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Mimi Beranak Lagi!

Last Friday, on the 16th, Mimi gave birth to another set of kitties. Adoii... 6 kittens! She's now confined at the back. This morning, I went to get laundry, took a peek at the kittens all inside a carrier. She then stood up and touched my hair. Apahal la pulak si Mimi ni? I then took one and put it in the basket. She then went in and tended to the kitty. Mintak tolong ambik kan anak dia rupanya... So I took out all. After a week, they are all very healthy, looks like they have medium hair and some have started to open their eyes.
Very cute kittens. The biggest is the orange & white. One has this light brown colour that I seldom see on cats.
I can't have all these... I believe the cough I've been having for a year now is due to the cats. I might have allergy. So, these will be put up for adoption.
Kittens for adoption anyone?