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Today's My Wedding Anniversary

Today - I've been married for 7 years. We started seeing each other in our 2nd year of college, so I've been with him for 16 long years. 16? Lamanya... The relationship has gone through ups and downs, happiness and sadness, separation but never break-up. Yup, never. We were once separated for 8 months when he got posted to Labuan. Other than that, we were always together.

Hubby remembered. Hmm... good for him. Kalau tak... Yesterday I rushed over to Alamanda to find a present. Budget pun tak berapa nak ada. Thought of buying him something intimate - pyjamas. But then the sizes they had were way, way too big. Then I resorted to night T and boxers. Pun sama - no size. Apparently the M sizes are always sold out. I was so tired of going around not to mention stressed out waiting for Casfian to finish up a client's website, finally I resorted to buying a T shirt with a zip at the neck. He doesn't have one of those. So unromantic, but can do lah.

He didn't buy me anything…

I Got Myself a New Notebook

My first blog entry using this spanking new Dell machine. Hah, I just got myself a new notebook. And paling membanggakan - bought this with Dextra money. Yup, we actually have some money to spare to buy a notebook. And some more spare for company expenses for the next 2 months. OK la, 2 months is nothing to shout about, but for a small, little company which I started about 6 months ago, this is simply an achievement.

So, that menyakitkan hati FTec will go back to its owners next week. So sick of that notebook yang sesuka hati meng-shut-down dirinya sendiri. Tiba-tiba je screen dah gelap. Apahal la. Tapi got sentimental value lah jugak. It's a small 12.1 inch notebook that I carry around like everywhere.

This machine is a little bit bigger - 14 inch. A little bit thicker and heavier. The colour is silver with white lining. Aisey, white? I prefer the HP sleek looking black notebooks, but hubby always said Dell is better.

Anyway, a little story about this morning. Sarah was so sleepy th…

Phone Behaviour Does Not Discriminate

I took the Star LRT yesterday to KL. It was not peak hour so the train was fairly empty. I didn't notice a blind man entering the train until a girl came, took the man's arm and sat him opposite me. Good gesture. However, what interest me was that all the while, the blind man was talking on this handphone. So, you can imagine the scene - a nice girl helping him while the man with not even a small gesture of appreciation talked loudly on the phone. He was still on the phone when he was seated.

I'm not saying that blind man must say thank you lah kan, but then the least he can do was to stop talking for a while, while he was being led to his seat.

My conclusion - phone behaviour memang does not discriminate.

Perangai Some Drivers

Hari ni akak nak blog style lain. Stress lah. Tak cukup tido sebab tak leh tido. Lepas 2 hari, mlm tadi akak makan ubat selsema yang memang untuk kasi tido. Pagi tadi akak bangun pukul 12. Bukan pagi, 12 tengahari, silap.

Akak nak tulis pasal satu driver akak jumpa semalam. Bila bawak kereta ni, macam2 perangai kita boleh tengok. Yang ni pasal satu driver pompuan. Akak sebenarnya pantang bila orang kutuk women drivers, tapi yang ni akak pun sama nak kutuk. Cara dia bawak kereta ya Allah... sabar je lah. Akak rasa dia ni either 1) Baru dapat kereta baru; or 2) Baru lepas probation ("P" baru tanggal pagi tadi).

Dia bawak Savvy warna merah, punya lah slow. Kat Seri Putra tu dah la jalan banyak lubang, dia boleh try elak semua lubang yang ada. Kejap ke kiri, kejap ke kanan. So imagine lah - dah la slow, kejap kiri, kejap kanan, kejap tengah. Akak rasa kalau akak maintain speed seslow 40km/h dan tutup mata, memang akak akan hentam belakang kereta dia. Pasal dia begitu determine men…

Oprah: Being Comfortable With Yourself

Dah lama tak tengok Oprah. Yesterday managed to catch one show. I didn't really watch it fully, just catching here and there. There were the Williams sisters and Jada Pickett Smith. The topic was something about being comfortable with oneself - meaning no looking down at yourself - no sayings like I'm ugly, I'm fat, etc.

One thing that always amazes me is that how people are never ever satisfied with their looks. Ask Cameron Diaz and she would say she's too skinny, ask Heidi Klum and I bet she would say that she hates certain part of her body. And these are major babes.

I'm not spared of course. I always wish that I have nice nose, higher forehead, slimmer cheeks, thinner lips, flatter stomach, smaller butt, etc, etc. If I have all those would I be satisfied? Then I would wish for many other things. However, one good thing about being in my 30s is that I am more comfortable with myself and my life. If I were given a chance to turn back the clock, say to 1990s when I …

Two Weeks into the Year 2007

It's now 2 weeks into 2007. Let's see - Sarah has started schooling, hubby is still working day and night, and I am still working day and night. Nothing much has changed. New year's resolution? Tak payah lah buat tahun ni - buat penat je pasal takkan achieve pun.

Anyway, now Sarah is in the "real" kindy - she's 6 years old this year. Baru 1 week schooling started dah ponteng sekolah. Sarah and her Mommy has this thing in common - we both hate Mondays. Last Monday she just couldn't open her eyes. Dah kena marah pun tak nak sekolah jugak. OK lah, so we both went back to sleep!

Do you the know the saying that "mothers know everything"? It's true you know. A few nights ago hubby came back from work and asked Sarah whether she is in class 6B. He said that because he saw Sarah's name tag has a "B" written near the number 6. Sarah said she doesn't know. Then both looked at me. I said - Sarah is in class 6 Sunflower. And both actuall…