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Anniversary Dinner

Setelah tergolek di rumah sebab penat panjat Bukit Broga, we went out for dinner. Tempat favourite - TGIF, Alamanda. After one not-so-good experience there, they have improved tremendously. Lepas makan, a bit of shopping. Hubby nak belikan anniversary present. Tapi, as usual, sebelum tu Aliyah yang dapat barang dia dulu! Anyway, I dapat present new hiking shoes. Yeay!
Layan Aliyah selfie... Kacau dia ambik video...

Our 16th Anniversary

Today is our 16th anniversary :). This time around, we tried something different. We hiked up Bukit Broga. Angkut sekali Along Iwan and Izzul. What a way to celebrate out wedding anniversary!
Gambar sebelum naik... The climb started... Berenti. Uishh... tak larat...  Menarik diri sendiri dengan bantuan tali... Sikittt lagi...  2nd viewing point. There's another one higher up. Tak larat! Repeat nanti akan try!  Happy anniversary to us!  Pakcik & Makcik dengan anak sedara! Same spot, tapi bila dah turun. Muka merah masing-masing!
Lepas turun, terus pergi cari nasi lemak ikan keli kat Pekan Lenggeng. Excellent! I took 2 tablespoons of sambal cili api. Bila makan, rasa nak nangis sama macam masa panjat bukit tadi! Hehehe...

What The...?

Makin lama pengguna social media ni dah jadi makin bodoh agaknya? Today I found one stupid, stupid comment on FB.

A friend shared one post by someone. That someone compiled a few (well, almost 30) photos of garden landscapes with a note - sebagai idea pada mereka yang nak buat landscape garden. So, banyaklah comments kata yang ini cantik, yang tu macam sesuai dengan laman dia...

At one of the photos was a comment by a lady - "PM".

Fitness: Walk Day 2

Day 2 of walking. Kali ni petang pulak. Started at around 6pm. Still very, very hot. Not good. Baru jalan kejap dah mengah. Hmm... must be the nasi kandar for lunch! I was not alone this time around. Hubby followed. Managed to walk 2.8km.
7017 steps / 2.8km. Kurang 100m sebab ikut jalan surau :)

Morib Again

I thought of going for a short holiday, to some where near, for this long weekend. After planning, I finally chose Morib (again!). I think it's a beautiful place, doesn't take much time to travel to, and hopefully we get to do things as a little family. So, here goes...

We reached Morib at almost 3pm. Checked in. Lepas solat, I got everybody to go the the benteng to just watch the sea. I didn't get the chance to see air surut the previous trip. It was obviously so so hot with the current weather. After just a few minutes, back to the chalet and... sleep.
 Panas gila... Panas, panas gila...
For dinner, we went out for seafood. After stumbling (first having to find an ATM sebab lupa nak withdraw duit, then almost eating at a small gerai with not much prospect), going back to the chalet for Maghrib and going out again, we finally found a nice place - Juvita.   Ni baru ikan. Lepas ni sampai sotong & udang goreng tepung and pepahat. I didn't even finish my ri…

Start Walking!

This morning, setelah plan nak kayuh tidak kesampaian, I simply got ready and went out on my own. I started at 8am, armed with my pedometer (not so reliable anymore but what the heck), phone in right pocket and pepper spray in my left pocket. And I walked. From my house, up to Anjung, till I reached Legundi, and back. It took me exactly 1 hour.

Now that I have finally started, I hope I can do this at least 3 days a week.
2.9km, 7289 steps. Ok la tu :). Ignore the clock.

Can't Believe I'm Doing This

Kalau biking tu maybe something I would consider. But running?

I just signed up for this. Crazy! I've not run for ages. But then, it felt good because now I have a goal. I need to be able to run come 6 March. That means I need to train. And training, insyaallah, means losing some weight and getting healthy :)
It's just 5km fun run. Not marathon! Hehehe... A few of us signed up for this. Ude and Tuty signed up for 10km. Yang penting, lepas the run we go makan :)

Fraser's Hill Day 3

We checked out and went to Paddock again. This time sebab Shake and Tuty nak try the activities. Aliyah memanah sekali lagi. She's quite good at it! Then, a stop at the nursery. They have nice pomegranates and sweet potatoes. Then, last stop at Restoren Puncak for lunch. One thing about travelling that I like is meeting people. Nice people you get along so well with that you felt you've known them for a long time! Makcik Za and Along (the daughter) were very nice to us. Do go have delicious nasi campur lauk kampung there whenever you go to Fraser's Hill :).
Makcik Za and Along. So warm and friendly :)
The drive down was challenging for some of us. Hehehee... Alhamdulillah I didn't get motion sickness. We then stopped at Kuala Kubu Baru for a short visit. One of the places we went to was Ude's old house. It was staff quarters for Jabatan Bekalan Air. I remember we went there once after SPM, after I first got my driving license, to go for a picnic at Sg Pertak. The h…

Fraser's Hill Day 2

It was so-so cold in the morning in Fraser's Hill rupanya. Kabus tebal. At around 9am, we went out. Niat di hati nak masuk trail for jungle trekking. The nearest was Bishop Trail. Bila sampai dan dah ambik gambar, Ude dan Jay buat announcement. Sebenarnya, kawan-kawan, semua trail dan Jeriau waterfall tutup sampai hujung bulan. Saja je 2 ekor ni tak bagitau semua orang! Jadinya, we walked. Pusing satu Fraser's Hill. From 9am-2pm. It was so much fun. Macam Jay cakaplah, kalau kumpul ramai-ramai duduk gua pun happening :). Since there's nothing much there, we created our own activities.
 Alien turun bumi...  Macam gi trekking. Tapi kat tepi jalan je sebenarnya :) Jalan-jalan sampai Paddock...   Aliyah mesti naik kuda :) Robin Hoods memanah. Bini Tok Batin menyumpit :)  Kat tepi jalan nampak stone wall yang penuh dengan moss. Nice :)  Jalan sampai lah tengah town. I dah penat ambik gambar last-last asal sapa-sapa suruh posing je, I just hulur tangan! Making my presence felt :) …

Fraser's Hill Day 1

Aliyah and I took the train to Rawang and met the rest of the girls there. From Rawang, we went to the dam in Kuala Kubu Baru. When we were in Form 5, we went for a trip to Sg Pertak just before SPM. It was so much fun. Now, it is no longer there, replaced by the dam.
 Beautiful place. A bit scary tho. Nice view...
Then, a short stop at Sg Chilling. Ingat nak lunch kat sini. Nasib baik tak. Hehehe... because the drive up to Fraser's Hill would make all the food keluar balik!
Ambik gambar tengah jalan pun no hal!
Sampai Fraser's Hill, we stopped for lunch at one of the many gazebos. Siap potong cake birthday Ies. This time around Jay buat vanilla strawberry cake. Yummy! Yang mabuk siap OK bila jumpa food yang sedap. Ude bought awesome nasi lemak. Lain-lain ada sushi, macaroni goreng... Macam-macam lah yang tak mungkin habis sekali hadap :) Lepas tu check in kat Silverpark Fraser's Hill... The apartment is so-so la. Tapi bukan nak duduk bilik saja kan?
Lepas rest, we went ex…