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It's Our Anniversary Today...

Yup, it's been 8 years of blissful marriage. And I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband and an amazing daughter to share this life.

I didn't remind Hubby this whole week and waited till this morning to wish him a happy anniversary. He said he wanted to wish me last night but he fell asleep with Aliyah. Hmm... I'd like to believe he didn't forget. Ok la, I'm sure he didn't forget because he synced my phone calendar to his phone.

Plans for today? Nothing much. Can't go out because it's a weekday and I'm sure Aliyah has got homework. Perhaps this weekend. And I still have not bought him a present yet. Urrgghh, nak bagi apa yek? Tak ada idea dah.

Dorama With Love

After my posting the other day about how I loved everything Japs when I was pregnant, I searched for this Japanese drama I loved so much way back then. It was called "With Love" starring the oh-so-gorgeous Yutaka Takenouchi. And thanks to the wonderful, wonderful Internet, I actually found the music video of the song "Destiny" on YouTube, downloaded the song from WinMX and oh-tak-sangka found the whole drama episodes which I have now started to watch.

It just brings back the memories. It was a slow drama but it was one of the best. I remember swapping stories with Azura who until now used the nickname "Teriteribozuo", and who coincidently also got pregnant at that time. (And our kids were classmates in kindy.) And Yutaka Takenouchi... did I say he's gorgeous? He has this way of making an intense facial expression that makes you wonder what's actually going on in his mind which no other actor can ever make.

If you are a sucker for With Love, here…

Masa Dlm Perut, Masa Dah Besar

It's funny that Aliyah likes the things I like when I was pregnant. Of course lah kan, she was in my tummy. But it's pretty amazing to think...

My favourite band is The Corrs. Masa pregnant tersangatlah sukanya dengar CD The Corrs Unplugged. Dalam kereta asyik dengar CD tu aje. When I was 8 months pregnant, The Corrs came to Malaysia for a concert. I punyalah teringin nak pegi. Tapi Hubby tak bagi - "nanti awak terberanak kat stadium tu nanti!". Kesian I kempunan tengok concert. A few weeks ago, we were in the car when Aliyah heard The Corrs song on radio. Terus dia kata - "best lah lagu ni!" and terus ikut menyanyi walaupun her first time listening. All these while I don't believe she's heard any The Corrs song before. Me and Hubby just exchanged looks.

When I was pregnant, I fell in love with everything Japanese except for the food. Masa tu every evening ada Japanese series, and I never missed. Even though masa tu morning sickness teruk sampai tak b…

Cure for Insomnia

Finally, after almost 2 months, my insomnia is cured. I had sleeping problems which will happen every few months. I would still be wide awake at 4am wishing it's already time to wake up so that I can start the morning and go to work. As a result, I get terrible migraine throughout the day due to the lack of sleep. Then I would be very, very sleepy at 3pm that lasted for about 1 hour. And this usually happens when I'm walking or driving or working that make it impossible for me to catch a nap. After that I would be wide awake again till 4am. And the cycle happened every day.

At first I didn't even thought of doing anything about it, thinking it will pass. So was hubby. However, one day my comel daughter made a remark about me. We had just finished lunch on a weekend, and I went out to the back to check out the laundry while hubby melayan Aliyah makan. While I was outside, I coughed quite badly. Hubby told me Aliyah asked him whether Mommy is sick. So, hubby said yes, Mommy&#…

Missing Girl Sharlinie

God, 2 little girls abducted within 48 hours. There is one (a few?) serious child kidnapper, molester around among us. I pray to God this girl will not end up with Nurin Jazlin. Ya Allah, selamatkan lah dia.

People, don't simply read the stories in the newspapers, stare at the little girl's photo believing yourself you have memorized her face.

Here's what I suggest you should do:

1. Save the emergency numbers on your handphone ie the father's number (Mohd Nashar Mat Hussain 016-258 3450), any nearest police station, Rakan Cop (03-2115 9999), etc.

2. Capture the girl's photo onto your handphone. You can download the missing girl posters at

So, if you find a girl that looks like Sharlinie, you can always counter check with the photo. If it's her, then call the numbers right away. Though I'm sure by now the little girl must be hidden somewhere out of sight. Let's all help whatever ways we can. We can prevent another tragedy.

Teaching Profession

On TV3 news the past few days ago dok tunjuk special report on our country's education system. I think on the 2nd day of the installment, I caught the report on teachers - why teaching job is not respected anymore. Mind you I was a teacher once albeit for only 2.5 months. I've done that, been there. My views...

1. Time change, the world evolve. Dulu people only have teaching as the highest rank in the employment ladder. You've got to have education to be able to reach that top spot. Then when people began to get better and better education, the whole world of employment opened up - you can be doctors, lawyers, architect, etc. Those require higher level of education and promises better salary. So people reach out. Teaching profession evolved too, perhaps slower that the rest. So, that's why not many people choose teaching profession anymore.

2. Time change, culture evolved. After the wars life was difficult. So, when some people hold the title "teacher" they bri…

Parents Mcm Ni Pun Ada...

Having a kid in primary school is a new experience for both of us. After 2 years of comfort in kindy, it's not only the real world for Aliyah, but also for us. Ni nak cerita pasal perangai some parents at Aliyah's school. I memang naik angin gila.

Hubby asked me to watch Aliyah get into her school van yesterday. Dia risau sikit pasal last Friday, the place was a bit chaotic. So, yesterday around 12.30pm, I pun pegi la sekolah. I've always been a person who doesn't mind parking my car further and walk. So, bila I jalan dekat gate sekolah, nampak cars dah penuh depan sekolah especially at places near the gate. Then, Pakcik Din yg bwk van Aliyah arrived and I saw that he looked angry at the parents yg park their cars near the gate. He doesn't have space nak turunkan kids sekolah petang from his van. Last2, ada another van driver jaga traffic and he parked his van half-way into the school so that the kids can be dropped. Lepas tu he went off to find parking space.

I ni m…

Aliyah Starts School

Penat jugak hantar and tunggu anak kat sekolah ni. We registered Aliyah on Tuesday. Nothing much just paying fees lepas tu balik. The next day was the real thing. First thing we took her to the assembly field for her first assembly and watched her from afar. Good thing a few of her friends from kindy were there too. Then, they marched to class. Ada pulak tour of the school. Quite good program they have for the Standard 1 kids. But the school seriously is overwhelming for them. Like after recess when we watched her lost in the midst of the other kids. Terpinga-pinga tak tau nak pegi mana. Cikgu tu pun satu, makan la cepat sikit. Dah loceng tak habis mengunyah lagi. Kesian budak-budak cari Cikgu tak jumpa.

Anyway, we are quite satisfied with the school. And my ex-colleague Shahrom is now a teacher there. So, dah suruh dia tengok-tengokkan. Lagipun, my sister-in-law and my two nieces work there too. Azah and Ummu now kerja kat canteen and Atiqah works at the bookshop. So, I'm not so w…