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What a Week

It was a really nerve-wrecking week. It started on Monday with me working on that small and short work, and ended yesterday. Monday was still OK. I worked half-day and continued at home. On Wednesday - worked till 10.45pm that made Hubbs volunteered to fetch me from KL Sentral area. I would have missed the last Komuter train anyway!

Thursday - worked from morning till about 5pm. Then caught the train to go back with a file full of documents I needed to get the client's partner to sign. Got back home at 6 plus, only got to change my tudung because after Maghrib straight to Bdr Baru Bangi to meet the guy. Then, Hubbs sent me to the client's office and he too stayed on to help out. All the time anak comel was with us. At 3am, both of them went back home while I stayed on with the rest of the team to finish up the tender.

It's been such a long time since I worked in such condition. And I didn't sleep a wink. Imagine not working for months (well, almost 2 years actually!) and suddenly working like crazy. Anyway, it was chaotic the next morning and the tender document finally completed at around 10.20am. Deadline was Friday 12pm! The team then rushed off to meet the partner again as there were a few documents that was changed and needed to be signed (again!).

By then I was so exhausted. Even though they bought breakfast, I didn't think my stomach could handle any food. I mean, I am a perfectionist even though I have mellowed down in recent years, but then it's being replaced by "worry". I worry a lot which really is not good. If I don't do well in whatever I'm doing, I get really worried and feel bad. And that's what I felt. I felt I didn't do a good job. There were things that I missed which made me angry at myself for missing them because I knew them and should have them in my head. But I didn't. And that few misses made the preparation delayed. Well, besides other stuff creeping up here and there.

I went back at around 11am, with Aimy (who is also employed by the client but for another project) insisting and shoving 2 nasi lemak bungkus into my bag 😅. To make matters a teeny weeny worst, my train was delayed for 20mins, all the while I was starting to see double! Tried to catch some sleep on the train but, as usual, I couldn't. Then at Bangi station, I had to get a Grab ride because our car was at the house. By the time I got home, it was nearly 1pm.

Had lunch eating the nasi lemak with anak comel, showered and straight away to bed. But I still couldn't sleep not knowing the latest update about the team. Not after I saw the WA message at 2.45pm, that the team managed to submit the tender document 3 minutes to 12pm, that I was able to sleep. Alhamdulillah... I was so worried. Itu pun I just managed to get an hour's sleep because had to send anak comel and her friends to her BFF's house in Nilai Impian.

I am so glad the small and short project is over. My body is still recovering from the assault! This morning, I sent a message to the client to apologise if I didn't do a good job. She replied with the nicest message and it really lifted this heavy feeling in my heart. My work was appreciated after all. Alhamdulillah...
 With the team on Wednesday night. Chili's for dinner 😋. Masyaallah... so generous.
 Since I couldn't continue my sleep yesterday, I went for a jog at Tasik Ujana after sending the girls. It was so, so hot at 5pm! Tunggu kurang panas sikit baru jog. While jogging I suddenly thought - can my body handle this? I didn't sleep the whole night, I only got to sleep for an hour, and now in this heat I'm jogging? Niza, you are not young anymore! But I jogged. Slowly...
More of fast walk actually. Dulu-dulu I cuma larat jog 3 round tasik ni. That was before I started my road to 5km. Yesterday... lalalala saja 4 round plus (lepas 4.5km, I jogged a small circle towards the car) 😎. Alhamdulillah...