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Aliyah's First Hiking Trip

Semalam Aliyah pergi hiking trip ke Gunung Angsi. Dia cuma bagitau the day before. Dia kata nak pergi sebab kawan-kawan dia pun pergi. Surat pun dia tak ambik, terpaksa mintak kawan dia photostate, dan Hubby kena tunggu kat sekolah pagi tu untuk sign surat. Gunung Angsi? Very familiar. Tough climb. But I guess both of us thought the kids will go climbing a certain easy route. Yang boleh "lalalala"... (my expression of easy is "lalala"). So, we were not worried.

I spent the day at Nilai 3 with Linda - scouting for stuff for my SIL Mija's wedding and also stuff for the new venture. I had my phone in my hands in case Aliyah called saying she's arrived at school. I reached the office at 4.30pm, then it started to rain real heavy. Masa tu dah tak sedap hati. Surely kat sana pun hujan ni... I went back home at 5.45pm, still no call from Aliyah. Hubby tried calling this Cikgu yang selalu kita orang contact kalau Aliyah pergi trips, but he couldn't be reached. …

The New Venture

We are now buried deep working towards the new venture. At first, we wanted to partner with my brother Angah. However, after knowing he's now planning for his sons' wedding, and surely need money for that, we stayed quiet for a while. I pray and pray that Allah make it easy for us to find capital. And miraculously, Hubby got a call from a friend of a friend who is interested to partner. We then met up, talked and found him to be sincere. Our families have even met up - that's the trust we are trying to build - the families need to know each other.

This week has been hectic for Hubby - registered for a new company, met up with supplier, etc. I am the one documenting and planning the business, tying loose ends, and stuff like that. The prospect looks good. The target market is quite huge. Even before the venture started, we have received orders. Alhamdulillah... Next week we must start with the renovation. Target launch is December. I'll reveal more details later.
We go…

The Pic-Story

Aliyah loves the jacuzzi. Berjam-jam duduk dalam tu!  Hubby's selfie :)  I take his pic, he take my pic! At the beach. Pantai Morib memang bukan untuk mandi lah kan... Tapi Aliyah excited dapat tengok ikan belacak in real life!  The water park at night from our balcony.  Aliyah potong cake yang hotel bagi. Apparently, memang ramai yang datang for the hotel's birthday package.  She got these - a cute cake (cukup la for the three of us), a soft toy and a certificate.  Kat Dataran Morib. Just nak illustrate Aliyah dah tinggi...  Tempat wajib ambik gambar?  Ni lah tour guide...  Aliyah was thinking - cepat lahhh.... nak masuk water park balik niihhh...  Us taken by Hubby from 3rd floor... Water park cool lah jugak... Saturday was fun as there were not so many people around. But Sunday was very packed! Hubby & I planned - if we were to go for the 2nd time, it'll be Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Not Sunday!

Short Vacation - Morib

It was a very nice short vacation to Morib Gold Coast. Just lower your expectations a little bit, don't expect too much and you can actually enjoy the place. Most importantly, Aliyah had a blast. How can she not when there's a jacuzzi in the room?

We went on Friday afternoon. Had a nice room facing the water park. Since we have only 2 complimentary passes, and the ticket in is actually quite expensive (RM35 for adults/RM20 for kids), we decided to stay in the room allowing Aliyah to soak in the jacuzzi. Such a waste to spend RM20 for just a couple of hours at the park. Surprisingly dinner was quite OK - buffet spread a mixture of Malay, Chinese, Japanese and Western cuisines. Hubby had crabs on both nights! Yumms... The trick is to have dinner very early ie at 6.30pm when the food is still abundant! For lunch, we went out to Dataran Morib for the simplest but most delicious Soto Jawa.

If you ask me, yes, we will go back for another stay. Just don't expect the service to be…

Aliyah's Birthday Weekend

We are going for a short holiday over the weekend. Aliyah's birthday is tomorrow. She already got her birthday gift - hand-down Samsung Galaxy from Hubby. She seems very happy with it. What a wonderful little girl... She's happy with whatever we can give and provide for her. Love her lots.

As our little family's tradition, her other birthday gift will be a short vacation. This time it'll be Morib Gold Coast. There's birthday package - complete with a birthday cake at quite reasonable price. Let's see how the place fares.

Happy (Early) Birthday my little angel!

