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Showing posts from June, 2006

The Price to Pay for Being an Entrepreneur

Aimy said I "cari pasal". Many times for the past few weeks, I told myself how right she is. Now, alone in this office of mine, I wonder whether what I'm putting myself into is worth it.

It started in mid-April. I finally took up the courage to take Dextra Resources Sdn Bhd to a new level - a full-fledge company with an office and staff. Armed with my little capital I saved up for the past few years, I started with renting an office here at Section 15 Bandar Baru Bangi. Very strategic location. First floor, an office apartment so I don't have to spend any dime on renovation or even partitions. Convenient place, just 10 minutes from my home. I hired an old school friend from my Yayasan Selangor days, Linda, as an office administrator. Bought office furniture and other equipment. Dextra takes up the living room and the master bedroom. I have my own office now with my dream black leather director's chair. I also have Sarah's table and chair for her to do her work…

Another Book: Under the Tuscan Sun

It took me ages to finish reading up this book. One, I don't travel much by train the past few weeks. Two, I don't really like the book. Which is a bit puzzling because so many people actually like it. More puzzling because I love the Italian landscape, Italian food and find the language very sexy.

I think it's because I compared it with the movie. I saw the movie in bits and pieces and I was intrigued by it. Maybe Diane Lane has got a lot to do with it. A beautiful woman against a beautiful scenery, that simply sells. And to add to that the marvellous cooking with lots of extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs picked from the backyard.

There were too much of construction going on in the book with unappealing description. The movie on the contrary potrays the construction work in a more "acceptable" manner. That's what I think.

To me, book adaptation to movie usually end in disaster except for the rare few. More often than not, the book will always be better tha…