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Sarah's First School Trip

Last Friday Sarah went for her very first school trip - to Aquaria KLCC. The days before that I was again in my state of anxiety. Oh my, another huge milestone. She'll be going at this place with her friends and teachers - without me! She was so excited. She told us with whom she will be sitting, with who she will be walking... Both hubby and me gave her lots and lots of advise and the one being reminded almost everyday was - do not go anywhere on your own, make sure you hold your friend's hand all the time.

Anyway, the D-day came. I sent her off to school and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up my new office with Linda, and old friend who will be working for me as an admin officer. I checked my watch almost every 15 minutes, wondering silently what she must be doing at that very moment.

I went over to fetch her but missed the school van by seconds. I wanted to surprise her but the van beat me to it. Darn. Anyway, met her back at my mom's place. She looked tired but …