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Another Book: Kafka on the Shore

After reading some mediocre pieces, I have this urge to read something thought provoking but not heavy. And what a gem I found - Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. I was mesmerised by this book, drawn to its style of writing and in love with its story. Since I have always liked Japanese culture, naturally I found the book amazing. One quote I found by readers of the book is that "reading Murakami is like going into therapy". So very true. Opening the book and reading the beautiful words are like being seeped (sucked is too strong a word) into this world of two wonderful main characters following each of their journey and adventure. Two intertwined characters who never crossed path.

I love the style of writing - it had a calming effect even when Murakami was describing something gross it just doesn't snatch you from your peace state of mind but simply takes you along in the journey like going slowly down a river, unhurrid and uninterrupted.

The conversations between Nak…

The Raya Holidays

It was a good Raya break. We went back to Melaka on Sunday and spent about 6 days there. Then back to Bangi on 2nd day of Raya. The next day off to Crown Princess Hotel for a night's stay just to use up my free voucher. It was good despite the fact that most of the shops were closed for the holidays. But we had a good time and Sarah enjoyed her swimming sessions until she was blue on the lips and shivering in the cold water.

She got quite a good sum of duit Raya. I must remember to go and open a savings account for her and deposit the money. This year she was really excited getting the duit Raya. She now knows the value of money. Previously, she didn't really care much. Last year she even declined my father's 2nd duit Raya because she said she already got hers! My daughter is so honest :)

We didn't go visiting much. I'm really not into seeing people much especially that the rest of the clan went visiting on the 1st of Raya. So, going around just the 3 of us doesn'…