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School's Almost Here

Time really flies. School holidays almost over. Aliyah will be in Standard 5 next week! The year after she'll be in Standard 6, then Form 1, then Form 2... At times I wish time to just slow down. I always feel she's still a baby...

Aliyah had her hair cut at Izzkin last week. So cute :). She had a manicure the week before... My little girl is such a "girlie". She could lose herself at the spa for hours if I just let her be. Everything there fascinates her.

School stuff? School books ready, stationery ready, school bag use last year's - still very good, new uniforms ready, 1 pair of new shoes - old one also still very good... Yup, all ready except that I totally forgot to wrap her books (is that the correct term? wrap book?). Will do it this weekend.

What Aliyah did this holidays? Nothing much! Nope, no vacation anywhere. Parents busy working. We promised her the next school holidays. She spends most days at the office with us... which from the looks of it, she's OK. As long as she has her stuff with her, she's always OK. We'll be taking her out for a nice dinner this evening - to compensate for her boring holidays.
New haircut. Suits her very well :)