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3 Things These Few Days

1. Hubby turned 41 on Sunday. Aliyah bought this cute notebook of a cat on the cover. We celebrated with a blueberry and vanilla cake. Well, we only get to cut the cake after dinner. Hubby was in and out of the house due to his cycling buddies' cycling accident at a jamboree.
Such yummy cake...

2. I finally finished spring cleaning the kitchen. Yeay me! It took me 3 days. Now waiting for Hubby to run through mopping the floor one more time. Spotless. Shiny. Not a speck of dust. Dunno how long this will last!
Every inch of the kitchen surface has been cleaned. Even the fridge. The counter top is so empty - as I like it. Everything is organised in orderly manner in the cabinets. An info-architect in action!
The washing area. No more plain cement. And tak payah pakai slippers. Suka hati contractor tu susun tiles macam jigsaw puzzle. We are not fussy. We got a good contractor. Ada extra tiles dia nak pasang kat belakang - bila-bila dia free. Alhamdulillah... orangnya memang kerja dengan ikhlas.

3. Stressful day today dealing with our bank. Pelik sungguh deal dengan bank yang Islamic ni. In Islam, your words bind a certain action. I'm not saying we are not a fault. Yes, but we negotiated and the rep agreed - verbally. And we double-checked. Today, it seems whatever we rushed through yesterday just went down the drain. And when we inquired - "oh, system dah macam tu, tak boleh tukar.". Semalam kata lain. Islamic ke tu? Serious rasa macam kena aniaya.