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Fitness: Walk and Walk

Today tak ada plan ke mana-mana. My tentative family activity plan was to go to Taman Warisan. Nak bawak Aliyah belajar sikit pasal nature. Tapi mata dia kena ketumbit pulak. Every 2-3 month mesti kena. Plan nak kayuh pun tak berhasil, seperti biasa. So, I went out alone and walked.

Such a beautiful morning. Not many cars on a Sunday at 7.45am. I have started using Runtastic. So far, so good compared to the other apps I tried before. My old pedometer really is crazy. Penat-penat jalan sejam peluh-peluh katanya 2.9km sahaja. Hari ni I walked the usual route but made a circle dan turun di tepi bukit rumah I ni = 4.84km. So, route selalu must have been at least 5.5km.
Yeayyy... insyaallah next week fun run boleh habiskan 5km in an hour. The time given is 2 hours :)

Got My Passport

Linda and I spent about half a day getting our passport yesterday. We reached immigration Putrajaya at 11am, found that there were about 70 people in front of us, took a 30 minute brunch at the mamak downstairs, and when we went up again, there were less than 15 people left. Very fast service.

Yang membuat lambat sikit ialah yours truly. I don't know where I put my old passport. I know I still have it somewhere. That's the problem with moving houses kan. So, mine took an extra 1 hour than Linda's. Tapi sempat balik in the afternoon to fetch Aliyah back from school, bought her (and Hubby) McD lunch, and then back to Putrajaya again.

After that, baru nak cari lunch for ourselves. I read in FB there's a bazaar in Taman Warisan, so we went there for lunch (quite sedaappp). The bazaar was small but the fruits and plants sold were amazing. I bought huge dragon fruit (for Hubby, I don't eat dragon fruit) and this "double the normal size" pineapple. And I got mys…

Repeat Hiking Bukit Puchong

Hiking is addictive. Seriously. It's not like I am fit or anything. Mencungap-cungap sebenarnya. But hiking is so enjoyable and fun.

This morning setelah Hubby tak jadi join, Aliyah pulak sakit perut, I responded to my nephew Ijjul's message to confirm our hike, whether he's OK if he follows just me. He said "OK je", and I quickly got ready. Actually, if he had said otherwise, I think I would have still gone. By myself. After a few cancellations, I've made a pact to myself that I don't want to be bogged down by other people's decisions. If I want to go, I will go.

Compared to last Saturday, today crowd sangat ramai. I had to park quite far at the main road. Good thing about this place, crowd ramai pun still tak sesak macam Broga. So, kita orang berdua lah, makcik dan anak sedara, hike naik Bukit Ayer Hitam (the actual name). Ijjul, as usual, dengan camera dia. It was very cool all the way, and dark. Ijjul siap kena selsema kat dalam tu!

This time arou…


I had  a meeting today. It was one of the series of meetings to gather requirements for this project I'm currently doing. Right after the meeting, I rushed to join the client's project team to meet up with this Ketua Penolong Pengarah Kanan of this particular department to verify a few issues.

We sat at a discussion table outside his room. I sat at the far end and immediately noticed his watch. It was silver, with a big face. Exactly like the watch my late father used to wear. I know it very well because I accompanied him to buy the watch a few years ago. I chose Titus for him, just like my watch. I don't know the brand of that officer's watch but from a far it sure looked the same.

Coincidentally, the name of the officer is Yaakob. Just like my father. The spelling is a bit different tho. And I remember my father held the very same position at one particular ministry before he retired.

I sat there nodding to the discussion. Not much notes to take anyway because there …

Hiking Bukit Puchong

Hiking is one activity I plan to do at least once a month starting this year. Ok la, try to. I used to love hiking, sekarang nak start semula. Last week, Jay and Ies went to Bukit Puchong. Setelah jealous melihat gambar-gambar dia orang, semalam Jay ajak yang lain. Uder and myself telah menyahut cabaran.

