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What to Do this School Hols?

Aliyah, as usual, has been following us to the office since the school holidays start. I really feel bad for her. We have tonnes of work to do and all she does all day is to use our handphones to watch Winx Club and draw. She refused to stay with my Kak Lang - which is actually a better place for the girl to spend the day compared to the office. As a sweet little girl, she always says she doesn't mind us not entertaining her... Baik sangat la anak aku ni!

I'm trying to clear up some works so that I can take her to catch a movie. Kung Fu Panda perhaps...

Turn Away in Peace...

I commented on Enida's posting about how to be insensitive. As always, this friend of mine has beautiful words to sooth the feelings:

"God knows people like us are capable of finding happiness somewhere else. When one door is closed on us, He knows we are sensitive enough to find other doors. We don't stay yelling, kicking and screaming at the closed door. We are nice that way. We turn away in peace..."

I felt a teeny weeny bit better :)


Whatever that I have said that might make someone angry, it is for the sake of the company. I never think about myself. To me, Allah swt knows best - my intentions, my thoughts, etc. I have always been a nice person. So, if I actually did make someone angry, then, there must be a good reason for it.

- Management Decision

One of the essential skills of an entrepreneur is to trust one's own judgement. Or what I always call "gut feeling". I made a big management mistake and now living the consequences. I was so determined to move forward, to bring the company to a higher level, that I actually ignored my gut feelings. Whatever uneasiness I felt in my guts, I ignored. All because I thought that it was the phase that we need to go through - new culture, new ideas, etc.

I should've listened to this thing that I have trusted for years - my gut feeling. And I should've listened to the uneasiness of some of my people. I waved it off as petty because I badly wanted a fresh start for everybody, at this new office. It started as petty and small but it slowly grew and in the end, it felt like a thorn stuck to my thumb. And worse, one that I couldn't prick off.

On the positive side, this is a lesson well learned. But with a high price to pay. It made me realise this thing in me that I have a…

Am I an Entrepreneur?

At times I really think I can't go on anymore. This challenge we are facing is really taking me down. This morning I don't feel like getting up. If only I can just close my eyes and sleep and pretend that all these are not happening. But of course what good would that be? I can't give up just because one person is giving me a hard time.

And good thing about Facebook is that - there are times you can find some good stuff amongst the rubbish. And my ex-boss shared an article this morning - whether or not one really is an entrepreneur. Guess what - out of the seven indications, I actually "comply" with all seven.

And the one that struck me the most was no 7: "Finally--you love it. Simply stated, if you are really excited about the challenges each day presents, you just might be an entrepreneur. The terrain might not be easy to trek, but for an entrepreneur it’s incredibly satisfying and fun to take on each new challenge."

Yes, things are tough, always. But …

Will See...

How was the presentation? I really can't say... Looks good, not really... 50-50... Seriously, I have no idea. Gut feeling? Nothing. It was a panel consisting of technical people whose main concern was scrutinizing the server specifications. So, I believe the prototype was irrelevant. But one thing I am sure of is that, insyaallah, God willing, if ada rezeki, a portion of the project can be ours due to our previous work done with them. My little consolidation. Hopefully.

But the trip was awful. I was down with flu and fever. The weather was so hot. Semua tu cabaran...

All Set... Hopefully...

All is set for Monday. Slides done. Prototype done. Partners have been informed and will be on standby.

Really hope we will be able to give a good presentation and get the project. And really hope I'll be well very soon. Suddenly having this fever and flu. Gosh, at times felt I can't go on anymore... Perhaps my body and mind found this connection and decided to shut down. After my short vacation things felt so difficult. I spent the next few days sleeping (actually just keeping my eyes shut) after Aliyah went off to school and went to work late. Keep on praying God help me.

Mimi & Boboi

I have not written much about the cats in the house. Reason being - after some time, I still can't really get "connected" with these 2 cats. It's very different from Bubu and Kiki previously. With them, I just can't wait to see them. But these 2 cats live in their own world. Very nice and well-behaved cats, no doubt about it, and I do like them very much but I just don't feel connected. Maybe I just miss Kiki so much and his loss really affected me. I still have his small teddy bear at my bed-side table :(
Aliyah loves them very much. Very naughty cats. Boboi likes to bring in leaves from outside. While Mimi never leaves our rugs in proper place.

On the Sungkai Trip

We came back yesterday after a very relaxing mini vacation. It was so good to soak in the hot spring, then in the cold mountain spring, and then back in the hot water again. That's what we did all day. Not many people around, so it was great, not to mention clean! I woke up this morning with bodyache. Must be the "water massage" at the mountain spring.

I think Yatt has a very rejuvenating break. She took morning and evening walks around the hotel and in the park. I told her it was the closest to Bali we can get here in terms of affordability, the view, and the service, and she quite agree. But the person who enjoyed it most was Aliyah. She even made a new friend - also named Alia. Very nice and cute girl.
Breakfast at Cemara Lounge. The coffee house nearby was under renovation. Very nice place near the villas. This time around, the food was OK. The chef was in the house :).

Another Sungkai Trip

As I was writing this, I was thinking - what on earth am I doing in front of this laptop during my vacation? Know what, the only way I can really take a vacation is if I leave my laptop at home. But I really can't. Not yet. Maybe one fine day if I go to Bali again, I might!

