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Most Compassionate Little Girl in the Whole Wide World

If there is an award for the most caring and compassionate kid in the whole wide world, Sarah will win it hands down. I really don't know where she inherited the traits from but she is so very caring, so very symphathetic and so very kind-hearted especially to us her parents.

Yesterday on the way to school, I told her that I would wait for her at my mother's place hoping it would not rain like the day before. The day before it rained so heavily that I was late fetching her from my mother's. Then she asked me, "Semalam hujan mummy bawak payung tak?". I told her yes even though I didn't and asked her why. She said, "Sarah takut mummy basah" and smiled to me angelically. She can make my heart melt like butter under a hot sun.

There are many, many more such occasions when she showed her empathy and care. To me she is the most perfect daughter anyone could ever dream of - she never shows her tantrums in public, she listens to us, she doesn't grab every…

Now a Daily Routine

It's been about 2 weeks now since Sarah started schooling. Surprisingly, things are going on very well for our little family. I was preparing for the worst - mornings filled with stress and chaos with 3 people after the same bathroom, getting the clothes ironed (yea, yea... always promise myself to do the ironing the night before but seldom successful), getting Sarah to drink her milk and then cereals, dress, and other 1001 things that need to be done before finally locking the door and head out for the day. But what can I expect from a well-mannered little daughter and a helpful husband? Smooth, hassle-free mornings!

Sarah actually wakes up on her own around 6.45am now. Whoever sees her first will prepare her milk and she will watch cartoon until 7am peacefully, all the while in the background, her parents will be systematically going in and out of various rooms taking care of things. There's no schedule or division of work between us, just a matter of being considerate, helpf…

Sarah Started School

Yes, she's finally started school on Tuesday. Her first giant step towards many more years of education to come. The days before the D-day were filled with words of encouragement from both of us to her. She was so happy at one time, and then would fall apart at the other saying she would cry if we leave her at the school. It was a week of heartbreaks, happiness, pride all blended into one huge emotion.

The Tuesday morning started early. We woke her up at 7am, got her to drink her milk, take her bath, then breakfast of porridge. She looked so cute in her yellow and white school uniform, with her hair cut short. When I left her to the care of the teachers she didn't have much time to look back. Her attention was on the teacher holding her hand, fiddling on the nametag the teacher pinned on her uniform and then getting led away into the school. When I called her name and waved goodbye, she gave me a blank look and a little smile. There were too much happening around her, with ot…