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Happy 2019

2019 is finally here. Malam new year I tidur awal. Sayup-sayup dengarlah bunyi fireworks. Anak comel tak berapa sihat. Siap melepek tidur dengan Mommy dia. Alahai dah besar kot 😅!

Ending 2018, one very noticeable change in our family was that no more buying school stuff. We were queuing up at McD drive-thru yesterday night and we talked about that in the car. I mean, imagine preparing anak comel for school for the past 13 years. 13 years! Including 2 years of pre-school. Paling relief is no more sending and fetching her from school! Yeayyy... Merdeka!

Hari ini, sempena "menyambut" hari pertama persekolahan, anak comel and I went to Ikea Cheras. I imagine the place will be empty as parents are busy sending their kids to school and other people are starting work after the long holidays. I was quite right - Ikea was a bit empty. But I did see a few women, mothers I presume, going around alone looking at stuff. My thoughts - mesti mothers yang dapat a few hours of "rest" from their kids 😁!
Sebelum pergi merayap, ke Pos Laju dulu. I had an order from Instagram to make this batik palazzo. And I made a scrunchie from scraps fabric as a gift. Tak selalu dapat order dari IG tapi once in a while dapat lah juga. That's why kena maintain 👍.
Us on the MRT...
Ehem... tengah tengok dream room ke tu...?

We also got to have lunch at Kyochon. At 12.30pm, the place had quite a few empty tables. Waaahhh... bukan senang...
Kyochon's chicken wings... Memang win lah!

With the new year, the new Samsung challenge has started. I got the badge for December challenge. On the second last day. Plus all stars 💪. I am a bit obsessed with the challenge!
 Last I checked, I was at no 490,000++ out of 1.3++ million participants. OK sangatlah kan.

I signed up at CBF for January and yesterday was the first class for the month. Adoii... muscle perut tengah sakit ni buat crunches. Last month cuma pergi class 2 kali. Memang jadi sangat malas. So, kena jugak masuk class. Kalau tak... memang ke laut!

Anyway, around the house pulak... Terdapat buah-buahan di garden I... Suka suka suka!
My cherry tomatoes! So beautiful. Macam grapes! Ada lagi beberapa gugus kat branches lain. Saiz buah sebenarnya besar sikit daripada buah asal yang I buat benih. Tapi taste wise, yang ni masam sikit.
Pokok mangga baik hati berbuah. Banyak pulak tu! Love you pokok mangga 😍.