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New Year Wish to You

It's the last day of 2007. How time flies... It's been a great year. Full of ups and downs, stress and highs, happiness and sadness.. There were times I felt like giving up, doubt whether this is all worth it, when life seems like an endless marathon that leads nowhere but downhill... But I managed to go on with 2 important persons in my life - my comel Aliyah whose wet kisses wash all worries away and hubby whose warm firm hugs made all problems manageable.

Aliyah will start school this Wednesday. My little baby is one step into the real world. As much as I worry and want to protect her, it's time to let her go. I know she'll make it, just that school just looks so huge for her little body to me.

Anyway, here's a new year's wish from me. I pray the new year will bring you happiness and strength to face the challenges ahead. Face it with your loved ones around you. I believe it's going to be a turbulent year with all these political going-ons both locally and…

Aliyah Potong Rambut

School's getting near, so I took Aliyah for a haircut the day before yesterday. She looks so cute. She doesn't like it of course. She likes her hair long. So every morning if I don't call her "comel", she would pout.

Teman Terulung

I ni bukan le peminat Anuar Zain, but this is exceptional. Besides the powerful voice, music is excellent.

It also kind of describes my personal life right now - my marriage. At 7 years going to be 8 years come 30 January, we are now at our most stable stage in our relationship. Hubby's my best friend and trusted confidant. We enjoy each other's company and our love is as strong as always. As much as we are close, we also have our own personal space and time.

In hubby's own words: "We are OK. Nothing else matters, only us".

Teman Terulung
Bila bertaut senyuman
Mata berlirikan
Memancarkan keluhuran
Cerah kesederhanaan mu
Seindah kejujuranmu

Detik seia sejiwa
Terungkap setia
Tiada upaya sepi
Maka kudup penantianku
Hadirnya teman sejati

Melangkah kita menjejak mimpi
Bahgia berdiri dengan mu di sisi
Harapan kita meniti hari
Sentiasa seiring

Paling agung teman terulung
Tenunan emas sayap hidupku
Tak ingin ku undur bertamu
Bertakhta teguh
Ke akhir waktu

Tipah Gone

Have been busy with this project that at first looked simple and fast enough but then got dragged. Dah agak dah actually. Sometimes I wonder why people can't use their common sense. You actually don't need professional certificate in project management to plan a project successfully. Use common sense. Example ya: we got this copy & paste job for an LMS project. I asked for guidelines (standards) ie font style, size, etc. The basics. They say will give. But in the end, they didn't give - but need the work completed within very short of time. So, they got everybody (including us - we got 4 books to copy & paste) to do the work. Bila dah submit mula lah - this heading should be this size la, this section should not be an image la, etc. Ko dah tengok dekat 20+ outcomes baru nak realise everybody did things differently?

Here's what they should do if they use common sense - complete one book, submit to client. Bila client dah satisfied and sign off, then only get ever…

Everybody Has the Option to Change Their Own Lives

I ni memanglah tak gemar nak touch on political happenings except when I'm angry at certain politicians yang buat kerja bodoh. However, the Hindraf gang is just too much. And I just can't understand what their problem is. I'm angry they are spreading all these accusations and trying to make Indians go against the Malays. I'm angry they are creating this unrest in our peaceful country. If you think you want to follow the spirits of the monks in Myanmar, go there for God's sake. Why break the peace that we currently enjoy? Why break the peace that you and your family currently enjoy?

If you have problems take it up with your community leader. It's the leader that should be helping you. If you can't see eye to eye with them, then that's your problem. You can change your own destiny. If you think your people are marginalized, change your people's perception, attitude and knowledge. Don't change the people around you. You say your people are oppressed…