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Pijal's Wedding

Hubby's youngest brother Pijal got married today. We were at the bride's place the whole day today. I am so very tired. It started early in the morning - gathering the whole clan - which always prove to be a very challenging task especially when it comes to timing. But what can you expect with huge families that amounted to about 10 cars.

The akad nikah was at a surau and after that we rested at the balairaya next door. But we waited so long for the bride to get ready and plus a few other little blunders here and there. One thing for sure, we had discussions and made mental notes for next week's majlis bertandang in Melaka so that we won't make the same blunders.
Anyway, selamat pengantin baru to Pijal and Iqah. We almost share the same wedding date :) - one day lapse.

Anniversary Card From Aliyah

Aliyah has been secretly working on a card for us for the past few days. The only time she has is at night near bedtime. So, it took her awhile. Last night she gave me the card along with gifts for Hubby and me. It's funny but touching at the same time - the gifts were actually the toiletries I took back home from the hotel in Kuantan for her. She gave me a shower cap, and Hubby got a little soap :). This really shows the truth in the saying - It's the thought that counts!

The card is red with a cut-out little heart. It read: "Happy Anniversary Mommy and Abah, I love you". That is so so so sweet. The inside read: "Happy Anniversary Mommy and Abah. Aliyah sorry kerana Aliyah kadang-kadang Aliyah notty. Aliyah janji tak nak buat notty lagi."

We love her so much... Oh, and she got the spelling for "anniversary" perfect. I asked her how she could spell it correctly and she said she copied from her handphone. Very resourceful :)
The card. She wrote in pen…

A Decade of Marriage

It'll be our 10th anniversary tomorrow. Truthfully, sometime last year, I wondered if we will ever reach this two digit number. The test was a bit too much to bear. Alhamdulillah, we made it. We are still together, very much in love.

Hubby's early anniversary wish: "Thank you for all the love, thank you for all the support, thank you for the patience, thank you for Aliyah... I love you so much".

Bubu's Offspring?

I worked from home yesterday. My chest pains came back. Sometime around 11am, I saw Fifi the cat at the sliding door and heard these little squeaks. I just commented the night before to Hubby that Fifi looked like she just gave birth. And true to my words, there at the door was a kitten. Its eyes has opened but looked so weak. I rushed to get a box, closed all doors upstairs, and put the kitty in the box. The kitty is quite big but upon inspection it is still very weak, maybe 3-4 days old. They are now at our wash area - where Bubu used to stay.

We suspect the kitty is Bubu's offspring witnessing how Bubu was so smitten with Fifi a few months ago. Know what, we took a peek yesterday evening and saw the kitty stretched out - front hands and back legs straight just like Bubu! Must be his :)

I don't know whether the kitty will survive. And I have doubts I will allow the kitty to live in our house especially that Bubu has just disappeared, and I don't fancy female cats - I suspe…

With Heavy Heart

Bubu still not back. After 3 days, I now accept the fact that I might not see him again. My ahli nujum - my brother Angah said he might still be alive but he's far. (Dia belajar petua cari barang from my late grandfather - cara orang tua-tua). My heart is heavy.

Bubu Missing More Than 24 Hrs

I am so so worried. Bubu has been missing for more than 24 hours now. The usual accomplices are around - those female cats - but not him. We have searched around the area. I even searched in the drains, you know, in case... But still we can't find him. Sebab ni lah I malas bela kucing ni...

Aliyah has been asking about him but she doesn't look as worried as I am. I miss his voice. I miss the way he lies down pretending to be sleeping. Where is he...?

Project Started

We just came back this afternoon after spending 3 days in Kuantan. Our project has started and now we are at requirement study stage. Personally, requirement study is the most fun part of a project. I love meeting people and getting their "wants and needs". My technical and web design consultants went back yesterday evening after their sessions ended. We were supposed to go back too but my session had to be continued this morning. The project owners were so busy. Itu pun kena sambung lagi next week.

Lesson learned: next time must bring extra clothes, in case we got detained again. Baju we all ngam-ngam je for the 2 days session. So yesterday night we went to East Coast Mall - to get myself a new blouse and Hubby a new shirt.

We did manage to squeeze in some time to go to Teluk Cempedak. Of course nothing special - but such beautiful beach. But then I just don't feel it's a place for me to spend my holidays even though we went over to check out Hyatt which looked quite …

Up and Down, and Up and Down Again

Adoiyai... penat tak habis lagi, esok nak gi Kuantan lagi. We went for a day trip yesterday for a presentation. Right after Subuh we all keluar. The night before we parked Aliyah at my sister's place. At first we were supposed to stay in Kuantan until Thursday. But then our meeting got postponed. There is 1.5 day of gap between meetings, so Hubby decided to go back. Bukan apa, sekarang banyak tanggungjawab... Anak, Bubu, fish, tortoise... Yang paling we all risau is Bubu. Aliyah - no problem as she's happy at my sister's. Bubu ni kalau hantar boarding, kesian pulak being caged for days. Kalau tinggal kat rumah nanti kena get my niece to come over every day bagi dia makan. Kalau dapat jumpa dia, kalau time dia merayau, tak makan pulak nanti.

