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Gambar Lepas Cabut Gigi

Aliyah has always kept her one big front tooth. Goyang nak cabut tapi kuat lagi. Last weekend, gigi dia terhantuk kat dahi Abah dia, terus loose. So, on Sunday morning, after promising ice cream, we went to the dentist to get her tooth extracted.

Her many faces after losing that irritating front tooth.
Dia kata dia comel lepas cabut gigi!
Letak effect sikit guna my N80, hehee..

Astronaut, Cosmonaut, Space Tourist, Whatever

I promised myself not to write anything on this, but then I ni pelupa orangnya. So, before I started to believe all that I read in the newspapers, I'm just going to jot down my own thoughts.

If you ask me about Malaysia's space programme where we successfully sent one of our people to space, the only image that came to my mind is - handsome sesangatnya lah Dr Sheikh ni. That's it. Experiment? What experiment?

Now to think of it, I wonder if the choosing of him is simply a distraction. So that people, especially teen girls, women and makcik2, will be mesmerized and ogled over this almost perfect guy. Handsome, smart, tall, fair, nice hair, perfect face, nice teeth and smile, athletic, etc. And don't underestimate the power of women - if ada orang kutuk2 Dr Sheikh saja, sure kena one.

Anyway, the moment he touched down, the press is full of congratulatory messages. Malaysia boleh la. We succeeded la. But one thing I dok wonder is - what is it that we succeeded?
1. We succeed…

Aliyah's 6th Birthday Party

[start membebel] What's wrong with Streamyx these few days? Kumpul bandwidth for Dr Sheikh ke? Actually dah letih deal with TM hotline. They will guide you through various steps and in the end bila problem cannot be solved, they will blame it on the modem - "modem rosak". Tu dah jadi SOP diaorg kot. Kejap ada connection, kejap tak ada, tu bukan modem problem Cik Abang ooiii, itu maknanya something wrong dgn port. Pegi la check. Diaorg ingat semua Streamyx users bodoh kot. Dulu sama jugak - diaorg kata modem problem. 2 weeks we all tak dapat Internet connection, on the very morning technician nak dtg ganti modem, ada pulak connection. But that technician changed the modem anyway (dah penat datang kan). So, the modem was not faulty after all. [end membebel]

Anyway, nak cerita pasal Aliyah's birthday party. We've never threw a party for her before sebab birthday dia selalu bulan puasa. So, this year, birthday dia just after Raya - 19th October. So, we planned for a p…

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin

Ramadhan is ending, fast. Sedihnya. I love Ramadhan, but not Hari Raya. Sebab dah jadi macam routine bosan - the usuals every year.

My little family will be going back to Melaka tomorrow morning. It's hubby's turn this year. We'll be coming back to my parents' place 2nd day of Hari Raya. So, Friday will be masak-masak till late evening. Penat weh...

Anyway, I nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to everybody who reads this blog. Maaf zahir batin. Kalau ada terkasar bahasa or terkecil hati with my ramblings, minta maaf ya. And please, please drive safely and observe the speed limit unless you want to part with your pre-prepared duit raya. Saman mahal woo...

Meriah Nak Raya, Jgn Lupa Adik Nurin

I'm sure those with kids have completed their Raya preparations. So have we. Tapi I tengah sebak sekarang. I got an email of Adik Nurin's post mortem photos. Memang tak nak tengok, memang rasa nak delete terus. But then I opened it with niat nak jadikan pengajaran, jangan sampai lupa atau terleka.

Sebak dada, mengalir air mata tengok gambar-gambar tu. Ya Allah, tergamak hati orang yang seksa dia buat macam tu? At one point I could almost see similar features of my own daughter.

Jangan lupa kan Adik Nurin dan ramai lagi yang kids yang became victim to such abuse. Doakan semoga roh mereka dicucuri rahmat. Doakan agar the beasts will be caught soon. Jadikan kisah mereka pengajaran pada kita semua.

Last night we went for dinner at Pizza Hut after berbuka. On the way back, I sat at the back with Aliyah in case dia tertidur as she's not been so well. We sat side by side fastening the seat belt, both if us having lozenges in our mouths (dua-dua sakit tekak) when she turned to me and…

Cik Tipah Belakang Rumah

Belakang rumah I dah jadi home to a family of cats: mommy cat, her kitten Tipah, brother cat, sister cat and daddy cat. It started with mommy cat and the kitten being fed by me (leftovers) and Aliyah (cat food). The kitten has this tahi lalat kat tepi mulut macam Latifah Omar, so we call her "Tipah". Lama-lama, elder kids of mommy cat ie brother cat & sister cat pun datang to get a bite. And just recently, daddy cat pun sama menyibuk.

Aliyah memang suka cats. So, this is one way of having pets without actually having them entirely. Just feeding them kat belakang rumah whenever I decide to open the back door. Nowadays, petang-petang when I prepare food for buka puasa, Aliyah will go to the back, feed and play with them. She just needs to observe one rule - the cats must not come inside the house. Okla, setakat masuk sampai dapur tu tak apa...

The cats started to really hang around after hubby saved mommy cat's life. She was stuck on the roof of our neighbor at the back …