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My House is Spotless

I hate cleaning the house ie sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, etc. Serious tak suka. And also because I have allergy. Usually, hubby will help do the elimination of dust work. However, ever since our new house siap, we all malas sesangat nak kemas rumah. As a result, rumah we all macam rumah tinggal. Sawang, habuk, you name it.

We don't have a maid. And we never tried the weekend house cleaner before. I'm just not that kind of person actually. I just can't imagine having a total stranger come and clean my house. I mean, how? How would this person know where to clean and how to clean? Where do we start? How would the person know where to place things? So, the dust in my house kept getting thicker and thicker, and we are nowhere near to moving yet. And I thought, I must get help.

So, last Saturday, I finally enlisted help. And I was so very impressed. My whole house was cleaned top to bottom in just 3.5 hours! (Err... if the dust is not that thick, the time might be shorter). Thi…

We Await the Change... If Any...

I had an interesting conversation with my father this morning. I've always known him to be a true UMNO man and supporter of the BN Government. A true ex-public servant. He oppose disruption of peace, having seen his fair share of 13th May. One day a few weeks ago, I was sitting with him reading the papers when he suddenly said, "[Sigh] What should we do about Nuar?". I said, "Nuar who?". "Anwar Ibrahim". (I ingat Nuar mana ler). He doesn't like what's he's doing.

Anyway, this morning he voiced his disappointment with the big management. He doesn't believe in Anwar. But he finally admitted that BN has gone weak. He said BN must strengthen themselves. There are too many people talking, and they don't talk about the same things. In the end, someone will need to amend things. Listening to his opinions, I pun sokong lah. I mean, I have felt the same way about the Government since the 8th March election. But of course I don't tell my…

My Little Golfer

My little golfer in action.
She's now in the mood of giving these naughty poses.

On Harga Minyak Turun and Pak Lah Naik Train...

Harga minyak turun starting tomorrow. 15 sen jer. Jadi lah kan. Janji harga turun, dan blood pressure rakyat pun turun sikit. Katanya nak turunkan on 1st September. I naik angin. Hari tu masa nak naik tak sempat-sempat nak esok jugak, tapi bila nak turun kena tunggu 1st September? Tiba-tiba dalam news esok turun... Hmmm... raih undi Permatang Pauh ker? Buatlah apa yang patutkan... Asalkan guna otak.

Cuma I rasa pelik dengan statement Datuk Shahrir kita kat TV. Bila tanya kenapa sekarang tiba-tiba nak guna monthly revision of petrol. Dulu masa minyak mula-mula naik kata nak buat tapi tak buat pun. So he said, susah for certain operators. Nak naik senang, but turun harga susah. I wonder apanye yang susah. He kept on repeating that. Susah nak tweak the petrol pumps ke... susah nak tweak accountings ke... apa yang susah sangat actually sampai berbulan-bulan KPDN&HEP study those operators? Elok ada by-election next week, boleh pulak implement. Serious tak paham.

Anyway, my personal cong…

Cuti Sekolah Dah Nak Habis...?

I rasa cuti sekolah macam baru start, esok dah last day... Hmmm... Again, it's not a good holiday for her. We didn't take her anywhere. Hubby's busy with this anugerah kualiti thingy at his office, he practically comes back home at 11pm every night. So, entertaining Aliyah is my sole job.

I feel really bad actually but then what to do. I got stuff to work on myself too... But I managed to squeeze some time in the mornings taking her to the pool besides the usual boring time spent with me at the office.
Took her to Bkt Unggul Golf Club swimming pool. Hubby's a member. I can't really say the pool and gym are very well maintained compared to my gym membership at Equatorial Bangi, but very acceptable. Paling best, no one really use them, so, it's just the two of us.
Huge kiddy pool for her alone!
Her routine at my office - playing games. She can spend hours like this quietly on her mat. At times, I need to call her name to see if she's alright.
Then after work, we&#…

School Holidays Has Started

School holidays has started. Today I memontengkan Aliyah. She finished her August test yesterday and I was thinking sure today tak belajar sangat. She's been very lazy to go to school lately, then I mintak Atok dia "jampikan" biar dia rajin sikit. Now dia dah rajin sikit, I lak yang memalaskan dia.

This morning, she woke up at 7.30am, realized it was late and rushed to my room. "Mommy, mommy, kena tak kejut Aliyah!". I told her, Mommy bagi Aliyah ponteng today and I will teach her at the office. Terus tersengih punya happy and mintak roti & nutella for breakfast.

So, next whole week she'll be with me at the office like the past holidays. Hmm.. maybe can arrange trip to the zoo my with cucu sedara Haris...

Asyik Nak Berdemo Jer... What Have We Become?

Saw on TV yesterday this huge group of UiTM students berkumpul secara aman at pejabat SUK Selangor membantah proposal Menteri Besar nak bagi 10% quota to non-Bumi to enter UiTM. I really don't see the point actually. Seriously. I nak tulis banyak-banyak nanti ada laks orang ex- or current UiTM students belasah I. But then, hey, I was from UiTM previously juga. I was at PPP Section 17 Shah Alam from 1989 - 1992.

Just that I feel ever since the March election, we have become a very sensitive nation, or should I say try to be a very sensitive nation. Asal ada je ruang, nak berdemo. This was not the culture then. And I personally don't like this kind of culture because more often than not, the reason to demo is so trivial and you people end up inconveniencing other people. Unless you have fetish for traffic jam. I don't.

Back to UiTM kan, macam ni lah. Menteri Besar Selangor yang baru tu baru bercakap sepatah. Jangan la kelam-kabut nak menunjukkan kita ni sensitive sangat sampai…

On Lazy to School, Cupcakes and Nothing New

I tried blogging twice the past few days but the stoopid Streamyx service is always, always getting on my nerves. Dah penat complain. Our phone bill has long list of 100 numbers, and the calls don't come cheap. Since dah letih complain and service is as terrible as ever, macam ni lah ya orang-orang yang bekerja di TM - we pay our bills on time, the money you collect from us goes to your account, which is used to pay for your salary including bonuses. If your service is not good, say service is down for 3-4 days in a month and we still have to pay for that days which we actually didn't get Internet connection, then I strongly believe that you actually are not entitled to that amount of money for that 3-4 days. However, since you people don't really care about your customers where we still need to pay anyway despite not getting the service, and you use the money to pay for salary and bonuses, I strongly believe that the money is actually haram because I memang tak halalkan. …