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Song: Pergi

One of my current favourite songs from Talentime. Al-fatihah. Rest in peace Yasmin Ahmad. We sure will miss you.

Pergi - Aizat
Sayu terpisah
hikayat indah kini hanya tinggal sejarah
berhembus angin rindu
begitu nyamannya terhidu wangian kasihmu
hujan lebat mencurah kini
bagaikan tiada henti
kaulah laguku kau irama terindah
tak lagi kudengari
kau pergi.. pergi..
sepi tanpa kata
terdiam dan kaku tak daya kau kulupa
apa pun kata mereka
biarkan kenangan berbunga di ranting usia

New Dell Cherry Red

Akak ada notebook baru OK. This dell 10' inspiron mini notebook berwarna cherry red yang comel. Best, best. Now kurang la sikit sakit bahu I bawak beg naik turun LRT. I must get myself the ladies tote bag yg ada compartment for mini notebook tu.
Dell lama vs mini notebook baru.

Fish Pond in Progress

We finally engaged Andy to build our fish pond - his price is affordable for us yang dah kekeringan wang sekarang. The work started this week and here's the progress:
This was yesterday morning. Apparently Andy's workers did a mistake. They dug out the pond 1 ft bigger. Instead of 3x12, it's now 4x12. Andy said - price still the same. Cool...
This morning's progress. It's going to be a simple pond - not the river-kind we planned earlier. But still with ripples.

We got a lot of tips on gardening and tree planting from Andy. He even told us how to plant a bonsai Beringin tree with the roots wrapping around a stone and gave us 2 small plants. He said he enjoyed telling us because we both love trees.

Another Kuantan Trip

Hubby and I were in Kuantan yesterday for 2 meetings. Aliyah was not well and her Mak Long offered to take care of her. So, we dropped her off at Kelana Jaya and by then it was almost 11am. Not late but not much time to spare.

First stop after we reached there - Wisma Pahang. It's nice that after these couple of years, we have good rapport with this client. You know that you are reliable and trustworthy when they call you up whenever they have something (urgent) to do. So, secured one small job there. Next stop, Kompleks Teruntum. My first ever sebutharga briefing. I so so so believe we can do it. Now a matter of assembling my team for the proposal and prototype. Rep from my ex-employer also there - not someone I've worked with before. Now I have this personal mission - I want to win this. Because if I do, imagine, my company will be at par with such a huge organisation. I so very will work hard for this, at least to be shortlisted.

Anyway, the long drive to the East Coast was a…

How To Delete Blog?

I see that you have deleted every single posting, including your profile. Why? Ada orang kacau blog you yaaa? Dia tu memang kan. Dia letak posting yang buat you gelabah ke? Ish, ish... tak patut betul dia tu kan. Tapi, alang-alang dah delete semua, kenapa tak delete terus blog you? Ooooo... tak pandai ye. Kesian. Meh I ajar.

So, how to delete a blog? Easy. Go to "Setting", click on "Delete Blog". Tadaaaa... your blog can now be deleted.

The Wife Strikes Back

Years ago, I had to make a decision - to endorse to fire someone in my team. She's a gone case actually - no regard for deadlines, going around gossiping, below par quality of work, etc. But I felt really bad. Really, really bad. I felt sick in my stomach. This is not me. And that was the moment that I knew I was never going to be a good manager. I went to see two of my bosses - AA and ABA (hello ABA!). ABA gave me a book to read - Thick Face Black Heart - and said at certain point in our lives we have to be thick-faced and act by a black heart. So, that person got fired.

Today, once again I became thick-faced and black-hearted. Nope, I didn't fire anybody in my company. I wrote an email to the CEO of this organisation that my hubby used to work with to lodge a complaint against a lady who has crossed the line - my line. I don't really care what she did previously, but this was the final straw. She created a fitnah against hubby even when the guy is no longer working there.…

What Do the Neighbours Think?

I wonder what the neighbours must think about us.