We met up at the car park at around 8.30am. There were 5 of us, with Uder bringing her friend. Since it's Hutan Simpan tak lah risau panas sangat. Started hiking at 8.50am. The trail was still very cool and dark. Compared to Broga, Bukit Puchong rasa kurang penat walaupun lagi jauh. Our trail was about 6.2km. It took us 2 hours. Half way at the peak, Jay and Ies asked the rest of us to continue on while they backtracked. Jay was not so well, Ies pulak sakit kaki katanya.

So, the 3 of us went on. Agak laju ikut 2 orang yang sangat fit ni! At the end of the trail, we took the left turn sebab nampak orang kat route tu. It took us back to where we started. The one on the right will go…

Little Things

Sometimes little things have so much impact. In fact, most of the time, it's the little things that matter. Like... a shirt being inspected, one sleeve folded without realising when it was being washed and even hung to dry, and sneered at or rather chuckled at. When a little thank you was sufficient for all the mounting laundry and folding done.

How about the little things I have picked up? Like taking a glass left on the table back to the sink, plates left to dry on the dining table, or damp towel simply draped on a chair, or cupboard door left ajar... Sigh...

Ola Bola Repeat

Aliyah has been asking when she could watch Ola Bola. Seemed my "review" of the movie intrigued her :). So was her friend's story about the movie. Since the CNY holiday mood was still in the air, and the document I was supposed to review has yet to be completed, I bought us both tickets. Hubby passed. Sedih katanya ;)

The theater was full to the brim. There were pakciks and makciks among the audience. One pakcik was walking using a cane. I've never met any "old folks" at the cinemas before. At the toilet, I met a few Chinese ah-sohs, also watching the same movie. Amazing.

Aliyah enjoyed the movie very much. She was at the edge of her seat all through the final match. As for myself, I enjoyed this second excursion compared to the first. The first was filled with skepticism I guess. It was a mistake watching the CGI clip on YouTube!

5 stars all the way!

CNY Holidays

Long weekend yang kalau ikut theory boleh buat macam-macam aktiviti. Theory sajalah! Let's see... semalam petang walked about 2.5km. Ikut jalan tepi rumah ni naik bukit sikit. Bila turun terlupa umur dah 40an. Lompat ke bawah dari atas longkang. OK je tapi malam bila nak tidur tumit start sakit. Bangun esok pagi tambah sakit. Hari ni kena pakai ankle support :(.

Jadinya, aktiviti makan saja lah. Semalam 2 meals kat rumah my mother. My Kak Long and Abg Din masak awesome - kari ayam kampung, ikan kembung berlada... Lunch kat situ, dinner pun kat situ!

Meanwhile, a huge order for Yatt filled up our freezer with lamb shoulder cubes, topside beef and 1/2 Norweign salmon. Agak kasar belanjanya tapi siapa lagi nak support kawan kalau bukan kawan sendiri kan? Dah 2 hari buat pan fried salmon. Makan dengan lemon butter sauce. Aliyah seems to like it! Ada lagi 2 big servings in the freezer. Sesekali indulge...

Hari ni tak dapat nak walk or cycle due to my injury. Bosan gila. Boleh je jalan …

Ola Bola

Ever since I watched Ola Bola trailer, I have set my mind to watch the movie. Directed by the same director who made The Journey, this must be good. And what a gem! Go watch if you wish to feel or relive the football spirit of the 80s. Since Aliyah kata dia tak minat bola, went to watch it with Hubby. Tapi lepas I cerita kat Aliyah pasal movie ni, especially the funny parts, she actually said she wanted to watch!

For me, the first 20 minutes was quite a drag. But after that, it was amazing. Since I read the tweet by the director reminding to watch until the end of the credit (and I saw quite a few stayed back - they must have known about it), the movie managed to give a huge smile on our faces, not to mention this sense of pride.
I'm not going to tell the story, just 10 things to note if you go watch the movie:
1) Rahman, the enthusiastic commentator, was hilarious especially at the final match. 2) You will adore the 3 little brothers of Muthu :). Funny, naughty, as how boys in th…