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Been 4 Years

4th of January, the day my father passed away 4 years ago. I guess by now his absence has been accepted as something normal. You know, the "usual" reference of "arwah Abah". But the truth is, I rarely use the term "arwah". It's always - "Abah dulu buat macam ni or macam tu...". I think this year I have come to terms with my father's passing. Previously, new year's eve would be very painful for me. It was that time that I helped to admit my father to Hospital Serdang. At the corridors while a nurse was pushing my father towards the ward, I could hear the sounds of fireworks blasting away from Putrajaya celebrating the new year. Four days later, my father was gone. Until now I could still remember his final words to me, merely 2 hours before his passing. Something I could never erase from my mind...
It's been a while since I visited. As I sat here, I realised that I do miss my father every single day. Al Fatihah.

OK, that's the sad story. Moving on.

Let's see... I engaged anak comel and 2 of her BFFs to do last clean up of the old office. There were tonnes of papers and other small stuffs around. I got them to pile them at the ground floor landing so that, one fine day, I could get one of those "paper lama" lorries to come over.
 Good job these girls did 👍. Tapi jumpa lipas terjerit-jerit 😁
Finally, all cleared!

Just now I received feedback from the customer who bought that black and white batik palazzo.
Customer puas hati 😊

Fitness wise - this  year's resolution is to lose 3kgs. Last year I managed to lose 8.5kgs. That's a real feat I tell you! Three more kgs and I guess I'll be at a healthy weight. But then last Wednesday terserempak dengan neighbour depan rumah at Hj Tapah and she said I look "kurus". She said I should stop at my current weight 😅. 
Official December ranking. OKlah kan.
Got the first star for January challenge yesterday 💪