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I'm currently racing against time to finish up the other mysa project. The content of the book is 75% completed. I pray we will be able to meet the deadline this Monday.

While doing the topic on "animals", I ran through the pictures I have collected for the slideshow. One of it is the picture of our long-lost-never-to-return beloved cat Kiki. Ya Allah, rindunya bila tengok gambar dia. He's one of those few cats that I have yang sangat, sangat bijak. He's like part of our family. Us finding him was destined. And to think that we found him near a dumpster. While he was very small, thin and fragile. After just 2 days of taking him in, he found a place in our home and our hearts. The moment I saw him climbing Aliyah's back and settling himself there, I knew this cat would be very special to us. He blended in perfectly. We almost lost him due to some sickness. He spent a week in emergency at the clinic. Miraculously, he survived. From a small thin kitten, he grew …

Why Oh Why...

Frustration. Disappointment. Again and again. For years.

I never learn, do I? Doing so much and receiving so little. Just because I spend so much time in front of my computer doesn't look like I am doing much, is it? There is a good reason why my little laptop is bursting with stuff that slows it down. There is a good reason why my specs doesn't serve me well anymore. Because I work like crazy for two oddly, totally different businesses. At the same time. And doing it so damn good that nobody notices.

I guess I only have to rely on myself.

3 Things I'm Doing

1) After my Angah and Kak Ros came back from umrah, they resumed their normal duties of bathing my mother in the mornings. Well, after Kak Ros took 2 days "MC" due to her fever. After a few days of leading a little bit less hectic mornings, I have to admit that I miss caring for my mother. I miss seeing her in the morning, catching that smile when she sees me coming into her room. I miss making her fresh and smelling of baby powder. Most of all, I miss kissing her hand and her cheeks and asking her to pray for my little family's wellness. So I took over the tasks during weekends. Have to give Kak Ros some rest. So, that's what I do weekend mornings now. Sometimes my other sisters will come back as well. When they come, I will reserve the time for my cycling activity.

2) Aliyah is at her friend's house in Nilai Impian for her first sleepover. I guess, from me not receiving any bit of WhatsApp message from her, means that she's having a blast of a time. She pre…

Sad Day for Malaysia

Our PM finally announced last night that MH370 is indeed lost in the Indian Ocean. Such sad, sad news. I guess everybody, after a few days, knows the fate of the plane. But then, deep inside our hearts, we were praying and hoping for a miracle. Let it be hijacked. At least, the passengers and crews can be rescued. Of all the theories flying around, literally, I believe in one. That the plane had technical problems, whether it was a fire or whatever that disabled all communications, turned back in frantic effort to land somewhere, didn't quite made it, perhaps due to the pilots being unconscious or something like that, and flew on auto-pilot until it ran out of fuel. I have believed this from Day One. 
And I have always believed that Captain Zaharie was innocent and indeed a hero. He would have tried his very best to save the 238 lives on the plane. Those who accuse him of any conspiracy do not know the power of "love". He has children. He has a grandchild only a few mont…

Being Mom to a Teenager

I'm not an experienced mother to a teenager . I am still learning and trying my very best. At times, dealing with a teenage daughter can be very frustrating. A few weeks ago, I tried getting advise from my WhatsApp group of ex-ATPN friends. About how to handle moody daughter. After a few sharing of experience, the conversation became almost 150++ long, and I actually found out that my problem is trivial compared to my other friends. With that in mind, I am now a bit less stressed and less angry. After one encounter that left me so frustrated, I now just let go. I don't try very hard to please anymore. I'm trying the "whatever" attitude. If my daughter is in one of her moody bouts, I'm just letting her be. Got to protect my fragile heart!

Nobody Wants to be in Their Shoes...

I wrote about this before - "Senang orang kita nampak, susah dia kita tak nampak". I refer to some people yang selalu mengeluh tentang nasib diri, tapi tak nak usaha, asyik menyusahkan orang, lepas tu komen kehidupan orang lain dan kata "ye la, dia duit banyak... or this or that". To me, itu semua usaha untuk menutup kelemahan diri sendiri dan menghalalkan cara dia menyusahkan orang. Kalau kita tak ubah nasib kita sendiri, siapa yang akan ubah? Betul tak?

Anyway, melepaskan sedikit rasa terbuku kat dalam hati sebab kesian tengok ada orang yang poketnya diperah tanpa belas kasihan.

Double anyway, with the status of MH370 still in limbo, I cringe every time there is a live press conference. Can you image how the authority feel facing all the journalists? I don't think anybody wants to be in their shoes now.

That's the price to pay for holding certain positions, being paid certain amount of money. I'm generalising here. Position comes with responsibility. …

MTB Clinic 2.0

I didn't get to join the cycle on Sunday. At 5am, Aliyah bangun sakit perut. Must be all the makanan dan minuman berlemak + late night maggi tomyam the night before. So, Hubby took my bike for one of the teachers to use. I was quite worried actually. Rasa banyak juga tempat yang agak dangerous for the kids to ride. Kalau bawak MTB yang bagus, memang no problem. Alhamdulillah, everything went well. My nephew Along Iwan helped out with his Ranger - mengangkut a few bikes yang rosak along the way. Ada yang patah pedal. Cikgu yang pinjam my bike surrendered on the way back. Tak larat nak cycle back naik turun bukit.
 Bailey bridge di Kg Sg Buah... ada a few places yang kayunya dah patah. But the marshals did a good job of guarding the kids. Berkumpul sebelum cycle to off-road site near abandoned Emville.

8 March 2014 - What a Day...

What a day, what a day... One of the most hectic days ever.

The morning started early. At 7.30am, went with Hubby and the school's cycling club chief to plan the route for SMK BSP's cycling activity on Sunday. The route from school and back home (for me, while both of them continued back to school) was 17kms. Both road and off-road. We identified the check points where marshals will have to be posted, the dangerous places, etc. I went back straight home because I had to fetch my Kak Long from my mother's place at 10am.

With about 20mins to spare, I went home. Baru letak bike, dapat notification from my Awani apps - MH370 went missing. My jaw dropped. When was the last time our plane went down? In the 70s right? I then spent the next half and hour in front of the TV, getting all the updates. The incident just grabbed my heart. I guess because we were going to fetch my brother Angah and the others at the airport in just a few hours. So close to our hearts.

Lepas saja fetched…

OMG... Sama Saja Ceritanya Kan?

It's such an embarrassment to admit but I do read gossip blogs. Bukan apa - antara baca suratkhabar mainstream vs forum/blog gossip, the latter is much more enjoyable and informative. Hah! Selalu bila dah buat kerja 2-3 jam, kepala pun needs some rest, buka la juga untuk buang masa. Dua tiga hari ni ada gossip yang agak sensasi. Pasal artis rampas suami orang, then dia suruh wife orang tu minta maaf sebab accuse her. 
Seriously??? These "other women" are so typical kan?  #1: They are very stupid #2: They are very stupid #3: They are very stupid and ugly tapi perasan dia cantik
Anyway, the case siap ada FB page yang support the wife lagi. Selalu in such cases, the wife will get the support because the wife is always the good one, the one yang berkorban segala-galanya untuk husband dia, susah senang sama-sama. And the other women is always the bitch. True case. Every time!

Signboard is Up!

Finally our signboard is up! Took us 2 months. We had to make sure we got the license from MPKJ first, then only ordered the signage, then ordered the frame. We purposely use this kind of signage. Esok-esok kalau dah bosan dengan signage tu, boleh saja buat yang lain! Much cheaper anyway.
Jemput datang ye...