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Al Fatihah

Linda's father passed away this morning. I got a call from her at 8.30am. She was on her way to work. We visited her at her parents' house. I guess after seeing so many neighbours and relatives, seeing a friend was such a relief. We hugged. I sat her down and she started talking. I offered my hands, she held them firm and talked. After some time, she stopped talking and we just sat holding hands, real firm for long moments. I guess no words are needed when two best friends simply sit in silence.

Al Fatihah for her arwah father.

One More Very Interesting Knowledge Sharing

Apparently, the logic of building a rocket is not that difficult.

When we design a rocket, one of the first questions we ask is what do we want the rocket to do? In other words, what mission will the rocket perform? Identifying what mission a rocket will perform helps us understand what characteristics a rocket must have (these are called “mission requirements”). For example, if a rocket’s mission is to carry humans into space, then it will require cabin space for the astronauts, pressurization equipment, and multiple redundancies to ensure safety. Identifying these mission requirements helps us understands the multiple design tradeoffs we need to consider to get to a final design. To get to a final design, a rocket designer must tradeoff three things – size, weight, and power. Going back to our example, the astronaut cabin, pressurization system, and redundant components will add weight to the rocket and will require more power to keep running. More weight and power means we need a la…

Another Very Interesting Knowledge Sharing

I was a science-stream student with obsession with books and language and writing and photography. My favourite science subject was chemistry. Even though I enjoyed concocting chemicals, observing the colour changes and got headache inhaling vapour clouding the lab, seriously, chemistry doesn't really fit into my big plan. But you might find this piece here interesting.

Bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomass to ethanol is significantly hindered by the structural and chemical complexity of biomass, which makes these materials a challenge to be used as feedstocks for cellulosic ethanol production. Cellulose and hemicellulose, when hydrolyzed into their component sugars, can be converted into ethanol through well established fermentation technologies. However, sugars necessary for fermentation are trapped inside the crosslinking structure of the lignocellulose. Hence, pretreatment of biomass is always necessary to remove and/or modify the surrounding matrix of lignin and hemicellulo…

Very Interesting Knowledge Sharing

I'm seriously into knowledge sharing. Especially for those who find my thought process worthy of public discussion. I find this physics paper quite interesting...

The goal of molecular manufacturing is to build engineerable high-performance products of all sizes, rapidly and inexpensively, with nanoscale features and atomic precision. Molecular manufacturing is the only branch of nanotechnology that intends to combine kilogram-scale products, atomic precision, and engineered programmable structure at all scales. It is no coincidence that molecular manufacturing has gone far beyond other branches of nanotechnology in investigating productive nanosystems, because high-performance nanoscale manufacturing systems are the only way that these goals can be achieved. Building such a product appears to require direct computer control of very small operations. In other words, it needs programmable manufacturing systems capable of acting at the nanoscale. So, you find this interesting? The co…

New Year Plans Come Early

1st Muharram is this Sunday. A warm new year wish from me. May the new year brings much happiness, health and rezeki to all. I've kick-started plans for next year. Despite having 2 projects at the same time, we are still in survival stage. The struggle is not over. 2012 is going to be an uncertain time for all. There will be a lot going on next year - things that will affect people like me - general election, economic uncertainty... One thing I'm sure - training will be affected. I believe budget for training will be reduced. As we have experienced 3 years ago. Immediate plan - training will be secondary next year. Well, unless I can churn out several new topics not yet offered in the market. And still... nothing is sure.

My only consolation is that I have secured projects for us at least until March. But that is not so far off, so efforts to source for new projects must start now. I pray the current two we are pursuing will bear fruits. That can cover us until mid-year. And on…

Major Improvement!

That bukit I cycled last week. The one that I stopped 5 times. The one that was 45degrees steep and 90meters long. The one they call Bukit Digi because there's a Digi pencawang next to it. Yesterday I revisited it and I only stopped - once! Major major improvement! Thank you to Sdr Muzz for "donating" his handle bar. My old one was a bit heavy. This new one is very light and easier to handle. Not much difference on flat road but on such steep hill - baru tau its true capability. Little things matter I always say.
That's the route. I stopped about 3/4 of the way for 1-2mins. The 1/4 balance was actually not so bad. I think I'm getting the hang of this stuff. Total ride was almost 13kms. Enough for a short exercise.
The weather was excellent yesterday. But it drizzled a bit along the way and then stopped. It just felt good to feel the fresh air and the droplets of water on my face. That 1 hour of escape from the harsh realities of life was really amazing.