So, tomorrow another trip up to East Coast. Ever since we started going up to Kuantan, I actually tak pernah lagi pegi beach or any places of interest yet. Just that one time we went for seafood at Tg Lumpur. All my small talks with clie…

Time Doesn't Seem Enough

The crazy thing about running your own business is - things are unpredictable. December was a very quiet month. We finished up all projects and spent the last month of the year planning for 2010, and me going up the levels in Cafe World. Things picked up on the last day of 2009 and since then suddenly work piled up. Alhamdulillah... we have work to do.

We went up to Kuantan yesterday for project kick-off meeting - day trip. Next week we'll start to be stationed there for a few days for URS sessions. Aliyah will stay with my second sister. In fact, she's now spending the night there. There's this reason about a kitten which got lost and her wanting to play with the rest of the kittens. And then about her not wanting to "disturb" us in our dinner meeting with a friend just now. Know what, I think she can be a good lawyer!

Back to work - I never take up financing for my company. From the very start, I pumped in my own money to start up and get things rolling. So far s…

That Is Why I am Me

I poured my heart out. No expectations or requests. Only understanding. For that, I was very thankful.

At one point, I was told what someone thought of me. And surprisingly I was not angry or offended. I think after all these time, it was expected. After betrayal upon betrayal, truthfully, I am not even surprised. Deep down in my heart, nothing surprises me anymore. It is expected.

I was consoled - that's why you are you. That is my only regret. And the consequences? These little pieces of shards I used to call - heart.

Little Pond in Action

Our little pond is full of activities. We added plants and divided the bamboo-like plant (dunno what it's called) into 3 pots. We also added 3 more goldfish (well, one of the 3 that Aliyah bought died), so now there are 5. The tortoise is happy in its new home. Oh, we call it Joe. After Afdlin Shauki's character in "Setem". (Aliyah so lurve that movie.)

The weather was so nice this morning so I took pictures.
Hubby brought the "batu giling" back from Melaka. It's been collecting dust in my MIL's store for years. Makes a very nice water feature :)
We bought this aqua plant a few weeks ago - something called Orkid Air. We have now pots of the plant. It produced new flowers, and these will later become little plants of their own.
Arial view. Hubby and me - we always spend nights sitting and watching the inhabitants of our little pond. If it drizzles, even nicer with the cool night air. Good time to talk or discuss. More often than not, Bubu will accompany …

First Week of School

Quite a colourful first week of school.

Both of us accompanied Aliyah to school on Monday - afternoon session. As usual, assembly first. We left her at the hall and went to sit at the canteen. Hubby and I sat reminiscing our own primary schooling days (me - first 5 years in PJ and Std 6 in Sg Besar, him - his days in Melaka). Then went to the bookshop, and back to the canteen.

Hubby went to check in the hall and found the Std 3 have gone to their individual classes. Haiyoo... teruk betul lah parents Aliyah ni, bercerita sampai tak sedar anak dah masuk kelas. So, we went to find Aliyah's class. We spotted her running down and up again, then down again with her bag. Apparently, her name was not listed in 3 Tanjung (at first I thought she didn't pay attention in class last year when the teacher sorted them into classes but then there were 2 more kids along with her who were not listed, so we blamed her Std 2 class teacher, who was actually sick end of last year, so - never mind!). …

School Starts Tomorrow

School starts tomorrow. Time sure flies. Gosh, rasa macam baru je start cuti, dah new year.

Everything for school is ready. Just two pairs of new baju kurung school uniform for Aliyah, lain pakai old ones. Bukan apa, she will grow a few inches taller by June. So, we'll get her more new uniforms mid of the year. Shoes - just one pair. We bought her one new pair mid last year. I guess, that's one way of making her feel motivated to go to school - new uniforms and shoes early and middle of the year.

Anyway, she's such a nice little girl. If something can still be used or worn, she doesn't want it to be replaced. She didn't want new pencil box or school bag or colour pencils because she said hers are still good. But I bought her some new stationery anyway, and a small canvas bag to store her colour pencils. Her colour pencils are still in very good shape just the box has worn out. My daughter really takes care of her stuff well.

She'll be in afternoon session this yea…