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Of Little Dress, Calendar and Mangoes

Little dress, calendar and mangoes. No relation whatsoever.

I made another little red dress. A bit like the one I made previously but using a different pattern. Verdict - this is slightly easier to make. But I have not "mastered" gathering the skirt. Mainly because I don't have a serger. Bila jahit guna french seam style, the joint is not so smooth sebab jahit 2 kali.
Still cute nonetheless 😍! Now that I've made 2 dresses, I basically know how the pattern works. So I have amended the pattern a bit. Instead of separate skirt, I joined the bodice and the skirt. Just like an A-line dress. Let's see how this one turns out! Fabric tu? Itu extra fabric seluar yang I buat untuk Hubbs 😅!
I spent last weekend looking for a desk calendar. Pergi kedai buku dan Borders, tak jumpa. I know it's a bit too late to look for one. It's already mid-January. Selalunya I dapat calendar daripada Pusat Zakat Wilayah. Tapi memandangkan tahun lepas I tak layak bayar zakat sebab …

Made a Little Red Dress

Masa kemas office lama, I terjumpa satu plastic box berisi kain cotton di surau. A forgotten box. Dalam tu rupanya ada saki-baki kain cotton yang 3-4 tahun dulu buat business kids' baju kurung cotton. Dan kain-kain tu elok lagi.

I took the box home and started a project. Dah lama nak experiment buat dress untuk little girls. Tapi kain yang sesuai tak ada. Motivation pun tak ada. Now I have loads to experiment with! And I successfully made one yesterday 😍.
First attempt guna saja free pattern. This is for 2T/3T. Memang cari pattern yang tak guna zip atau snap button. Butang tu fixed.  I am so in love with this dress! So cute! Tapi original pattern ni sebenarnya ada salah sikit. I dah betulkan on a new pattern. Lain kali buat Insyaallah OK.
Hari ni start experiment guna pattern lain yang konsepnya hampir sama tapi tak ada butang. Maybe esok siap kot. If OK, tengah pikir-pikir cari modal beli kain dan offer this for sale. Because making this is quite fun. Ye lah... sementara tak ada…

Cerita Makan

I dah naik 1kg OK 😅. 2-3 hari lepas ni memang sesi makan saja. Nak kena cari balik semangat rajin exercise yang dah hilang entah ke mana tu!

On Saturday pergi makan kat tempat favourite di Batang Benar. Oleh sebab anak comel keluar dengan kawan dia, mana lagi kita orang berdua nak lunch kalau tak kat sana. Asalnya discuss nak makan kat one of those viral places kat Bangi. Last-last ke Batang Benar juga! Bukan apa, dah tentu sedap 😋.
 We had this huge, huge spread (dahsyat betul lah macam makan 4 orang! 😅) - ayam salai 1/2 ekor, itik salai 1/4 ekor, masak lemak cili api keli salai 1, masak lemak cili api pucuk ubi + daging salai 1 mangkuk, sambal goreng, ada lagi, ada lagi. Hubbs hilang tu sebab dia pegi ambik masak lemak cili api siput sedut.  Kalau nak pergi boleh Waze Semangkuk Batang Benar. Kedai ni hujung sekali, ada tempat salai kat depan dan paling sempoi. Lauk tak banyak sangat tapi sedap dan murah. Kalau minat masak lemak cili api, this is the place.
Oleh sebab Hubbs dan an…

Been 4 Years

4th of January, the day my father passed away 4 years ago. I guess by now his absence has been accepted as something normal. You know, the "usual" reference of "arwah Abah". But the truth is, I rarely use the term "arwah". It's always - "Abah dulu buat macam ni or macam tu...". I think this year I have come to terms with my father's passing. Previously, new year's eve would be very painful for me. It was that time that I helped to admit my father to Hospital Serdang. At the corridors while a nurse was pushing my father towards the ward, I could hear the sounds of fireworks blasting away from Putrajaya celebrating the new year. Four days later, my father was gone. Until now I could still remember his final words to me, merely 2 hours before his passing. Something I could never erase from my mind...
It's been a while since I visited. As I sat here, I realised that I do miss my father every single day. Al Fatihah.
OK, that's the…

Happy 2019

2019 is finally here. Malam new year I tidur awal. Sayup-sayup dengarlah bunyi fireworks. Anak comel tak berapa sihat. Siap melepek tidur dengan Mommy dia. Alahai dah besar kot 😅!

Ending 2018, one very noticeable change in our family was that no more buying school stuff. We were queuing up at McD drive-thru yesterday night and we talked about that in the car. I mean, imagine preparing anak comel for school for the past 13 years. 13 years! Including 2 years of pre-school. Paling relief is no more sending and fetching her from school! Yeayyy... Merdeka!

Hari ini, sempena "menyambut" hari pertama persekolahan, anak comel and I went to Ikea Cheras. I imagine the place will be empty as parents are busy sending their kids to school and other people are starting work after the long holidays. I was quite right - Ikea was a bit empty. But I did see a few women, mothers I presume, going around alone looking at stuff. My thoughts - mesti mothers yang dapat a few hours of "rest&qu…