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A Bit of This And That

It's been a busy week so far. Penat. So today I'm in my malas-malas mood. Settled most urgent matters in the morning and now putting my feet up and relax.

We had our 3 days training in KL from 13th to 15th. Not so good turn-up - it's after Raya so most probably people are simply too pre-occupied with open houses and kuih rayas, and it's also end of the year and most the feedback we got was - "budget dah habis la". But we still went ahead. The profile this time was even more impressive - we got one from Brunei, 2 from Sabah and a few other outstanding agencies. Alhamdulillah.

As usual, when it comes to training, food is always on the agenda. I ate at the hotel on Monday, went to work at client's place on Tuesday and ate crappy food, and went back to the hotel on Wednesday hoping to savour my favourite dessert - bread & butter pudding with vanilla sauce. Tapi hampa... Apparently, there is this Bollywood film festival here in KL (amidst the UMNO assembley?…

Beware: This Is A Yucky Entry

I have been having ear-ache for the past week. Terrible, sampai demam and migrain. Had one last week, then another one yesterday. Hubby kesian and took the trouble to rush me to an ENT specialist. He then had trouble with his boss as the boss sms back saying "sending wife to clinic doesn't comply for emergency leave", but then his love for his wife obviously over-ride his love for his boss so he just ignored.

What I found out is that most specialist do part-time work at all these small clinics - most of them are available at certain hours of the day or by appointment only. We found a few in Kajang but then the doctors are only available at night. Finally found one clinic with the shortest waiting time - after lunch. So we waited for a few hours.

Anyway, before this hubby was the one who "treated" my ear-ache. He used a small torchlight and actually cleaned my ears. He said there's a big pimple in my ear. Punya lah sakit, macam the ones you normally get right…

Is There Anybody Out There Who Read My Blog?

I've become a blog addict - to these few blogs. I'm a daily reader of Suhaimi Sulaiman's blog. Sometimes, I even read his blog first before I read any news websites. I just love his postings - he is funny, brilliant, down-to-earth and cute! Hehehe... I also frequent Fiebie's blog. So funny he can really make your day, though I cringe when he curse, ouch! Other blogs I read are mostly work and interest related. I try not to read too much blog as I can get really carried away and end up not working. You can read one blog, then move on to another, then to another. It's like chain-reaction. You read about these strangers you don't even know, getting to know their thoughts, their lives, their friends and in the end, you feel as if you know those people. Amazing kan.

Anyway, I always wonder if there are people out there who read my blog. When I started this, my intention was to record my thoughts about my life with my little daughter, then I added personal thoughts ab…

We Will Be Moving To A New House

Finally, kepala I terus rasa banyak space and less semak-samun. Why? Because we are going to move to a new house in Seri Putra next month. Here's the history, after we got married in 2000, hubby and me moved to our apartment in Puchong. After I gave birth to Sarah, we moved back to my parents' place. Then in May 2003, we moved to my father's rumah sewa a few kilometres away bringing along our stuff from Puchong apartment. The house is very small - with only 2 rooms. Now that Sarah is growing and growing, her stuff has grown proportionately too. Rumah tu punya la banyak barang kepala selalu semak dibuatnya.

At first we wanted to just stay there until our new house in Seri Putra siap in 2008, but then one day I felt too stressed out that I told hubby let's go find a bigger house as I couldn't stand staying in a bursting-to-the-rim house. Surprisingly he said OK. So, we have found the perfect house - 4 rooms - really big for us and the rent is affordable. Best gila ras…