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Aliyah's First Day of School 2015

Yesterday was the first day of school for 2015. As always, things will get a bit hectic. And to think that I only have one child... and she's now in Form 2. This first week, I already planned that Aliyah will have lunch at home before going to school. Maybe next week she can have lunch at school if she wishes to. There's a good friend of hers that always take her lunch at the school canteen.

This year with Aliyah being enrolled in tuition, I find that I spend a lot of time outside driving around. Buying lunch, sending Aliyah to school, fetching her, making sure she has her dinner, then drive her to tuition. Tua dalam kereta je...

It is customary that I take Aliyah's photo on the first and last day of school. However, this year, with all the commotion, I forgot. On the way to school, just about 200 meters from reaching the school gate, I remembered. Aliyah refused to take a photo. She must have thought, what if her friends saw her crazy mother taking her picture in front of the school gate?

OK, OK, I said. Take my phone and take a selfie!
So, she took a selfie and gave me a grin.