- Early morning: Our front and next door neighbours go off to work before 7am. We are still at home. I send Aliyah to school at 7.15am. Then, back home, sapu sampah and work on the garden. Then I catch a short nap. Then breakfast with Hubby and we go off to work at around 9.30am.
- Late afternoon: We come home at around 5.30pm. Then we sit at patio, layan Aliyah main ball kat garden, do some gardening, and Hubby siram pokok and grass till Maghrib. Our neighbour comes home around 7.15pm. We have already spent hours at home.
- Nights: Last night I went back to the office to monitor server installation for our project and came home at 1am in the morning. Hubby was waiting at the patio. I noticed a couple of neighbours sat talking after their nightly game of badminton.

Their observation: When they go to work, we are at home. When they come back from work, we are already at home (or don't seem to look like have even gone to work). Then, occ…

A New Beginning

We now work together - Hubby and me. Starting last week. Things happen. Dugaan. But I always believe there's a silver lining, somewhere. It might be difficult at first but insyaallah rezeki ada - kalau rajin :) And alhamdulillah yesterday we received a fax from an organisation in East Coast inviting us to participate in a sebutharga. So, we'll be travelling up East Coast next week. I take it as a good sign - Hubby joining, invitation came. With Hubby in the company, I now have extra pair of hands and body to do marketing, execute projects and also conduct trainings. He's better at getting projects actually. Today he played golf with a ex-colleague that leads to an appointment on Friday.

So far things are going well. We worked together once before we got married. It was OK. And now, with "maturity" and experience, I think it's going to be a good partnership. I actually am so glad he's not working with that organisation anymore. Time is better managed - no m…

Aliyah Masuk Teakwando

She's so so fragile... Boleh ke...

She came back last week with a form to join the school teakwando club. I asked her several times whether she's sure and she was quite firm. The registration and first class was yesterday. Throughout the briefing I repeatedly asked her to really listen and whether she's up to the challenge. She still maintained her stand even though this daughter of mine sometimes looks like she's in cloud nine. Her body can be present but her mind can be roving elsewhere. Always.

We enrolled her. I peeked during the introduction. She's as fragile as always but she looked like she enjoyed the class. I really hope the classes will change her for the better - less shy, more focused.

I always hate the "me" before I became an adult (or began to think like an adult). Sometimes I think if I were given opportunities or being directed to a certain direction, I might become a better person. Or would I? Or maybe this is the best path laid out for me a…

One Heart-wrenching Moment

I'm not a fan of MJ. I do like some of his songs, but I'm not the person who would say his death will be missed. At least by me. But the now famous few seconds of speech by his daughter Paris is so so sad. MJ was huge. So huge nobody knows what kind of person he really was. But that few seconds of speech suddenly showed us one side of MJ not many people know - a father. A good father.

Just Some Pics

It rained early this morning. The air was cool and fresh.
I sat at the patio with Bubu on my lap. The patio is the favourite place for both Hubby and me. We sit here every night after Aliyah goes to bed just talking or simply sitting enjoying the night air, often accompanied by Bubu. Last night we sat talking not knowing the time. In fact, we never know the time. I said to Hubby, "Here, time is irrelevant...". And he said, "True".
The pathway from the small gate to the patio. We seldom use the front door actually. It's always the side sliding doors. Hubby said maybe because we grew tired of using front doors at the old place. More privacy here. And more inviting.
The pipe at the side looks nicer now with white pebbles and some plants. The Thai Jasmine used to be "skinny" and tall at the old place. Here, I trimmed it, put some fertilizer and now the white flowers are in abundance.
This guy is the happiest actually. The new house gives him so much space to …

We Have Moved!

I have been disconnected from the Internet for a week. It's good to be back!

Alhamdulillah... Finally we have moved! To our dream home. After the almost 1 year wait after the house was completed, I wake up every morning pinching my arm to make sure I really wake up in the new house.

We moved on Tuesday. There were only the two of us plus the movers. Now after almost 1 week, we have settled in. For Aliyah it is a double bonus - new school and new house. It has been a tiring week but very satisfying. After all the hard work, here we are reaping the fruits of our labour.

Hubby has been so rajin around the house. He quickly made the house livable for Aliyah and me. And one thing about me being a web consultant and him being a web editor, we both made sure the house has all usability elements (hehehee...). Things are organised logically, finding one's way is also easy. For example, the small gate next to the autogate has navigational element leading to the patio, so people visiting ju…