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My Mom - One Close Call?

I told you I was not being so very nice to my mom lately. God taught one huge lesson. And I thank God for the reminder.

I came back to my mom's place to fetch Aliyah around 6pm on Tuesday. We had a seminar in KL and hubby attended too, so we came back together. I was having a throbbing headache. Must be due to heavy coffee consumption and lack of food. I didn't eat much at the hotel. After numerous sessions there, the food there seem tasteless. When I reached my mom's, I was told by Azah that that she fell. Then after talking to her, I offered to take her to Dr Marisa's clinic. It was then almost 6.30pm. She asked us to help her up and wanted to go straight away. I wanted to go home first, take a bath, get rid of the headache and come back for her after Maghrib but she insisted. My father started to get angry, asking her to be patient. But then, I knew my mom well. If I don't take her then, she will merajuk and things will get more difficult.

Then after another round of discussion, I decided to take my father's car. Hubby seemed reluctant to go, which then proved to be a wise decision. Anyway, off we went to Dengkil with Azah and her kids in tow. Dr Marisa is my eldest sister's sister-in-law and my mom doesn't want to see any other doctor. Anyway, we then found her blood pressure to be alarmingly high. Marisa advised us to take her to a hospital. It's so high she's afraid my mom will get a stroke. I felt my hands started to shake and with the still persistent headache I couldn't think. My brother suggested An-Nur Hospital in Bangi, so off we went to the other side of the town. It was already past Maghrib by then, and with me driving my father's car which I seldom do (kerasnya brake!), the stupid headache, my night driving problem and my shaking hands and sinking heart, I was praying all the way that we make it in time.

We got her to the emergency unit and the resident doctor said my mom's blood pressure has gone really, really high. Higher than when we were at Marisa's. She was given injections and medications and x-ray taken of her hips and her BP monitored closely. So we waited, by then my brother Angah and my father have arrived. We waited for almost 3 hours.

Her BP then went down a bit. Having refused to be admitted, we took my mom back. It was midnight when I finally reached home.

My mom is better today. But I just can't shake off the feeling of what-ifs. My back still hurt because I had to sort of carry her in and out of the car. And I thought of the days she had to carry me when I was little...

I didn't get the name of the doctor on duty that day, but I sincerely thank him for helping my mother. He was so professional, patient and so charming to my mom. My mom was embarrassed that she came in her house blouse and kain batik. In between medication she said she didn't get to change. But the doctor charmingly said - "Makcik nampak lawa sangat malam ni". And my mom looked so happy.

I pray and pray for my parents' health...


Anonymous said…
"If you feel that in the past you didn't measure up as a daughter, you must forgive yourself.

If you feel that your parent doesn't measure up to your expectation, you must forgive them.

Forgiveness is the key to healing your relationship and it leads to happiness."

Semoga your mother sihat sejahtera.

Selamat bermanja pada ibu dan bapa. They want to feel loved and needed. And I am actually reminding myself :)
adawiyah said…
"Makcik nampak lawa sangat malam ni". --> sangatlah charming ayat dia kak! saya pun boleh cair.. (p/s:single tak doktor tu?) LOL
Nuranizah said…
Hahaa... I suspect that's one of the reasons her BP came down quick. I think tak single kot. The good ones are always taken lah sis. Hmmm...