Today's …

Alhamdulillah... No 2

Alhamdulillah because Aliyah has gotten much much better. Such strong little girl. Must have been a very painful experience. No more pills for her.

Alhamdulillah because it's now school holidays. Can spend more time with her, even though at the office. A nice break from ironing her school uniforms.

Alhamdulillah for whatever things I might not be thankful for. Or I might forget to thank. Or I might missed to thank. Thank you. Doa is my best gift for you.

Alhamdulillah for some experiences with people lately. My presentation last few days was not so good - we were not given fair chance to present. I am very sure we didn't get the project. Lesson learned - I hope there's a lesson learned but seriously how can one predict the situation of a sebutharga presentation? The panel you would meet? Their expectations? But a few days later an ex-colleague contacted to offer an opportunity. So, all is not loss. Hopefully.

I know it's still early - year end is a month's away. But ti…


My father was discharged from hospital yesterday. He spent about a week at Hospital Serdang due to low blood platelet. The results finally came yesterday and he's cleared - he's healthy. Alhamdulillah... I pray Allah swt gives him good health and strength to perform ibadah.

On another note, someone is in hot soup. To me - "diam itu lebih baik...".

First Off-road Ride

Finally, my first off-road ride. Last Sunday morning, Hubby and I head off to Ladang Bangi. His gang went to Sg Long - a very difficult track. He'd rather take me for my maiden journey :).

Actually, not so bad even though the route was muddy due to the rain. The little Sg Bangi running across the palm plantation looks so clean and "presentable". I guess, a dip in it won't be so bad! Lots of tough small hills to climb and the ride down were very slippery. But such nice ride in the clean and fresh air.

We only ride for about 8kms in the plantation. My bad right knee started to give me problems. Next time must wear knee-guard. All-in-all = 20kms ride on-road and off-road. Nice one!
Little Sg Bangi on the right. Surprisingly clean and clear macam kat Sg Tekala. Tapi kalau tengok yang lalu kat Pekan Bangi... macam2 bendasing terapung!
Tengah berusaha keras naik bukit... I gave up once - after 4-5 of such bukit. Terpaksa sorong gak sikit. Tapi kalau sorong lagi penat and takut…

Putus Napas Ku...

Akak dah start ride balik. Walaupun tak consistent dgn alasan yang sangat munasabah iaitu - musim hujan - tapi yang penting bike baru datang dengan semangat yang baru. Hehehe... So, baru 3 kali tapi seriously feels so good. The latest one - instead of joining SPride Muslimah kawan-kawan lady riders - sebab rasa macam tak confident nak ride 30kms tiba-tiba dengan stamina yang berada di tahap sangat minimum. Bukan takut basikal pancit. Takut napas pancit.

So, Hubby dengan baiknya membawak akak ke Kg Sg Buah. Such a beautiful kampung - not many cars, fresh air, nice view, just heavenly... Tapi didera ride naik bukit yang mendongak 45degrees dekat 90meters cycle to the top. Adoi, rasa putus napas nih. I stopped 5 times throughout and actually Hubby kata OK sebab dia dulu masa first time pun stop 5 kali jugak :).
At the top. Masa naik tu memang rasa dah give up. Rasa nak je turun dan sorong je bike naik atas. But I told myself - banyak lagi cabaran kat dunia ni yang I dah go through, takkan …

Kesian Aliyah...

Aliyah started her school holidays sooner - on MC. She complained some rashes on her stomach and back on Tuesday night. Those looked so severe I scolded her for waiting so long to tell me. The next morning we took her to the clinic and apparently she got "kayap" or shingles or herpes zoster. Orang Melayu kata kayap ular. The doctor said it's virus, most probably dormant from her previous chicken pox. One fine day, when the time is right ie when the body is low in immunity, the virus will come out in the form of shingles.

The rashes look exactly like chicken pox but more grouped together. So now Aliyah is on strict medication - anti-virus pill every 4.5hours. So, even at night I have to wake her up to get her to take the pill. She couldn't sleep much last night, today she started to feel the pain. I have to cancel all my meetings to attend to her. Kesian sangat tengok even though she looks braver than she feels. I'm very sure she's in real pain.
Taking a nap at …

Izzkin Beauty Spa

My nephew & GF officially opened their spa on 11/11/11. Nice date to start a business. We went there to visit that afternoon and Aliyah became their first manicure customer.
Ekin is very professional. Punyalah sedap kena urut tangan, Aliyah tidur before 9pm that night.
The spa is only for ladies. But married couples/families can book a session to themselves. Hubby try masuk sauna :)
It's an all-in-one spa - including hair saloon.

