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Fantastic Beauty & the Beast

Bak kata pepatah, hanya fanatik yang mengenal manikam 😍. Kalau animated version I rasa memang fantastic, the live version ni double fantastic. Yang penting, it answered the questions yang ada dalam kepala for example what happened to Belle's mother and how the Beast landed in such sticky situation in the first place.

Aliyah and I watched it yesterday. Anak comel tengok animated version the day before and, as expected, terus hooked. Memandangkan semalam sekolah dia ada aktiviti sukan yang dia agak berat nak pergi, dan I sebagai Mommy yang ada masanya agak tidak bertanggungjawab, I bawak dia tengok Beauty & the Beast 😄.

Kali ni I tak buat research langsung. I only know that Emma Watson is Belle. So, it was so exciting in the end when the transformations started. We were both so excited to see all those familiar faces - Heyyy, ada Gandalf!, Oooo... Emma Thompson ke... Ok, ok, terus ke penghujung cerita pulak kan.

What I love about the movie - the songs! Oh my, the songs are awesome. Menusuk sampai hati. You can just feel the emotion. Obviously suara kurang cute macam animated version, tapi all actors ada this very slight "rawness" to the voice that makes the songs so beautiful to listen to. Through the songs, you literally get carried through the emotional experience. The remake of the soundtrack is so refreshing. Scene at the pub when they sang "Gaston" was awesome. Siap ada sikit element of riverdance😀.

Aliyah kata dia menahan air mata masa scene Beast bawak Belle pergi rumah lama dia kat Paris. That's how we got to know what really happened to her mother. Tapi ada scene dalam animated version yang tak ada dalam live version, the one yang I rasa patut ada. Scene Lumiere dan Cogsworth bawak Belle tour around the castle tu tak ada pulak.

Finally, tak sah kalau tak sentuh pasal kontroversi kan. You know what I think? Kalau lah the people on the censorship board tak baca news pasal the existence of the so-called gay scene, dia orang tak akan perasan pun! It was just this few seconds of exchange of looks that can lead to many interpretations. So, kalau ada perverts yang tengok movie ni sebab curious nak tengok gay scene, sorry to disappoint you. Kau tengok TV lagi banyak controversial scenes. Better still - kau tengok berita jam 8. Lagi puas hati😂.

Sekarang tengah layan playlist soundtrack Beauty & the Beast kat YouTube😍 and thinking kalau ajak Aliyah ni mau dia tengok 2nd time...

So, I leave you to listen to this. It has been playing in my head since yesterday. At around 2.37 is the part I told you about.