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Life - a Cycle

There is this predictability in life. At a certain point of time, there will develop a certain habit or hobby. This involvement will gradually start to consume things - time, interest, etc. Then, this habit or hobby will reach its peak, when nothing else matters except for that particular habit or hobby. Everything will evolve around this habit or hobby and it will start to interfere with lots of things - work, relationship, etc. Then, a certain distraction will start to develop, which I might or might not know of. And then, something will happen and the habit or hobby will start to fade out.

And after a period of time, the cycle will start again.

My stand - after all that has happened before - I don't really care anymore.

It takes a lot of traumatic experience for the heart to become unconcerned.

Mimi's Kitties - Updates

The kitties are already one month old. So cute and naughty. Rasa macam bela anak kecik pulak kat rumah. Now when I'm in the kitchen or doing laundry must always be careful. Sebab they like to hover around my legs. Takut terpijak!

We plan to give away two for adoption. Too many to take care off, nanti rumah jadi huru-hara. Anybody interested can contact me :). Anyway, fyi we have changed their names.
Female: Eecah @ Aishah. This is the smallest of all. Mula2 Aliyah bagi nama "Luna" but then she said cute macam Aishah anak Mak Ngah dia! Hehehe...
Female: Julie. Second biggest. Macam Catwoman. The only one that has not started eating yet.
Male: Miki. Mula2 Hubby bagi nama Kimi [Raikkonen]. Memang laju pun! But then susah sikit nak sebut. He's the first to eat, the biggest and fastest. But his legs a bit cacat - macam weak. Hope he'll get better or adapt to the deformity. Still - very cute.

Residence Raya Open House

A big thank you to Earna of Residence @ Uniten for inviting our big group to the hotel's open house on the 22nd of September. Residence hotel ni memang generous. Every year we get invitation :). The food - mostly sangatlah excellentnya. I got addicted to the lontong concoction - nasi impit lontong yang authentic balut daun pisang, kuah lodeh, sambal sotong kering, sayur jawa yang sangat yummy with huge fresh prawns and for my second helping - rendang itik. Balik rumah dengan sangat puas hati...
Aliyah, Linda & her Hubby Faizul. Aliyah dapat her favourite food - Japanese.
Our new director Ejat with Ekin. Insyallah akan jadi business partner :)
The whole gang. Termasuklah Caspian yang dah lama tak jumpa. My two other staff tak join - rumah jauh!

Belated Birthday to Meee...

Yup, I celebrated my entry to the big 40 last 20th September. No celebration. We just started a project and that day was the kick-off meeting. Financially pun tengah merundum ni. Aliyah made me a big red card with the words - "Sorry tahun ni tak ada hadiah". Hehehe... Love you lots anyway. Hubby sent me a poem - the kind of poem that he used to write years ago :). Love you lots too.

My in-laws threw me and Hubby a surprise birthday "party" the 2nd week of Raya. That Saturday, my youngest SIL called saying they are coming over before going back to Melaka. A few minutes later, my MIL called saying Angah's family are also coming over but just cook rice because they will bring over lauk-lauk. After Hubby came back from his ride, the other 2 BIL also called saying they're coming over. Call that an impromptu Hari Raya Open House! Just that I only prepared the venue :). After makan-makan, they brought out a cake for both of us. So sweet :). And finally that night, …

Cockroach vs Parang-Yielding Lady

The night before my encounter with the parang-yielding lady, I was watching TV at my sister's place while Aliyah was at the dining table playing games on my notebook. Suddenly my sister grabbed the spray and sprayed something on the wall. It happened to be a huge cockroach (or so I thought - with me all cockroaches are huge!). The cockroach flew up the wall and then dropped behind the cabinet. Aliyah, who was sitting directly below the cockroach, cowed a bit, while I simply jumped to my feet and dashed to the door.

I am thinking of my reactions to the encounters with the cockroach and the parang-yielding lady. Know what, I will risk my life for my beloved daughter anytime. At the Mamak restaurant, despite my trembling hands, I leaned over to my daughter grabbing her chair anticipating any crazy actions the lady might take. I was prepared to push my daughter under the table and face the parang myself. I had all that mentally planned in my head.

But under the attack of a huge big flyi…

Close Encounter

God, my hands are still shaking...

I'm now spending the weekend at my Kak Long's place. Aliyah has been staying with her since Wednesday. It's a week's holiday for her due to UPSR exams and we thought it's better for her to spend her time with her Mak Long rather than being left at the office while we go for meetings.

Anyway, my sister, Aliyah and I went to have roti canai at Syed's just now. It was already past 10am, so not many people were there. While eating, I saw this old Indian lady with very long hair (which she draped across her shoulders that made it looked like she was wearing a shawl) going to the counter to order and pay for her takeaway. The counter was just next to us. What startled me was that she had a parang under her armpit, like she was casually carrying an umbrella.

My heart skipped a beat. I slowly leaned over to Aliyah to put my arms on the back of her chair because Aliyah was closest to the lady. A man walked past, saw the lady with the para…

Of Things Lately

Things have been a mixed of emotions lately.

Work wise, alhamdulillah, things have started to get better. We worked hard, pray and doa hard, and finally projects and opportunities are coming our way. Some opportunities are even unexpected - a letter from East Coast inviting us to a sebutharga, Hubby's bike ride comrade asking him whether we can improve his agency's website. It is still early but at least this new project we are starting next week will pay for our and our staff's salary at the very least till end of the year. I thank God for that. Maybe it is also a sign. The moment I got that person's name off my company share, rezeki started to come in. However, in my prayers, I always say "redha" for all the challenges and hardships we have been facing. It brought us closer to Allah swt for sure.

Family wise, it is now a sad episode actually. Certain things happen and it is not what we wish to "embark" on but something we had to do. The only thing w…

Tabby the Kitten

This is Tabby - the kitten who came to us one Ramadhan night. When we first took him home, he was soaking wet, shivering, with bloated stomach, protruding bones and fungus on his ears, nose and head. Credit to Hubby who diligently bathed and put minyak gamat, plus 2 visits to the Vet. Now, he is so naughty, so manja, so mischievous.
When we first took him home...
One month later... very clean and healthy. He is like a "replica" of Kiki.
Main kat garden.
Tengah menyorok from Boboi.

Mimi & Kitties

Here are pix of Mimi & her babies. Their names? Arthur, Morgana & Merlin. Aliyah tengah gila tengok Merlin the series.
Day 2: Baru 2 hari tapi dah nampak besar.
Last Saturday. This is the one Aliyah named - Morgana.
This morning... Ok gak si Mimi ni jaga anak...
This is Merlin. The smallest and most comot.
My favourite and the biggest - Arthur aka Wolf Boy.

Selamat [Belated] Hari Raya

A warm Selamat Hari Raya wish from me. Maaf zahir batin. Tak sempat nak wish last week. This year my little family raya kat Melaka first. Then back to Bangi on second hari raya. We didn't get to go anywhere. My parents are not so well. It was my turn to help out when the others went back. So, kerja, kerja, kerja...

Then, back home for another round of cooking - for 2 days in a row. This year our neighbourhood block agak bersemangat beraya. The neighbours came over, then we went over, then to another house, then they came over pulak... The next night pun sama. But quite enjoyable I must say :). And since our dining hall is also the kitchen, must make the kitchen clean and spotless. I hope I lost some weight over the past days!

Anyway, personally, it has been a very good Ramadhan for me. I pray I can continue the routine this month and more months to come.