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A Nice Long Drive to Kuantan

I had to go to Kuantan for a presentation last Monday. As the invitation was last minute, all other alternatives are out of the question except to drive there. The last trip there I went with my eldest sister. This time around, even though she volunteered to come along, I kesian lah pulak. And hubby, being hubby, applied for leave to drive me there.

We borrowed my nephew's car - MyV - because our Latio windscreen crack la pulak. Kena mandi bunga la kereta tu!

The presentation was good, even though at first I was warned that some ass will be kicked that day by the ICT Exco including mine. Some 40+ reps came from all departments and agencies. I came well-prepared - before I get any comments on our translation work, I give some facts first. One thing that I have learned these past few years of presenting to the powers that be is that - get to know the power that be's personality first. I had a little chat with a lady from the IT department about the Dato'. With butterflies and bees fighting in my stomach, I presented. My opening remark made him happy and then it was smooth sailing. Nobody got screwed. I really hope my rezeki will be here.

Anyway, it was nice long drive of about 6 hours to and fro, just the two of us, hubby and me. So much to talk about. At times just quietly listening to songs, enjoying the drive and the company of each other. I can't remember the last time we went for that long drive together. Should do it more often.

Caught some beautiful pictures of sunset over the forests. Amazing.