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Lagu Dalam Kepala

My insomnia is back... Can't sleep. Lagu ni dok main dalam kepala. Currently one of Aliyah's favourite songs. And her Mommy's too. I memang suka Bunkface. But this one really is catchy with a happy tune. It's romantic but "sempoi" at the same time. I imagine a couple having a fight and the hubby trying to apologize :)

Pulanglah malam ini, bintang-bintang di langit sedang menari... Gosh, I kept having these lyrics in my head! Saya suka. Awak kata biasa je. Know what. Day by day our interest just keeps on falling apart.

Another JJCMM2

We kicked off our first of hopefully many more JJCMM2 session today. Lepas Penang, we did meet up tapi tak lah makan-makan sangat. Macam-macam tempat makan dah discuss over WA sebenarnya, kali ni kena jadi! 
Today it's - naan cheese at area Medan Tuanku :). Yang ni Ude yang suggest. Aliyah, as always, hopped along. Mainly because we plan to cuci mata di Sogo dulu sementara tunggu kedai naan tu bukak. Walaupun masa tak begitu mengizinkan, Aliyah berjaya squeezed in one blouse, one track bottom (for school katanya tapi malam ni dah start pakai!) and one shawl dalam masa 1/2 jam! Memang seriously dapat bakat terpendam ni daripada Titin!
We took the train. Nak ajar anak I ni susah sikit. Asyik senang lenang mak bapak drive kan? Sesekali kena merasa susah senang naik turun train dan jalan. I showed her KWSP building where her Abah used to work. And I showed her the building where I now do my consultation work. I hope she can appreciate how difficult her parents work to earn a living! N…

Aliyah's Last Day of School

Yesterday was Aliyah's last day of school for 2015. Next week her class is being "rested" due to SPM exams. She completed her Form 2... How time flies... Next year dah Form 3. Akak yang stress!
Selfie dalam kereta...

Jejak Kasih :)

Today, after months of "due diligence", we finally met up with one close friend whom we last saw 26 years ago. It's a long, long story of how things happen, of why she simply vanished from our circle of friends... Most importantly, our little group managed to track her.

She was my classmate at primary school in Sungai Besar for that one year I spent there. We then moved to Yayasan Selangor. I was supposed to be in CBN and she Sri Aman but my father switched our schools. We would visit each other during school holidays until I moved to Bangi when I was in Form 4.

We were hesitant when we reached her house. She recognised me instantly :). We spent almost 4 hours catching up. Insyaallah, today will be the first and start of many more meet ups in the future.
That's Ikin or "Toncet" in pink tudung as we fondly call her then :).

Starting New Project

Alhamdulillah, sejak close shop rezeki datang dalam banyak bentuk dan cara. I was so worried when we decided to end the business but then seems that it was for the best. Most importantly, I really enjoy staying home :). Ringan rasa kepala sebab kitchen and washing area dah repair. Hubby and I painted the kitchen light brown. Sekarang semangat nak kemas dan masak pun sangat tinggi :). Since I bought the "magic mop", Hubby sangat gembira meng-mop rumah sebab quite enjoyable ;).

Sekarang dah start "reactivate" my vege garden at the side. Weeds dah clear, pasu dah susun, pokok pisang tanduk yang berserabut tu dah clear tinggal a few yang nampak kuat saja. A few weeks ago I bought half a pumpkin untuk buat masak lemak and saved the seeds. Baru semai less than a week, the seeds have sprouted. I also sliced some ripe tomatoes and simply put then into the soil of 2 pots. One of the pots dah nampak tunas. Yeay!

Anyway, after I finished that translation work, sementara tungg…

My New Bookshelf

My books have a new home. In my bedroom. Bookshelf kat bawah dah penuh. So I bought a new bookshelf just for my books. Mainly novels. Not many actually, tapi penuh juga 4 shelves. Still got empty spaces to fill up. Yang lain ada lagi kat bawah, category reference books. Sekarang baru ada semangat nak beli buku baru.
I have my Murakami collection. I have only one more to complete. Then, my Calvin & Hobbes comic books. I love Calvin & Hobbes. Funny and thought-provoking.

I also have collection of fantasy books by Raymond E Fiest. I started reading them during my PPP days. Masa kat NST dapat sorang colleague yang pun pembaca setia so selalu compare notes :). But I don't have all sebab dulu mostly I rented. But I have Magician revised edition - author's preferred edition (the combination of Apprentice & Master). The worlds of Midkemia dan Kelewan lived in my head for quite some time until the original characters grew old and some dead. Lepas tu macam dah tak berapa iku…

Adalah Sipi-sipi

A friend shared this. I like I like sebab kena sipi-sipi. Ada mention Murakami, Fellowship dan Alice. And this just reminds me of that small second hand bookshop at Subang Parade that I frequented when I was studying. Start dengan modal RM20, I will rent books. Sewa, pulang balik, sewa pulang balik. Bila dah tak cukup untuk sewa 2 buku, top up lagi. The store has dark hardwood shelves that smell heavenly of old books. I would sit on the floor with a few books in hand and scan the pages trying to decide which to rent first with the money I have in my pocket. The owner was nice too. Selalu bagitau kalau ada buku baru :).

I think, perempuan yang membaca dan menulis adalah manusia menarik, yang punyai satu dunia lain di dalam minda mereka. Dunia yang kekal hidup tempat mereka menyorok buat seketika di kala hati terluka. Hanya mereka yang punyai deria ke 7 mampu mengesannya :)

(Oleh: Rosemarie Urquico. Terjemahan: Izmil Amri)

Cintailah perempuan yang membaca…