose his presents, because then I know I'm buying him the stuff he really needs. This time around, he said no need to buy presents. He said us going for the short holiday tu kira present to each other :) But I am a present person. I must buy something, even if budget kecik.

So, today I bought Hubby two Pierre Cardin boxer shorts. Hehehee... A man can never have enough of boxer shorts, right?

Say Little Thanks

Have you ever feel this way? Kelam kabut siap in the morning to go to work, nak siapkan anak lagi, kepala pun berserabut, and by the time you are almost out of the door, suddenly you remembered that you promised to make your child a cup of Vico (yang baru dibeli semalam, yang malam sebelum tu anak you mintak tapi sebab dah bedtime you pun malas nak buat and promised her you will make her a cup first thing in the morning). So you rush to the kitchen, belasah je bancuh and bagi dia minum... And then she said to you: "Hmmm... sedapnya air Mommy buat. Thank you Mommy."

That is my daughter. So appreciative. Full of thanks. And she is not shy to compliment. Especially if I make her favourites. Kalau dia makan spaghetti I masak, she would say, "Mommy masak ni sedaaappp sangat, sangat... Thank you Mommy.". Even buatkan dia ice cream Ribena yang simple tu pun she will show her thumbs up. Hilang terus penat I.

Once my second sister commented the day Aliyah stayed with her, Al…

Aliyah Tak Sekolah

Aliyah tak sekolah dah 2 hari. Mata dia kena ketumbit. Sakit dia kata, sampai mengalir air mata. Kesian pulak. Ingatkan this year azam baru boleh lah sekolah full attendance at least for January. Tapi mata sakit pun dok mengadap TV all day long. Boleh pulak... So, I've been working from home since yesterday. Masa ni lah really appreciate that I work for myself. That I can be home with her without having to apply for leave. Aliyah said last night Cikgu kata kalau demam tak payah sekolah. I said, memanglah kalau demam tak boleh sekolah. Then she said, ada kawan demam pun pegi sekolah sebab Mak & Ayah dia suruh. Ada ke parents macam tu?

Anyway, these are the times when as a mother I wish she doesn't have to endure the pain. Kalau boleh transfer lah sakit tu kat kita, biar anak kita ni sihat. But Alhamdulillah Aliyah has been quite healthy these few months.
This was the last time she got sick many, many moons ago. Dia tak suka letak cool fever, she prefers the traditional way - …

Ni kan Blog I...

Hari ni ada orang kata blog I ni buat menambah dosa. Ish, ish... kecik hati I. Bertahun-tahun I tulis blog ni selama ni ok je. I tulis pasal Palestine pun ada orang terasa pula. I rasa I tak pun letak nama sapa-sapa kat sini? Eh, ada ke? Tak da kan.

So, kalau tak puas hati, take your grudge elsewhere. Hantar lah hate mail pada orang yang sepatutnya. Dan tak payahla defend diri sendiri atau kawan kat sini dan nak salahkan orang lain juga. This is not the place. I tulis ni sangat lah berlapik ok. Nanti I elok-elok being very nice, terus jadi tak nice baru tau. I kalau jadi tak nice... fikir-fikir lah sendiri kan. Nanti tak pasal-pasal someone jadi famous satu Malaya pula. I ni ikut mood. Selalunya nice. Tapi ada juga sekali dua jadi tak berapa nice.

So, to that someone atau kawannya (I tak sure same person ke atau dia ajak kawan dia sekali), tak payah lah visit blog I ni lagi. Kalau curious, boleh, bacalah. Mana lah tau, nak tau sangat perkembangan semasa tentang I, husband I dan anak I. …

Hormatilah Hak Orang Lain

Hospital pun dibedil... It's so sickening. Just now my nephew said he read somewhere Palestine is no longer in 2009 world map. Not sure how true that is...

We were having dinner at home a few days ago while watching news on TV. Aliyah, as usual, doesn't finish up her food. So, I nagged her saying how lucky she is that we are living in a peaceful country. Some people are at war now and I pointed at the TV. I said, "Tadi Mommy baca ada ibu yang tak dapat bagi anak dia makan, so anak dia lapar sangat. Ada abang yang rumah dia kena bom, mata dia buta. Kesian tau." So, she asked us why those country are at war, what happen to the people, what happen to the children, and lots of other questions coming from such a curious mind. I can see she started to pick up her food again.

After she finished eating, she asked her final question: "Abah, kenapa orang yang perang tu tak hormat negara orang lain?". I can't remember what hubby answered, but I was amazed with that …

Pantun Melayu Klasik

Hari ini saya terjumpa nota seorang kawan di facebook berbicara bahasa ibunda. Lalu saya pun menurunkan komen saya mengenai buku-buku yang dibacanya. Lantas hari ini penulisan bahasa ibunda tercinta telah tergosok (rub) ke diri saya. Lagipun, saya sedang membuat kerja-kerja terjemahan untuk projek saya dengan klien dari pantai timur itu. Penggunaan bahasa untuk siaran medianya memang sungguh berbunga-bunga.

Lalu saya terasa untuk berpantun. Ini pantun klasik yang saya jumpa:

Hujan panas turun berderai,
Guruh menyambar pohon jati,
Kasih sayang tak boleh bercerai,
Bagaikan rambut bersimpul mati.

Our Little Secret

Just planned something over email with Hubby. Our anniversary is this 30th January - our 9th year of marriage. Lama tuh... Since we didn't really go for a vacation last school holidays, we are thinking of going for a short break somewhere near here. Nak pegi masa CNY, too late to plan already kot.