This Past Week

We went back to Melaka on Saturday for 7th day tahlil. The day before sempat pegi booking cake for Azman, Angah's Hubby. His birthday was on Thursday. Ordered vanilla strawberry cake - sorry ya, I tak makan chocolate cake, so everybody will have to make do! Since Saturday was a bit hectic due to the tahlil, we celebrated on Sunday morning during breakfast.
 I ordered a normal cake and got this pretty cake instead! Aisey, it's for the kids' Pak Ngah. Ni dah jadi macam cake untuk girl.  Pak Ngahnya potong lah juga :). His girls were happy to see the pretty cake. Budak ni kalau dapat roti canai, bom meletup pun dia tak sedar... We didn't go back for Raya Haji. Too tired and no one will be there anyway. So, Raya kat rumah saja. On Monday, pagi-pagi morning (my SIL Angah suka guna this term!), pegi pasar Nilai untuk mencari ayam pencen requested by Hubby. Alhamdulillah, berjaya dapat. Masak ayam biasa rendang Nyonya (left). Ayam pencen plan nak buat rendang yang letak rempa…

The Loss...

My MIL was hospitalised for about 2 weeks due to some normal complications after her medical check-up. Nobody would have thought she would suffer a fatal heart attack on Saturday. I didn't get to see her. Actually, many didn't get to see her. I had some health issues myself the past week that I didn't follow Hubby on Saturday - the day she suffered the attack. Even my youngest SIL who had been taking care of her came that morning to a bed surrounded by doctors and nurses. And by then she was already unconscious.

After Hubby left for the hospital on Saturday morning, I was restless. I didn't know why. I kept on refreshing FB status. Constantly checking SMS and WhatsApp. I didn't know what I was looking for. An hour later, I read my SIL Siti's status that my MIL was critical. I read with disbelief. I went upstairs, took my bath and by the time it was Zuhur. After Zuhur I did solat hajat. I pray my MIL will recover. I even promised a "nazar" - please mak…


My MIL passed away on Sunday, 6 Oct 2013 at 12.10pm. She had a major heart attack on Saturday morning. Her heart stopped and was resuscitated. Three of her children were on their way to visit her at the hospital at that exact time. All were driving on south-bound highway. All thought of a normal visit. Angah Mas was a bit ahead, Hubby somewhere in the middle and Kili some distance behind. My MIL never woke up from the attack. Sunday morning, her heart stopped again. Hubby said she might never make it till noon. I hastily packed a bag - grabbed what I thought needed to be grabbed for the three of us. We stopped at the house to pick up my SIL Siti. When were allowed to enter the ICU, my MIL's heart stopped for the 3rd time. We grouped outside the room. Knowing what was to come. The very young Chinese doctor came out from the room asking for the family of Puan Zaleha. And told us my MIL was gone.

Rakyat Jelata Sila Berjimat Cermat

I watched Khutbah Jumaat today. The sermon is about jimat cermat. Jangan berbelanja melebihi keperluan. Belanja secara sederhana. Belanja secara berhemah. Bank Negara kata hutang isi rumah tinggi.

Such irony! Laporan Audit kata kerajaan banyak spend duit rakyat secara tidak berhemah. Since dah banyak sangat debated on FB and Twitter, tak payah lah nak point out kan? When I watched the sermon, I thought, orang-orang Gomen yang bertanggungjawab membelanja duit rakyat secara tak hemah tu patut kena duduk dengar apa Iman tu cakap. Rakyat Malaysia ni dah cukup berjimat cermat rasanya. Kalau tak mampu dan tak perlu memang tak beli. Tapi duit orang/duit Gomen/duit rakyat tak pandai nak jimat cermat. I bukan lah suruh letak dalam almari cermin macam orang dulu-dulu suka tayang pinggan mangkuk tu. Tapi, kalau beli jam dinding sampai harga beribu-ribu, melampau lah kan.

Pagi tadi masa keluar nak fetch Aliyah from school, brader angkat sampah tengah berlari-lari dan berpeluh-peluh datang, bukak …

Another Birthday

Ten days after my birthday it's Hubby's turn. I have done most birthday-thingies weeks before - just-the-two-of-us birthday dinner and chipped in for a birthday present (Hubby bought something for himself and I chipped in!). So, his birthday last Monday was quite low-key. We only got to go for lunch - Aliyah's pick - at Subway. Itu pun sekejap saja because the air-cond guy was coming over to install new air-cond for Aliyah's room. Hers - which was actually from my old office - decided its time was up last week.
Our fav steak & cheese selalu sold out. Subway is Aliyah's current fav. She ate one 6-inch for lunch at 3pm, asked to tapau another 6-inch for tea. She actually ate it at 5.30pm - all by herself. Biar betul anak aku ni... Makan semangat, tapi kurus...