I just finished doing proof-reading for this translation work. Itupun one file only - 5 pages. I don't know whether I will or have the energy or the mood to continue with the rest come morning. With Aliyah around in this little trip, it's quite a difficult feat.

So, we are here - Yatt, me and Aliyah. We reached this resort at around 1pm, checked in - not many people around - and rested. Then at 3pm we went to the hot springs and the mountain pool. It rained quite heavily at first, but then we intended to get wet anyway, so, what the heck! Aliyah looked at me with big round eyes when I said - you can play in the rain!

I hope for a relaxing day come morning. Feeling quite tired. This vacation mode has starte…

Going for a Short Break

My good friend Yatt macam tau2 je I'm in very stressful mode at the moment. She called last week to get together for a short break before she starts her new job at the heart of the city. Good for her. With nice job title too :)

I suggested Sungkai Hot Springs - a place I know can rejuvenate the body. Dipping in the hot water can do wonders. So, we'll be going tomorrow - a girls' getaway - along with Aliyah. Only the three of us. And Aliyah will cut school for one day. She will bring along her books because right after Wesak holiday she will start her exams.

Hope for a nice short holiday. But I still think it will never be a real holiday. We just received letter of us being shortlisted for that east coast sebutharga, so have to prepare prototype and presentation slides. I believe Hubby will work on it while I take my short break.

And Alhamdulillah things have started moving quite in a fast pace now. Yesterday we got a few leads to do translation work, one of it was finalised i…

+Positive Thoughts+

A good night's sleep is scarce these days. I wake up with headaches. It just kills me that I don't have any other solution other than waiting. I have used up all available resources. For the first time in many many years, I am stuck.

At times like this I am grateful that I have the other half who shares this burden. No, it actually is not a burden. It's a gift that not many are able to carry but the very few. And I am proud to say that I have carried this through for 5 years now. It's just that this is a difficult period. I call it the transition period. Of difficulties and challenges before good things are to happen. I'm putting positive thoughts here. And I pray Allah help us through. For the sake of these bunch of excellent people we have under our wings.

What I look forward these days? Our morning breakfast session of roti telur and teh ais. Where we both talk and discuss. Of many things that come to mind. Of the company, of opportunities, of Aliyah... Small thin…

Mother's Day Baking Session

It was a very quiet Mother's Day celebration. I even forgot it's Mother's Day. I think mainly because my Kak Long is not around - she's in Bandung on holiday. And I also have not visited my mother for 2 weeks now. Something happened and I really don't feel like going to the house. I know it's not a nice thing to do, but until this family moves out from there, I'd rather not go.

Hubby and Aliyah bought me this cycling pants as gift. I have yet to cycle in it. The weather is so very hot nowadays going out of the house will only give me headache. I would rather stay in-doors. Really miss the cycling sessions.

Yesterday, Aliyah and me did some baking. Aliyah was so excited to bake scones. I cut out the recipe from Australian Women's Weekly magazine, paste it in her recipe book, and the picture looked so yummy. So, she made scones (Aliyah did everything while I supervised) while I made apple pie from this big bag of apples which nobody bothered to eat in the f…

Roasted Chicken Sandwich

This meal is the new favourite in my home - roasted chicken sandwich with sauteed mushrooms and grilled aubergine. By popular request, I've been making this at least twice a week and Hubby and Aliyah do not seem to get bored. Very healthy meal. Delicious I must say! So far we ate either with plain bread or croissants. I believe pita bread or tortilla might be good too.
Quarter chicken roasted with fresh rosemary (from my herb garden) and garlic - all stuffed under the skin. Season with salt and blackpepper and pour a little olive oil. At times I don't bother to wait for the chicken to thaw - no time after coming back from work. Because can just pre-heat the oven to maximum, then put in the chicken and lower the temperature to 160C and slow cook it for 50mins. Then, shred the chicken into small pieces, mash the garlic into the meat.
The leftover olive oil and chicken fat in the pan is then heated on the stove. Full of flavour - of garlic and rosemary and the chicken. Put chopped …

Recipe Book Updates

I have started updating Aliyah's recipe book. Junior Masterchef has really sparked her interest in cooking. In fact, last weekend we made Egg Tarts. It was a recipe given by my Kak Lang years ago called Pai Susu. But I improvised - made the pastry smaller and baked in the small cupcake containers. In the end, it actually tasted like Portugese Egg Tarts - and looked almost the same - with the burnt dark brown caramel on top. Fantastic! Next time to add a little bit more sugar. Forgot to take pictures.Have put more recipes - if I write them down, I would write on small coloured papers and paste them. My handwriting is very unpredictable nowadays.

Touch & Go at Kuantan

We went for a touch & go trip to Kuantan yesterday to submit the sebutharga we are participating. We spent the weekend preparing the documents. So, it was no Labour Day holiday for us. Very interesting project. I pray we get it. Something we have not done before - in the sense of its scale and expected visitor traffic. We are more than capable of doing this, just need the opportunity. Mesti doa banyak2. Tolong doa kan ye :)

The journey started right after sending Aliyah off at school. Half-way through, we stopped at Temerloh, as usual, for breakfast. The day was a bit rainy. It was cool and misty. Beautiful day for a long drive. It was good that Hubby was with me this time around. My bad knee has been giving problem for days. I only drove about an hour while he slept after breakfast. It was a good trip, no glitches, no problems. I pray for our rezeki there.
Beautiful cool and misty morning near Genting...