So, it'll be 2 nights at Palm Garden Putrajaya. Now, the little secret is that - Aliyah doesn't know about it. We plan to check in, bring everything, then fetch her from school and head straight there. I can imagine how delighted and excited she'll be! Hmmm... parents punya anniversary, tapi pikir pasal anak jugak kan...

I hope I can keep this secret.

Aliyah Cut Her Hair

My little comel cut her hair yesterday. I finally managed to convince her. Since she now get dress for school without my presence, I can't help but feel sorry that she has to tie her hair on her own everyday. Rambut pendek senang nak manage kan.
She actually look very very comel...

Can I Really Forgive?

I have been in email communication with that woman the past few days. I am a bit crazy inside. Just when I thought it was really over, something triggered it and I became bitter again. I realized it was not over yet but I don't know what I really want.

So I wrote an email. It took 2 emails for her to respond. In a way I actually threatened her. And I was really planning to put what I planned into action. I wanted a closure which I have yet to achieve. Because I cannot forget her words to me and the SMSes that she sent. I am being painted as a bad person. I am a bad wife and a bad mother. It hurts me so much because while I am not the perfect wife and the best mother, I have done everything I can to be one. I have sacrificed - my life, my career, my time, my love, my heart, my money, my whole existence... Once I felt so hurt I sat on the floor of my bedroom, doubled over and cried. What have I done to deserve all these?

I actually don't know whether she finally responded because …

Gaza Emergency Appeal

I was not going to write on Gaza actually. Because I feel so small. And being small, the only thing I can do is to pray for the innocent people of Palestine whose lives are being shattered by the Israelis. My heart bled seeing the pictures of the sufferings and the dead, especially the children.

But the small can hold hands and help. Let's help. In any way that we can. If you feel like contributing, perhaps donating some cash to Mercy Malaysia or Islamic Relief Malaysia can be the first step. Click on the links on the left.

And don't forget them in your prayers.

Introducing Snow & Mok

Introducing the penduduk setinggan of my house - pasangan anak-beranak Snow and Mok. Snow is the mother, Aliyah yang bagi nama. Mok is the kitten, I yang bagi nama. They have now taken residency at the floor mat at our front door. Since I memang tak bagi bela cats, the closest for Aliyah to have them as pets is bela diaorang luar rumah. So, sekarang balik sekolah, she will give her tortoises makan, lepas tu bagi cats makan and play with them at the door. Our house is off-limits.

I always believe cats adalah penjaga rumah. So, everytime nak keluar rumah, I akan pesan kat these two cats - "jaga rumah ye". And when I come home, these two cats can be seen resting on the mat.

Aliyah Starts Her 2nd Year

Aliyah has started her Tahun 2. Hubby and me were with her on her first day. She was supposed to be in 2 Uranus. However, since the new school in Seri Putra will start operating this June, they reshuffled the students and grouped them into the specific schools. So, there are actually students of 2 schools there currently, the Seri Putra students being there temporarily. Only 3 classes will remain in SK Bangi, the rest will move to Seri Putra.

We saw Aliyah was not so happy when she was sorted into 2 Venus instead. Venus actually is the 5th class. However, for Seri Putra students, Venus is actually the 2nd class. She then got so happy when we explained the whole thing to her. Classification can be very stressful to kids...

The arrangement for Aliyah this year - I send her to my mother's place in the morning. She'll stay there, do some homework that I assign her, then get ready for school. She takes the school van with my niece Wani. Later, I fetch her from school on my way back f…

Update About Nice Drive Back from Hulu Langat

Hubby and me went to Hulu Langat again on Sunday. Finally, found the answer to my chest pains. Alhamdulillah not something out of this world. I'm in the midst of getting better.

Anyway, this time around I managed to snap some pictures.

A Nice Drive Back from Hulu Langat

Rajinnya I blog...

I have not been so well lately. Physically, mentally, heart-ily... and I've avoided meeting people because I don't feel like socializing. So, except for important meetings related to my company or delivering cupcakes, I've not really been seeing friends or relatives. Please accept my apologies to those who invited me to any weddings, gatherings, kenduris, house-moving, etc, for I have not been making appearances (macam la artis...).

Today we deposited Aliyah at my second sister's place and drove to Hulu Langat. Hubby's taking me to see someone for something, hoping to cure that something. Anyway, that person was detained at her kid's school somewhere in Shah Alam, so we didn't get to see her.

So, we went home and hubby took a different road back that's supposed to lead us to the waterfalls of Hulu Langat. Oh my, what a drive. The route was long and winding and quiet, going uphill and downhill with just 2-3 cars around. After 15 minutes, …

First Day of 2009

How I spent my day? Quite good actually. Quality time for myself. And spending time with a dear friend.

Hubby and Aliyah went to my sister-in-law's house. She's moving to a new house and hubby went to help, while Aliyah went to my 2nd sister-in-law's house nearby to play with her cousins. Me? Dust and lifting heavy boxes are not my thingy.

I went to the gym. It's been months since I last worked out, ever since my irregular heartbeat episodes, and then busy, busy, and then some other distractions and then my cough. Well, those are actually excuses. And I had a good time sweating it out. I weighed myself and I have actually lost 2kgs. Let see... sebab apa ye... I was just recovering from my sickness... or sebab makan hati... But that was a good start to a new year. I'm determine to lose another 5kg and I'll be my weight before I got pregnant. Saya sungguh bersemangat...

Went home and waited for Yatt to come over. I called her in the morning and we agreed to meet up.…