11.11am at 11/11/11

Someone posted this on FB - asking where were you and what were you doing at 11.11am 11/11/11. Don't get me wrong, I'm just trying to mark this in my life history so that I can reflect on it later.

At 11.11am 11/11/11, I was at our office's little surau, performing solat dhuha and then one round of yassin. Sampai terlepas alarm I set to fetch Aliyah from school. Alhamdulillah... something good to remember. However, if it is 2 hours later I might actually write - at a shopping complex trying for a blouse :)

Cont of Of Nothing Much

I'm replacing this posting. I found it to lead to different interpretations. And sadly, it led to a negative analysis of an ibadah to Allah swt. Astaghfirullah...

Hanya Allah swt dan aku sahaja yang tahu apa yang diniatkan di dalam hati semasa mengangkat takbir. Hanya Allah swt dan aku sahaja yang tahu keikhlasan hati semasa meminta petunjuk. Hanya Allah swt dan aku sahaja yang tahu pilihan yang ingin aku dibuat. Hanya Allah swt dan aku sahaja yang tahu sama ada air mata yang membasahi sejadah itu ikhlas atau tidak. Hanya Allah swt dan aku sahaja yang tahu apa yang diminta semasa tangan diangkat dalam berdoa. Hanya Allah swt dan aku sahaja yang tahu... Jadi, siapalah kita untuk menganalisa solat orang lain?

It is a mistake to share my thoughts, I must be careful in the future, but it shouldn't be the reason to take the 2 sentences of experience and mock it. Astaghfirullah... I take it as a lesson well learned. Semoga Allah swt ampunkan segala dosa-dosa kita semua.

Jom kita doa - …

Belated Birthday Gift!

Hubby sent my bike for service during the Raya holidays. Yesterday it came back - with a new frame! My blue bike was sleek but a bit on the heavy side - 15kg in total. Sesuai for beginners (hah, sejak bila akak jadi pro? Hehe...). Hubby apparently have been saving up since February to by me a new frame - a white Orbea - 11.9kg. Much much lighter and faster.
Now I got no excuse not to ride!
Siap letak ribbon lagi :) Along with the bike is a new silver helmet. Also new is the gear - 9 speed.
The old XDS frame. For sale to any who's interested. Macam brand new lagi. Well maintained by Hubby :)

Song: Permaisuriku - Jay Jay

Dah lama cari lagu ni. One of the most romantic Malay songs ever. Especially since Jay Jay yang nyanyi. Kalau hubby ku nyanyi untuk akak... Hmmm...

Permaisuriku - Jay Jay

Tika renungi malamku
Bersama tirai perindu
Potret permaisuriku

Lenamu didakapanku
Inginku belai rambutmu
Saat malam malammu

Walau kembara ku meredah alam maya
Kan ku pertahan garis cinta kita

Ku hancur dikala tak bersama
Kau yang ku cinta
Impi rinduku disaat mesra
Oh kasih

Terbina rona kota bahgia
Permata dijiwa
Oh kernamu

Lautan duri ku tempuh
Demi sucinya cintamu
Tak ku hiraukan waktu

Ampunkan kesalahanku
Ku pinjam raut wajahmu
Hanya kau yang kurindu

Of Nothing Much, Really

Nothing much except for the same old problems and issues. After some time, I really don't feel much concern about it anymore. Whatever... I believe all these years I have done my part. Maybe now it is someone else's job to take over. Do I miss the good old days? Of course I do. If not, how do you explain all these dreams I've been having. I dream of them at least a couple of times a week. I was asked - why do you alone get all these dreams amongst us? I guess because I am close and I used to be the one always visiting and cooking for them especially mid-week. And I used to be the first one to arrive if something happened.

If my heart broke to pieces, I'm not trying to mend it. At times anger crept in - but then who's to blame? The pampering of a child who's suppose to leave the nest and take care of himself? Or the parasite who's sucking up all the juices? Seriously, again, I don't really feel much anymore. It was a choice that has been forewarned. If s…