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Farewell Fine Office

Today I finally and officially bid farewell to the office unit we've been leasing since 2010. It was my workplace and second home until we decided to open that bike shop in 2014. It was then sub-let to the small companies that shared the office with us. It did give me a stable side income, not much but nice to have, until July this year when the tenants started to give problem. The usual - not paying rent. After the problem was shoved to me, I slowly tackled one problem after another in order to return the premise back to the landlord. Believe me, it was not easy. I guess I've been putting trust in people not realising that not everyone in this world is nice and honest.

Alhamdulillah the problem was finally solved. Dengan izin Allah. One by one the obstacles were being lifted. I signed the "disclaimer" letter on Saturday with the landlord and found that (based on her calculations), I actually owe her just RM100, which actually is to be paid by the sub-let tenant anyway. As for the outstanding electricity and water bills, the landlord will also chase the sub-let tenant. And I found a second-hand office furniture company willing to take everything and I got quite a nice sum of money out of it. Not much. But nice enough for me.

Today I was at the premise observing their work for almost the whole day and I couldn't help but to reminiscence on our days there. Anak comel was just in Standard 3 when we occupied the place and her old books and drawings were still on the shelves. I even found her old slippers under the shoe rack! She practically grew up in the office 😔. Anyway... I had fond memories there, albeit a "roller-coaster" one! Farewell. And thank you!
 Tracing my footsteps...
 This used to be our training room.
 This was my room. My sanctuary. There was a mini office table for anak comel to do her homework.
 What I planned didn't materialise. But these were put to good use where they used to house small entrepreneurs, mostly one- / two-persons companies. We had insurance agents, developers, designers, publishers, even a small catering company. At one point the whole office was occupied.
Dismantling in process.
 Finally... no more...